Naruto Characters Appear in My Dreams

Misaki PureBlood | July 30, 2016 | |
Its been a 10 days I'm at home after final exam (currently semester break) and everyday I'm watching Naruto episode (from 1st episode until today 121 episode) I cannot finish it faster since I keep sleeping in front of my laptop.. ahahahaha XD 

Just now, I woke up feel that the dream I had was real!!! Obito/Tobi is in my dream!!!! I feels like I'm Naruto and wanna help him but then, my laptop alarm clock wake me up... I stared at my laptop saying that it was real, "I'm gonna help you, Obito" and hopefully wakeup slowly just hoping that the dreams is real but it turn out only a DREAM!!!


This whole week, keep dreaming about Naruto.. Aiyaaaaaaa...

Already know the ending but I don't know maybe because I watch too much episode in a day... Ahahahaha..

Anyway, have you ever dream your favourite anime character? or actor? actress?


  1. wow, untung dpt mimpi camtu. hahahaha
    kemain sampai termimpi mimpi :D

    1. wuishhh untung mmg untung, tapi penat gila mimpi macam tu... seminggu lebih dah ni.. ahahaha XD

      dah lah mimpi macam real, bila jaga tak real TT^TT

  2. Haahahha you are so cute lah!