3 Must-Have Necklaces for a Woman

Misaki PureBlood | January 18, 2016 |

Accessories complete an outfit for a woman or a man. Accessories not limited only for a woman but also for man to enhance their looks and styles. 

In this topic, I'm going to introduces to you 3 kind of necklaces as a ladies must have. For the ladies who love mixing up their look, accessories such as necklaces is the perfect choice that will transform your appearance.

It cannot be denied that there are many designs of necklaces available for women to choose from depending on their fashion taste. 

However, some of you may not have a clue on the best necklaces that you must have. Ladies who want to get the idea of the 3 must-have necklaces for women can take a look below:
1. Silver Pendant Necklace
Ladies who are looking for a versatile piece of accessory which can be matched with any outfit must own lovely silver pendant necklaces. Silver pendant necklace suit for someone who love to be simple yet stylish in a basic top, dresses or even your formal wears. 

Love freedom? Love being versatile. Silver pendant necklace is the best necklace suit for you ladies~

2. Choker Necklace

Have you ever wonder what kind of necklace that Cinderella wear around her necklace? That necklace known as choker. Choker is close-fitting necklace worn on the neck and well known as a necklace wears by high up status and ballerina.

It was actually introduced as French cultural jewel during 1798. In 2010 its resurface back as a trend until today. You can see many female teenager wear choker necklace looks stunning. 

Currently, teenager love to wear choker necklace that looks like a tattoo wear you can buy it or just do it yourself. 

But, if you looks for choker that make you looks beautiful during the night event. The trick is to reveal the beauty of the choker necklace is by wearing it with an off shoulder top or dress.
3. Statement Necklace
Statement necklaces have been one of the top choices of accessories women wear to glam up their outfits.

What is statement necklace? According to Wikipedia, statement necklaces are large necklaces with an excessive amount of dangle, beads, or intricate details and are made from a variety of materials and come in infinite number of colours and colour combinations.

The best thing about statement necklaces is that it gives your outfit that exclusive fashionable touch and will make you appear chic everywhere you go.

Match it with a nice plain top and feel that confidence.

SO, WHICH ONE IS YOUR STYLE??? Let me know :)

Now you know all these 3 Must-Have Necklace as a Woman must have, what are you waiting for? Go grab your card or cash and buy it right now XD Ahahaha.. Joking :3



  1. I would like to prefer gold necklace dear. It's not only an accesories but the best investment as well. Haha..

    1. Ehehehe :D but I didn't like gold necklace.. maybe the colour XD except white gold XD

      but yeah, I guess its good to have gold necklace for future investment right :(

  2. i love silver pendant necklace. but i usually lost the pendant or broke :'(

    1. Ehhhhh.. why why?
      If you want to avoid small stuff from getting lost, better buy some box, rack or just D.I.Y :3 easy XD

      kalau yg rosak tu kena pandai jaga, selalu Misaki tengok org taruk minyak tak tahu lah ahaha.. (kalau putus ke apa, boleh fix sendiri-kalau rajin) ahahahaha..

      tak nak cepat rosak, boleh buat rak khas supaya dia tak entangled ke, :3

  3. awww love the pendant one ;(
    but i dont own any necklace tho ugh #sadlife
    perks of having sensitive skin xD a

  4. Replies
    1. ahahaha wohoa XD even Shi chan choose the first one XD