How I Manage My Free Time

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Yohoa.. XD I'm here again with my blog updates for my assignment as Madam Azfa asking for :)

1. Audit your time. Share with me on what you did yesterday.

2. Also share on how you manages your free time.
Oh my God... I'm someone with short term memory.. I can't help it. How can I audit my time for yesterday, if I can't even remember what colour of shirt I wear last night. Hurmm.. but, I will try my best... Ahahaha...

14  April 2015 (Audit Time)

1:00 a.m: I wake up after sleep for 5 hours. Open financial (FIN533) past year question to study.

1:15 a.m: I turn on my laptop and open GOM Player and play some music because I feel so bored. Then, continue my study again..

4:00 a.m: Stop study. Iron my cloth for my class in 8:00 a.m. After that, get ready to sleep. Set my alarm 6:30 a.m so that I didn't forget to pray.

6: 30 a.m: My alarm ring so loudly so I just press snooze.

6:40 a.m: Get ready to Subuh pray and go back to sleep, since my class start at 10:00 a.m yesterday.

9:30 a.m: Wake up and get ready go to class.

9:45 a.m: UiTM bus come...

10:00 a.m: In class for subject MKT 420 - Principles of Marketing

11:00 a.m: In class for subject FIN 533 - Financial

12:00 noon: Lunch with friends - Jie, Hafiz, Finas, Adi, Fadh at Cafe

12.50 noon: Study FIN 533 in library with them, because there is Test 1

2:30 p.m: Zohor pray

2:45 p.m: Study again until 5:20 p.m

5:40 p.m: Asar Pray at Academic Musollah

6:00 p.m: Meeting with member, friends and lecturer to discuss about community service activity and distribute task to each teams.

7:00 p.m: Ongoing to Malinja College for FIN 533 Test 1

7:30 p.m: Maghrib Prayer with jemaah

8:30 p.m: Madam ask all of us to move into Dewan Sarjana 2 because there was a blackout

After that, I can't remember what I've done...

10:30 a.m: I still didn't finish my answer for FIN 533 but Madam want to collect answer so I stop writing and ignore the fact that I'm late

10:40 a.m: Dinner with friends - Hafiz, Auni, Fadhliah, Qilah, Eyda, Abe, Yen, Syuk, Fuad, Jihadi

11:00 a.m: Hafiz sent me home

11:30 a.m: Isyak Pray and do product assignment - logo, brochure, appendix and ELC 500 slide presentation

6: 20 a.m: Go to sleep after Subuh pray (class start at 10:00 a.m)

That's all what I did for yesterday. Just a routine with fit schedule. 

My Activities During My Leisure and Bored Day

If I don't have any assignment, homework or the need to study. I do something else to fill my free time.

I'm gonna list activity that I do to fill my leisure time or my bored day (Activity changes according to my mood on that day) :

1. Read English books/novel

2. Singing in English with my random song (not a popular song, but my own song)

3. Write short essay

4. Drawing or sketching

5. Watch anime/Japanese cartoon

6. Facebook

7. Update moment in WeChat

8. Read manga/Japanese comic

9. Listen to Metal or Sad song or Kpop or Jpop or Vocaloid song

10. Edit some photo (Photoshop and Photoscape)

11. Skipping

12. Do personality quiz

13. Streaming movie or gameshow or drama

14. Organize my file in computer

15. Clean my study table/desk

16. Sleep

17. Blogging

18. Watch Pewdiepie

19. Daydreaming

How I Manage My Time

Refer on Better Time Management-Life Hack... I just realize that, some of its list I did it sometime so I manage my time. It just that, I didn't do it frequently anymore. Its more like I spend my time without manage it.

1. Write class scheduled, so I didn't rush up and forget when is the class and where does the class?)

2. Wearing wristwatch so that I didn't spend m time on something too long (but lately I didn't have any wristwatch... my sis take it)

3. To do list (I always make this if the deadline is tomorrow or next two day, so I didn't forget anything to do or bring)

4. List assignment deadline (especially when I'm in a group project, its better if I list the deadline)

5. Target to be on time or early (I always keep in my mind to be early and be the first in class-even though my performance not that good.. yeahh I know..)

6. Set reminder (I always did this before, but now... It just that.. I feel so lazy just to type it)

Just that... I don't think I manage my time correctly and wisely. Just looks at my activity when I bored and when I had leisure time, free time. I tend to fill it with fun activity which is most of its wasted only for entertainment and sleep all day XD

I can't help it. 

I wish there is a chocolate where, when you eat it. You become hardworking and happy while doing job, task, homework, study... So, I'll not wasting all of my times in entertainment stuff (actually its not that bad if you can handle between work and interest)

Hopefully you enjoy my post for today :) See ya~ Ciaossu XDD


  1. Kalau ada coklat macam tu, saya pun nak! :D

    1. Kalau ada coklat cemtu.. Misaki akan bagi Farah org first try coklat tu mwahahaha..

  2. Wow wow wow! So many time spend for studyyy! I'm proud of you hehe jauh beza dengan Nad T_T

    1. woww woww.. jgn wow sgt.. ahahaha XD tak spend byk masa pun tuh nak dekat dgn test baru spend kui3...

      nad.. kita sama TT^TT actually.. malas sgt.. tapi bila fikir balik degree nih susah kena gak study huhuhu.. (tapi still on laptop) XD

  3. keep it up! saya memang malas studyyy T.T

    1. mwahahaha.. samalah kita kui3.. terpaksa ja nih :D

  4. Biasanya aku akan set dalam henset to do list yang akan dibuat setiap hari guna app "checklist" . Setiap pagi bila bangun memang set uncheck .

    1. Ya Allah.. rajinnya pakcik Ganas set to do list dlm phone.. terbaik XDD

      list tu akan berlaku only kalau taknak bagi lupa and time terdesak :D

      kena try lagi nih XD mana taw jadi rajin macam Pak Cik ganas.. ahahaha :D

      macammana nama boleh tukar jadi Pakcik ganas nih?? @.@