Top 10 Beautiful Barbie

Misaki PureBlood | January 10, 2015 |
Who hates Barbie? Yeah, I know.. some of you.. Mwahahaha XDD but I don't really care since I like Barbie movie :D (I didn't like the doll or the story behind the doll, sorry) XDD
I will be 23 this year and still watch Barbie. Do you?

Btw this is my top list Beautiful Barbie movie main character :

1. Barbie Mariposa - Mariposa

2. Barbie The Island Princess - Roselle

3. Barbie The Pearl Princess - Lumina

4. Barbie and The Secret Door - Alexa

5. Barbie Princess Charm School - Blair Willow

6. Barbie and The Three Musketeers - Corinne

7. Barbie The Mermaid Tale - Merliah

8. Barbie A Fairy Secret - Barbie

9. Barbie Fashion Fairy Tale - Barbie

10. Barbie A Perfect Christmas - Barbie
There were 29 Barbie movie (second generation) and this is the best beautiful Barbie in my opinion. So, in your opinion. Which Barbie should be the Top 10? Tell Me XDD