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Misaki PureBlood | January 26, 2016 | |

Heya guys, I'm pretty busy this week working on some project. Anyway, anyone who follow up my work on LOVE STORY OF RED RIDING HOOD (short stories) I hope you will wait for next chapter coming up :3 Already in my blog but.. hurmmm.. feel like something lack..

Today, I just wanna tell you guys about my new work. Woopsie.. :P

It might be the same typical love story that you already read before. I'm sorry for that, but this story all are made up by me 100% (maybe b influence of books I've read before this or maybe because of drama)

Hopefully, it will not disappoint you guys though TT^TT Owh, and.. Since I'm not a good writer I don't know if I should consider put up my work in Wattpad or not. You already know, how bad my Grammar is (past tense and present erghhh) That's not include other stuff yet.. ahahahaha

What is your opinion? Should I? or Should I not? (or should I practice more English? and put more effort writing in Malay?) Thanks for your honest opinion :) Really appreciate it XD

So, lets start introducing Real Love Acting Love.

Lillian Watson is a beautiful proud actress in London. A 24 years ladies age have never been fall in love? Maybe? She have almost everything in her 24 years life. She is happy with just having her mom and dad and her two brother (both in the same profession as her), her bestfriend, and of course her loyal fans.

Until that day happen, all her life changed drastically. She's been hiding for 2 years and when she had a courage to be herself, one guy she did not even know kidnap her!!!

Why is he kidnapping her? Why he looks so cool? (Wait, she still in kidnapping mode) Where did he want to bring her?

Follow their journey (will it ending nice or bad) You will see. Just wish for the best :)
Heroin: Amanda Seyfried as Lillian Watson
Hero: Ian Somerhalder as Redd O'Connor
Heroin Brother 1: James Andres Eric Phelps as Alex Watson
Heroin Brother 2: Oliver Martyn John Phelps as Aldan Watson

Actually for heroin, I have another 2 character I would love to make as heroin: Keira Knightley, Emily Rudd and Scarlett Leithold

and for hero, I would like Heath Ledger to be the main XD nevermind, next time XD
What did you think about the casting? and the synopsis? :D


  1. perkara apa yg agaknya berlaku kt perempuan tu eh? x sabar nk baca :D

    1. :-d ahahaha kalau nak tahu nanti nantikan cerita ni :D hehe XD

  2. wahhh menarik nie. keep writing! will read someday =))

  3. woweee can't wait ! brothers dia mesti handsome wahaha $-)

    1. :-# ahahha yeaaayy XD Thanks :D Ngahaha, teh brother is actually a twin brother from Harry Potter since I like them XD :3

  4. First, let me comment on your preferences in writing... Write what you write best. Regardless in English or Malay. As long as for casual writing...balun ja. But if you want to write short stories, a serious series of stories... then you should consider spell and grammar check up.

    Saya dulu pernah cuba menulis full in English but.... 1st, saya tak mahir grammar. 2nd, saya tak selesa dan saya selalu mind-blocked tengah2 menulis tu sebab tak banyak vocabs... Stress!

    So, jalan penyelesaiannya? Saya tulis secara santai dan mix BM BI... Grammar nazi dan pejuang bahasa mesti meluat. so? itu gaya kita.. hehe.

    pengajarannya, do what you're best at. ;)

    1. cheer Grammar my worst weakness ever... ahahaha.. but like you said, I should consider spell and grammar check up :)

      Kan, samalah.. Kalau baca cerita Love Story of Red Riding Hood yang Misaki buat, yag tu memang campur BM dengan BI. Mungkin nanti nak practice menulis dalam Malay pula :3 Yupsie XD Vocab kurang and mind block memang masalah besar tu.. Misaki pun alami benda yang sama XD

      Ahahahahahaha so true!!! kan kan XD Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it.. :-t

      Yups, go go chaiyok! XD

  5. Tak tahu pula Misaki menulis short stories macam ni :)

    1. :) ahahaha jarang sebenarnya nak menulis.. sbb idea kadang kurang :D

  6. The storyline is pretty good (Y) Boleh imagine hehe. Tapi Misaki, betul kata Khamsi kena tengok grammar juga tauuu. Even sekecil kecil grammer like she has instead of she have.

    Keep up the good work! Don't stop writing! Heheheee.

    1. (o) Yeaaayy, Thanks XD itulah, Misaki pun fikir mcm tu. Seems like kena check betul2 Grammar before post XD Thanks Nad :-# (that one thanks sebab perbetulkan Msiaki) ehehehe..

      Yohoa XD I will, Thank you so much XD