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Have you ever heard people all around compliment how young you look like? "I thought you still 25 years old" but have you heard a saying "you cannot hide your age with your face, once they look at your hand" To be honest, it not just a saying, instead a study has been done to prove it. Based on the study, even if you completely alter your face appearance to look more younger, you cannot hide your age. 

That is one of the reason, why we have to start to care for our hand, feet also instead of only just face. 

It might seems like a "renyah task" but it was not. I agree, increasing in age obviously mean we going to get old. It doesn't mean you should neglect it. Don't do it for someone else, but do it for yourself. How satisfy you are when you finish working out, and you can see your body toned nicely, losing a weight n a healthy way, gain a confidence and lots of other thing. 

Don't start saying an appearance is not important for a confidence, personality is what you should score. Duh, obviously personality is important, but do not skip in taking care of your appearance. Don't lie to yourself, by saying I am okay, this is all "duniawi" Please, don't make me cry now TT^TT 

Everyone on Earth is beautiful, God given. But, please take care what HE give to us. Like how you care for your eyes tying not to damage it. That is how important it is. Got it? Again, do it not for satisfying outsider, but do it for yourself. Try to learn love yourself more, you will feel better and you will be like me and started to say something like "are you my family? if not, please keep your mouth shut before I did it for you" Ufffffff (Please don't be this brutal)

Anyway, that is not the point. I don't know why but it seems like I have been nagging at my readers. Excuses mu bad behavior. I actually want to promote some product (not a product placement) but a review of one this hand and body lotion that I used for almost 3 days. Just in 1 day, I can see the difference. The hand feels smoother compare to before, the wrinkles is reduce a lil bit (it's getting bad because I am not a fans of vegetables) not only that, my sister said that she can see her hand a little bit brighter (the sunburn kind of reduce a little bit) no CAPS. 

The smell is also quite nice, I keep sniffing my own hand like a narcissist will do, as I am is. The most important thing is, this product it absorbed great on your hand, does not feel sticky and oily. For someone that have an excessive sweat on the palm, it will affect a lil bit, but you can wipe and wash your hands and reapply again. 

If you ever look at Heechul, one of Super Junior member hand. You can see how beautiful his hand is. He does have a beautiful finger, I admit that, but look at his hand skin. Smooth as a baby. The problem with this ahjussi is only one, he keep reapplying his hand lotion as he love taking care of his hand way too much. Please be in considerate amount if you don't want to be obsessed with it or maybe someone will knock your head sooner or later. Ahem (I am one of his fans, please don't attack me)

Anyway, if you looking for this hand cream, yo can find this at Watson. I got this one for RM 9 something in other Watson state. In my state, and my hometown kind of RM 1 extra, maybe because of a discount promotion. The brand name is Alia a.k.a Ali2.For Muslim, you don't have to worry, as the name suggest it has Halal Jakim logo so no *was-was* 

They have variety of hand lotion type,  such as brightening with anti-ageing,  brightening with UV protection,  brightening with lotion extra moist, and brightening with long intensive care. Not only that, you can find Alia brand for make up, skincare, perfumes and even a vitamin. 

I have tried the dry serum deodorant, where you can just wipe it on your armpit like a lotion and it is not sticky and working well. I didn't do heavy work while using it so i cannot claimed that it will handle the smell well. You can try it though and make sure to ping me here if you have try it.

It is hard for me to like on a certain product and for this hand lotion I will give it a solid 9 point as it is working well on my hand and not sticky. Losing one point only because of my palm fault for being an extra sensitive with sweat. 

Make sure to try this product~ You might love or hate it. Just try it first~ If you like it, alhamdulillah I feel good because you have same opinion as me. If you end up hating on the lotion, maybe it is not suitable for you and not suit your taste, I am sorry for that. Do not forget to tell me if you ever try this before or currently using it or maybe you going to buy it. I will be going now, ciao~


renyah - difficult
duniawi - world, something that is not going to always stay with us when we die
ahjussi - uncle
was-was - not being confident with something (usually use for a product and food)


  1. heechul & lotion berpisah tiada.. kikiki.. wow.. macam best je lotion tu.. i dah lama manjakan diri dgn lotion hehe

    1. Zizieeeeee, long time no see TT^TT aah mmg pun sampai skrg asyik dgn losyen tangan dia ja XD wahh untunglah :( org tak biasa dgn losyen. Ni abru rasa selesa sikit, yg ni sesuai dgn tangan XD

  2. Hahaha saya bab losyen ni mmng paling malas pakai. Padahal skincare muka lengkap semua xD ni pun tgh pkaiI lotion vaseline. Tpi nk pkai tiap malam before tidur tu haihhh...