Tutorial How to Remove a Bunch of Blog Labels

MisakiPureBlood | May 26, 2018 |

Guys, I just realized that every time I post something on a blog. I will always put a bunch of labels under the post as a tag 😱😱😱

It's quite messy because I cannot use Labels widget with lots of labels on it. 

So, the only way is by deleting one by one by editing a blog post. Which only will cost you a lot of time. 

So, today I will teach you how to delete a bunch of blog labels 😋

Firstly, you have to go to the blog dashboard. You will be directly going to ALL POSTS. 

Next, click on all labels.

After that, you need to choose any labels. I would suggest you choose the first labels by going from upper to the lower.

By choosing the labels, you will see the post with the same label tags only.

Next, you have to tick all labels, like this.

Then, click the tags/labels icon on the right side of the tick box and choose the same labels as before.

It will automatically delete the labels of the post. Don't worry if you suddenly you see that post is gone. It was not the post which is gone, but the labels of the post. 

Now, you just have to repeat and do the same thing until all the labels that you want to remove will be gone.
Pst: You can also open multiple edit post by clicking CTRL + left click on the edit post  and delete all of the labels. Go to next tab and click edit labels and delete the labels. Easy, right? 😳😳😳
Or, you can just go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Find Labels Gadget > Choose Selected Labels (Edit which labels you going to show in the labels widget)

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you 💋 Don't forget to leave a comment 😋😋😋


  1. Ingat lagi dulu gigih buat macam ni sebab nak organize kan segala labels.

    1. Farahhhhhhhhh I misssss youuu >///< ehehehehe

      Dulu tak pernah nak cari tutorial ni, pelik kenapalah label ni banyak sangat TT^TT menyesal serabut2 XD

  2. OMG.. I'm really jeles with ur template blog.. huhu I can you found this Boku No Hero Theme my fav anime .. OMG! hahahaha xD I hope one day we can seeeach other bercerita ttg anime hahaha..

    1. Awwwww take time to think what theme should I use and everything XD even meeeee!!!! its my favourite <3 one day insyaALlah hehehehehe boleh cerita pasal crush anime jugak <3 mwahahahhaha

    2. hahahaha XD Too many crush on anime .. hahaah