Operation Take-Down

Misaki PureBlood | January 05, 2015 |

Can you guys help my friend? Please report them since they didn't credit it properly. We want they take down the video. TT^TT

Really appreciate it ^_^ Onegaishimasu~

Word COPY PASTE from my friend Mark Zaikov:


"Operation Take-Down"
Guys, Help me take these Videos DOWN.


-Tell them to Delete the Video (No Buts, even they said that they're going to credit me, say NO.) and mention that i am the Creator of the Video (if they butt in that i stole the song, slap to their face that i'm not, i put proper credits for the artist.)

-then Report it (more reports, the better, don't report it as intellectual property because Facebook only provide special service to those who pay. Report it as something else, that'll help)

List of Videos:

note: If you seen one or heard a news about someone re-uploaded and taking credit for it, track it down and tell that to me (i'll add the link of that video here) and do the instructions above, please please please, i want to stop this.

note*: By the way, I hid the original hologram videos so, (read below)

If they want Proof, Give them the link to my Profile and Message me, I'll talk to them. Guys i really need you now, *sniff* If this shameless act continues, i might stop doing projects from now on, because even the credit is on them, and that really busts my motivation to do projects.

[Edit] Note: I won't Accept any further Request unless they messaged me their reason.

*sigh* Sorry guys, but still, stay awesome~

Arigato gozaimasu~


  1. Sakit hati bila org curi video or something else dari kita tanpa credit atau mnta izin

  2. tu lah kan.. Misaki pun tak suka... tapi kadang, Misaki sendiri terambil hak org lain tanpa permission owner since Misaki tak ingat sumber dari mana. Cari dekat Google kadang jumpa.. kadang tak jumpa. Tu yang Misaki asyik letak not mine.. tell me if its yours, I'll credit back XD cemtulah..

  3. Emm,,apa yg terjadi ni kak Jungkyo? ada orang curi vid akak?

  4. ahaha XD takde.. bukan org curi video akak tapi video hologram hatsune Miku yang dia buat lepas tu tak credit betul.. XDD

  5. Ohh,,,sian kwn akak tu..jahatnya sapa yg curi...