The Moment I turned My Back, Everything Changed

MisakiPureBlood | September 26, 2022 |


It's been a while for me stepping inside the game I haven't play for so long. I wonder how is my blogger friend. We used to chat and comment one each other blog, before I make a sudden disappearance. I did came back for a while, in a good motivation but I lost my mood and inspiration on what should I write and so on.

I left again....

Right after a segment that I created (I have to delete the segment in my post as it is already in the past) none of my footstep can be track. WeW

Wandering here and there, having my current life. Happy with all people around me in real life, but yes it is quite struggling when you reach the age peak yet you have nothing.

I am back, all for the reason trying to impress and sell myself on the market XD but after looking at my old post, and how everything have changed in blogger. I lack confidence a little bit.

But, seriously though O.O Why Blogger have changed so much! I hate the new design. Quite hard for you to edit html code, and setting for blog, not like an old dashboard design. Even if I myself found it hard, imagine the newbie O.O I mean, honestly... Blogger supposed to make it easy for the new blogger. We all know, Blogger was like basic and easy.

Nevermind about that O.O I got a hang of it. It seems like if I have to edit anything, I have to use a software instead of do it one by one in here. 

Erm... I revert all my personal post from past few year for privacy purpose, next time I will publish it again. So many thing have to fix in here. Let just chill for today ufufufu~

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important thing!!!

Hi, minna san!!! How are you!! I know I will not get a respond as I already checked TT^TT a lot of blogger that use to have a conversation, sharing interest, all gone hiatus for years. 

People changed.

Busy life.

Maybe also struggling.

I hope none of us giving up in their life even if storm coming and hit you right on your face. Ya Rabbi, it seems like I am writing such a depress post. There are lot's of thing I want to talk but for today, I will just leave it here.

Ps:/ Guys, I have a bad memory when I lost contact. I didn't mean to forget anyone in here. It just, quite hard TT^TT I will try my best TT^TT See you again. Rak tur~

Meanwhile, before I take a leave, do listen to this song I discover recently. A Hong Kong singer from an idol group named MIRROR. Please, switch on the subtitle too~

Keung To - What The Work Say

One more song that I really like are this one:

Keung To (MIRROR) - Mirror a.k.a Spiegel im Spiegel

You can check the translation and the meaning from here: lyrictranslate and seriously all of this song. The meaning behind just hit me. Don't struggle alone guys! and never give up! Keep going up and find yourself at the top! Me too, I will not give up! People might say its too late, but its's all on you! 

Ganbare!! Ciao guys. I be back soon~


  1. Hi Misaki,, it's been a while.. welcome back! Banyak yg berubah dlm blog.. Kdg rindu dengan zaman blog dulu2 .. Take care

    1. Kan tersangat rindu TT^TT apa boleh buat, lama sangat Misaki tak online tup tup semua berubah termasuklah blogger dashboard. Agak confused sikit dkt situ TT^TT

  2. Lama tak nampak akak dalam blog, welcome back! Rindu zaman blog dulu2 kan, rajin nyinggah blog kawan2, komen itu ini, rajin update new entry tiap2 minggu