Vampire Academy 2014 (Film Review)

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Last two days, I finish watching Vampire Academy movie~

I would rate this movie 7/10 since the action scene in this movie, I kinda think its too slow... and for someone who say that Vampire Academy copy the exact story as Vampire Knight, you're totally wrong. It doesn't alright. :3

If you wanna have more satisfaction, I recommend you guys buy Vampire Academy series book.

There are 4 kind of people live in Vampire Academy storyline...

  • Moroi
    Vampire type who is kindly/benovalent/well-manered. They can go outside under the sunlight, even though most of them uncomfortable being under the sunlight. Moroi normal food is blood. They only can survive for 2 days without blood.
  • Dhampir

    Half-moroi and half-human. They survive like other human. They can eat anything and can survive without drink blood. They are trained to be guardian of moroi and protect them from strigoi.
  • Strigoi

    Immortal moroi. They are cruel and no longer have moral.They are more strong than moroi. One bite by strigoi, you gonna be like them.
  • Human

    Yeah, of course, human is human. XDD

So, introducing you the main character:

Lucy Fry as Princess Vasilisa Dragomir (Moroi)

Zoey Deutch as Rosemarie Hathaway (Dhampir)

Dominic Sherwood as Christian Ozera (Moroi)

Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri Belikov (Dhampir)

Cameron Monaghan as Mason Ashford (Dhampir)


First scene in Vampire Academy before they involved in accident~ I like this part XD So funny XDD ahahaha...

First time meet between Rose and Dimitri!!! Awwwww SO SWEET~ Dimitri, you sent her flying.. ommo...

Look at his face while holding his Rose!!! I knew it!! He fall in love at first sight~ When he call Rose as Roza, I feel like my heart bubble bubble bubble around this air~ ahahaha XDD (I put myself on Rose shoes.. LOL XDD)

Back to academy, she meet her best buddy Mason~ He's cute but I prefer Dimitri more XDD
Oh wait, where did you stare man.. ahahaha... Mason.. take care of your friends.. ahahahaha..

Ahahaha, I like this scene too XDD 
I think its adorable~ especially when Jesse smile like that~ :3 :3 :3

Dimitri become her mentor.. and Rose try to attack him.. First attack and approved by Dimitri.. LOL XDD

Second attack.. wow XDD Their relationship pretty good~ Look at both of their smile.. Awwww..
Oh come on.. Don't make me jealous over something like this~ TT^TT

I feel pity for him but at the same time I laugh XDD Since this scene was funny LOL XDD

Of course you're.. Mind me here please~ Boil of jealousy~ Don't be romantic in front of me~ TT^TT

Vampire Academy Trailer (One scene at what second, they didn't put in this film.. I wonder why?)

Who hate this movie seriously, should watch this MV :3
Its so funny XDD ahahahaha..

WATCH VAMPIRE ACADEMY: Vampire Academy-Movie4k

-Hope you guys enjoy-


  1. question : cerita ni lebih kepada pasal rose atau lisa??

    1. hurm cita yg movie nih.. both rose dgn lisa.. sbb dua org tu kan bestfriend :D ahaha
      yg version movie mmg sama rata je.. dalam buku banyak lagi cerita.. pasal family diaorang and so on XDD tapi mmg both rose dgn lisa balance watak XD

  2. Cerita ni bagi saya takdelah best mana pun. hihi.

    Tapi, saya suka tengok Dimitri. Dia handsome! Hahahaha :D

    1. ahaha.. ha'ah tak best mana sgt pun.. sebab tuh bagi rate 7/10 ja kekeke.. geram sebab action dia kureng sikit.. mcm slow jeeee...

      tapi kelakar lah movie nih.. kebanyakan scene dalam nih kelakar selamba jer :D ahahaha...

      sama3.. suka sgt kat Dimitri.. kekeke.. first time masa dia jumpa dgn Rose, degup2 je tengok dia hahaha... manis sgt dia senyum awww~
      (but my sis doesn't like him lah...) dia cakap tak handsome.. ade ke patut?? ahahahaha...

  3. So awesome xD You inspired me to watch this xD

  4. :D ahaha.. its not that good if compare with other film but I like it ^__^

    watch it already? :D