Quote For Today #1

Misaki PureBlood | May 05, 2015 |
Today, I'm sharing with you guys some quote that I really love. As I'm being asked by my lecturer to share two quotes on motivation and explain what does it means for me.

Today quote are the quote that I have never mention in my About Me section. I'm not sure if I already mention it in my other post. I don't think so. Ahahaha...

"It's okay to cry but you have to move on" by Red-Hair Shank

This is a quote from anime/Japanese cartoon called One Piece. One Piece is my inspiration because I learned so many thing from there. Whether  its bad or good.

According to this quote I mention, its happen when Luffy the main character wearing straw hat had just lost his sworn brother, Ace. While being painful and cannot accept the fact that Ace already died. Shank silently tell Luffy that he can cry but life must go on. He must move on.

Why I love this quote? 

First, One Piece is my favourite show. 

Second, I always crying whenever something bad happen. I just can't control my feeling. If I got hurt even a little, automatically I will cry. Even if we get hurt, we must continue living and move on. We cannot stay in the same place regret what had already happen. We cannot change anything that already in past. This quote keep reminding me how I should forget my regret and hurtful past so I can moved on and be happy.

"We need to have a mask that we never take off.." by Uta

Another quote that I love from my favourite anime/Japanese cartoon called Tokyo Ghoul. It actually such an extreme anime where a ghoul (in a human form but eat human and they have supernatural power) or we could say Cannibal who had supernatural power. 

A ghoul cannot eat human food. They taste yuck and cannot go with their taste. The only exception is coffee. 

Tokyo Ghoul is telling about one guy name Ken Kaneki who was at first a human but currently as a ghoul and a human. This happen when he got into accident and one doctor deliberately transplant a ghoul organ in his body.

When he realize he cannot normally eat his favourite food, burger. He know that something had already change. 

Skip this story and back to the quote, "we need to have a mask that we never take off". Its a quote by Uta. While taking Kaneki measurement to make Kaneki own mask, he say this quote. Because they are ghoul. They need something to hide their identity from being exposed to human. With one mistake, they will fall.

That is the reason why I love this quote. As a human, we had our own mask. As a protection. Especially for someone who is afraid if someone might know his another identity. Especially when we had a bad past or we are a bad person and want to keep innocent.

It could also can be insecurity. Afraid to introduce our self to someone and tend to stay in the corner, stay out of the crowd. Afraid what people might say if they learn the truth. Afraid of expectation of others. Afraid of impression. This is all happen because lack of confidence. 

I know all of you had your own mask. Without it, you can never survive in this world. Maybe they are some of you who never had a mask. Maybe... I cannot say I'm sure but I believe that most human in this Earth had their own mask to keep living peacefully until they lost the mask or they remove it for something good or bad.

So, that's it :D 

I hope you guys enjoy my explanation that kind like a maze. Ahahaha :D


  1. I like ur 1st quote... meaningful...

  2. semua quotes drp anime, hehe. Ini membuktikan anime pun ade bnyk pengajaran :D

    1. Ahahahaha XD yups betul tu :3 tapi banyak jugak benda pelik2 dia yg tu ignore kan saja ahahahahaha XD

  3. arituh fina guna quotes dari Mikasa Ackermen, suka sgt2 quotes dia "we have no choice, the world is cruel" . misaky, quotes dri anime semua best2 kn?! ^_^

    1. Ikr.. Mikasa punya ayat mmg power.. dia punya state of mind tinggi XD

      betul2.. sebab tu lah most quote Misaki pakai dari anime XD