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Yoa, almost 1 month I didn't online, update skin, update blog and blogwalking. Like before, I always spend my time with YouTube videos, anime, manga (all the time), and my new Facebook. I'm deleting my old account because of someone keep pestering on me... Ahahaha (Quit that jokes dude, you're not even worth for that) Ahahaha.. Joking.. It just some people keep disturbing my peace day, so I delete that account and make new one.

I want to unfriend and just block but I feel bad and somehow rude??? Maybe? I'm afraid that person might feel offense with my action.. Ahahaha XD So delete was the best way :3 

Sorry TT^TT

Anyway, how's my new skin? I'm using hyo_wings skin and edit some part of it. Theme? This week, I choose Difficult Love theme :3 As you can see, my header and credit section image. I use a cute girl with green hair and she's vocaloid Gumi. 

Not just her image, I also use her song. 

(Please stop my music background first, and try listen and watch this MV, its so cute..)

Its about, a girl who fall in love with someone. She don't have a courage to tell him about her feeling. Still, she want to see him, everytime even though its not gonna happen all the time. She think its not enough, just see him but didn't do anything.

She wish and want that, both of them tied by red string of fate (invisible fate string that tied to each other who's destined to meet and as destined lover)

She can't lie, what did her heart do to her. Its beating hard. She's the one fall in love with him without his knowledge and she's the one who's to be blame.

So, she will not ask anything from that guy, and just seeing his figure, watching his gestures and hearing his voices is enough~

Since she fall in love with him, just having that make her feel uneasy. Asking him for herself is a bit too much (she think like that)

One day, both of them met by destined. She even confused what is happening and how both of them have a chance meeting like that.

From that day, she doesn't care of anything else. What she care about is her heart and how much she love him.

The more she fell in love, the more she can't give up her love.

Other than love she dare to solve anything even if the question is difficult. Even though it take time a little, but for love, there is no time limit.

She fell like she wanna cry, but she still not giving up because she already know how much her heart filled with him.

Again, without asking permission from him to fall in love, she did it. So, she ask for forgiveness. But, she can't stop from loving him.

At this moment, she want to tell him "I Love You"

Because love should be free, anyone can love other people. Even though its still one sided love, she don't need to back away anymore..

Someday she want to tell him..

Till the day, they will meet again, and she gonna say it.

Someday, she will tell him her feeling and how she decide only him she love...

One day, if I had someone to fall in love with.. I'm gonna sing this song to that person mwahahaha XD

Picture not mine, credit back to the owner (If this picture yours, please tell me)


  1. eh eh~ baru je dengar lagu ni beberapa hari yang lepas tetiba keluar kat blog ni :D suka sangat gumi~

  2. @Fara Misaki suka lagu nih.. selalu ulang-ulang.. tiba-tiab nak buat theme blog kalai ni based on lagu Gumi hehe XD suara dia kan sweet and lagu nih pulak mmg favourite itu sebabnya hehehe XD *High five* Gumi fans hehehe XD