My 11th Liebster Award

Misaki PureBlood | March 02, 2015 | |

Liebster Award Rule:

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential (Again, Erm.. I'm not gonna tag anyone this time) Ahahaha..
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer (since I didn't nominate anyone, so no question provided) XDD
  • Notify your nominate (Don't have anyone to notify, ahahaha)

My precious Liebster Award:

Thanks Cik Ulat tags Misaki :D fufufu :D Ada benda nak post ^__^ Nampak gayanya post banyak mengenai cinta.. wuhuuu XD Sweet :3

1. Apa pandangan anda tentang blog Cik Ulat?

Blog Cik Ulat: Simple + Comel + Kemas. Design terbaru nampak kemas :) hehehe ^__^ and Misaki paling suka doodle yang Cik Ulat buat ^3^

2. What is first love?

First love? Seriously Cik Ulat? ahahaha.. First love a.k.a cinta pertama.. Urm.. Idk how to answer this question since I didn't have first love yet. Except crush.. Just like or respect someone. To include some person in my heart.. Ouch~

Anyway.. According to urban dictionary:
First love is the one that you first truely have feelings for. One person that you will never forget, their love will leave an imprint on your heart which will be there forever. At the moment you dont care that you will eventually lose them after a break up because that emotion is amazing. Falling in love was the best thing that has ever happened to me, but now that its gone I feel hopeless. Your first love will be one who will be the hardest to get over, the one that can still make you smile even when your having the worst day ever, and the one who after breaking you, you'll still love them. Your first love never leaves.
One person who is and always will be the first person you truly fell in love with
you will know u have found your first love when u cannot stop thinking about him or her and all you do is spend time with them and have a good time.
I could not agree more. Ahahaha XD

3. What type of guy do you like?

If its about the first appearance, I like someone  with villain eyes, sleepy eyes, fierce eyes with beach skin, dark hair-black or brown, husky/raspy voice (refer to my 7th liebster award) and I like someone who do volleyball or basketball :D and someone who's never two timing, someone who's can accept the weirdest me :)

4. What is love?

Love? Love is everything in this world.. It could be love for God, family, friend, youself, partner, hobbies and so on.

If its love/first love, I'm not in the right place to talk ahahaha XD

~Just that.. mwahahahaha, simple liebster.. Thanks Cik Ulat~


  1. almost the same la type of guy do we like. hahaha. XD
    BV suka dark hair, mata redup n a bit husky voice. actually, suka bila some guy ketawa. coz sound sexy. HAHAHHAHAHA.

  2. I know right... ahahaha :D
    blond2 nih tak berminat sgt.. ahaha XD ommo laki dgn husky voice mmg cool XD
    same type lah pulak kita neh kekeke :3

  3. most of the questions are about love.. cik ulat tgh dilamun cinta ke ea? hehe... wow misaki... wink2 ;)

    1. kan Zizie :D Misaki pun perasan ahahaha XD

      wehehe ^_~

  4. Interesting..misaki-senpai ! ^^

  5. Interesting..misaki-senpai ! ^^