Tutorial Guest Account Password (Window 7)

Misaki PureBlood | November 24, 2014 | |

(Kyaaaa... Kaichou!!! You're so cute pouting like that, mwehehehe)

Anyone wonder, how to set password for quest account in Window 7 (Idk if this can be apply to Window 8, Vista, Mac, etc)

As you know, we can't set any password for guest account. Go to control panel and try yourself. Can't right?

So here, I provide the solution:

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1. Go to START and type Run and press Enter

2. Type control userpasswords2 and press Enter or click OK

3. Choose account with group Guest and click Reset Passwords...

4. Just fill in the password.

You also can use this way to change your account type from standard account a.k.a user account to guest account or otherwise. Also can change guest account name.

What is this account???

Administrator account: Have full access to computer and c an make any desired changes.

Standard User account a.k.a User account: can use most software and change system setting without affecting other users.

Guest account: Have the same excess as the User member but more restricted.

Its means that:

Administrator > Standard User > Guest



  1. nice tuto X3

    tell me how to change the windows start button? XDD

    1. Thanks :D

      owh that tutorial, go to this link:


      but make sure make back up for your laptop, if something happen you can restore since many people find that software broken.. :) you can ask explanation there :) hehe..

  2. nice tutorial misaki.. tapi, zizie ni jenis pemalas betul la bab2 key in password.. ehehe..

    1. wehee.. Thanks Zizie ^__^

      tulah, Misaki nih kalau ikut malas gak, tapi takut adik2 bukak file yg memang tersorok dalam laptop.. itu yg buat password XD

      and buat dekat diorang account guest yg baru.. nak buat akaun user takut diorang main install macam2 :D

  3. cool tuto Misaki.. ^_^

    fuhh, handsome tol mamat dalam wallpaper Misaki tuh.. heuheuw ^_^

    1. Yeahhh XDD hehehe..

      mamat tuh mine mwahahaha.. dia dalam game :D ahahaha XDD

  4. Rajinnya explore! Nad bab bab ni memang slow ya amat siput

    1. malas dah kalau ikut nih.. tapi terpaksa utk privasi mwahahaha XDD

      takpe, dulu Misaki lagilah slow.. facebook pun tatau main camane (time form 4-5) dah masuk u barulah tau XDD and sampai sekarang boleh kata tau serba sikit.. ahahaha..