You're So Cute a.k.a Neo Gwiyeopda

Misaki PureBlood | April 24, 2015 |
Have you ever wonder if you're cute or not actually? Because someone just saying, awwww.. you're so cute.

This is not about me. I just want to share this music video where featuring Song Ji Hyo. Song Ji Hyo, as you guys know, she's a fixed member in Running Man-Korean gameshow. She also sing in this MV using Hangul and Taiwan Mandarin.

Kenji Wu, popular Taiwanese singer :D Love his voice in this MV~ Owh my.. Sweet... and know what? He and Song Ji Hyo not only make MV together but also acting together in a movie called 708090. Its a romantic movie, and I don't think they have release it because I cannot find it.

Who say Song Ji Hyo cannot sing? Me?? ahahaha.. yups its me.. but in this MV seriously her voice was so cuteeee :D Go Mong Ji Hyo!!!

Anyway, enjoy this cutie cute kyeopta MV. It's so adorable!!!

How was it? Cute Right? You can't deny it!!! Ahahahaha XDD


  1. aloloooo... song ji hyo, eh yeke dia pandai nyanyi, hahah.. nnt dgr ^^

    1. kan, SOng Ji Hyo kan dikategori sbb deaf tone XD

      tapi dlm MV ni mmg boleh lah tahan sikit suara dia XD