Happy New Year 2015

Misaki PureBlood | January 04, 2015 | | | |

Yeah, you there.. I wanna apologize because I had no time to post anything in my blog this whole weeks. Gomenasai~ TT^TT

Anyway, how's your day? Did you complete all your bucket list last year? Any new year resolution? :D

Last year resolution, I still regret that I can't make it TT^TT I really hope, this year it will change :) 


# Own tomatoes cherry plant, cactus plant, sunflower/lavender plant
# DIY anime calender (a.s.a.p) before Feb coming XD
# wake up early (I'll try my best!! hwaiting!!)
# Avoid procrastination for solat and what my mom ask
# Learn draw again!!! (O.k I can't stop)
# Recite Quran everytime finish solat
# Memorise and understand recitation in solat
# Appointment with doctor!!! (Still doesn't have courage to do so)
# Sleep early (I'm sorry, I hope I can do this)
# Be nice to my younger sis and bro XDD (sorry I'll treat you guys as nice as I can..) 
# Hopefully I can touch baby, play with baby, play with kids (arghhh too hard... I just wish I can watch them from far) TT^TT
# Sunway Lagoon!!! with chingu | tomodachi & cousin XD
# Further my degree!!! (Jaebal!! Please come true!!!)
# Learn Arabic, Nihongo, Mandarin, Filipino,Thai, German & Dutch (O.k German and Dutch might take time TT^TT)
# Single as always!!! (should I list this??? ahahahaha)
# Listen to my parent words without making them upset or angry :D (I'll try my best)
# Learn sewing!!! 
# Own collection of books!!!
# Own new laptop for gaming!!! (A MUST!!! A.S.A.P)
# Become healthy and loss a bit of weight~ (Since my mom, my uncle auntie, my cousin keep saying I'm weighing) erghhhh :P
That's all :D Hopefully I can fullfill it :)
as a Happy New Year gift, here's my drawing~ Nichi XD here's not so good sketch I make today :3 

Amaimon teasing Rin.. Awww He doesn't wanna give Rin candy XDD

Too bad that I'm not good in drawing TT^TT I'll practice again and again~

Picture: Rin Okumura and Amaimon from Ao No Exorcist anime :)

and not to forget Salam Maulidur Rasul to my Muslim friend. Be a nice Muslim. 

Learn respect other people and learn to stop judging. Be nice and warm. Follow what Prophet S.A.W has told us :)
I miss you ya Rasulullah... I really miss you... even though I've never saw you. I wish I can meet you in Jannah. Even though I know, how bad I am. I wish this year I become a good person and follow what Allah said. Follow what written in Quran and sunnah. Aamiin... 

Pst:/ Last year, many tragic things happen especially in Malaysia, I wish that this year everything turn out well :) 

#Pray for MH370, MH17, QZ8501... 


  1. happy new year too!!
    asdfghjkl so cute i even got happy new year gift TAT t han kyou

  2. Yehehe :D
    you're most welcome XD
    since I promise you.. fufufu.. sorry that my drawing quite bad :P
    most welcome ^__^