Second Versatile Blogger Award

Misaki PureBlood | September 29, 2014 | |

Versatile Award Rule:

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Thank you guys nominated me for this award :D

Nichi -
DF -
Shiro Usagi -

(but I'm not gonna nominate other blogger, since I think most blogger have done this XDD)

You can read my first Versatile Award here: 
7 Fact About Me :

7 Fact About Me:

1. Daydreaming person : Sometime, even when I'm with my friend or my family talking about something. I could fantasize something that might be happen in future. Something like I meet with my soulmate or something like I save someone and sometime I could imagine my favourite character in anime is alive XDD
(don't worry, I still can differ between real life and fantasy)

2. I love plaster : If I'm going out somewhere I will put some plaster on my finger especially on pointer finger and middle finger XD Its become a habit TT^TT (lately out of stock, I need to buy new plaster aid) XDD

3. I love blue colour, star and sky : This 3 thing, always in my important list. I wanna live somewhere where I can see beautiful sky and many star during night. (I'm afraid one day, these sky polluted, and we never ever can see the beautiful of nature)

4. Easy to forgive and forget : Yeah, my sis even admit it. One day, she angry with me because of something I could not remember (its not may fault, but  think at that time I really hurt by her word) and she said it next day "you will never mad at me even if that thing make you hurt since you'll forget about it the next day" I feel like I wanna punch on her face that time.. I said that to her.. Ahahaha.. She got me.. Erghh...

5. I don't like vegetables : What is so good with vegetable taste? Really? I try it but I can't except potatoes, carrot. Recently I try to eat tomatoes because influence by someone (not in real world, book character.. its not really book actually) ahahaha.. I think I can eat tomatoes bit by bit. For carrot, I need it to be soft, before eat it. Last vegetable I can accept is kangkung/kangkong especially if someone make it with fried rice. It taste so sweet compare to other vegetables. Bitter...... Mehhhhhh :P

6. I'm so weak against pout face : Such as my lil brother. He's age 13 and say he wanna sleep in my bedroom. If I don't feel like to, I will ignore his request and he will start making sad face and or pouting face.. Arghh.... and sometime even start to cry, Oh my.. I hate this kind of feeling, it make me surrender you know.. So he win and he sleep in my room like before.. Just recently, I said "tonight sleep outside, not in my room" before he said something like want to sleep in my room. I feel like I don't have privacy ahaha.. I feel sorry for him but.. I guess he will ask again when he think I'm in a good mood, whether he can sleep in my room or not.. ahahaha XD (If I'm in good mood you're lucky bro, haiyaaaa...)

7. I don't like busy place : Such as wedding ceremony, clinic, hospital, mall and etc. I really hate it. I feel nervous, and I feel like everything not in good place and not comfortable. If its busy place like zoo, aquarium.. I don't mind it since its always make me feel relax :D

Pst:/ There is some facts about you, that you can't tell to someone else except someone close to you. Since someone might think its negative.. Mwahaha.. So be careful when you say something bad or good about yourself :)


  1. Love number 3 fact sebab kita sama :)

  2. Owh yeah :D no. 3 tuh the best fact dalam life XDD hehe :3
    rasa seronok lak bila sama dgn org lain ^__^
    jom gi stargaze nanti mwahahaha XD
    Farah boleh kowt pergi dekat sini:

    Cherry Springs State Park, Pa

    Teringin nak pergi situ tgok bintang :D

  3. pehh tak suka vegetable?
    hahaha kita geng lah ni. aduhh banyakknyaa sama hahaha

  4. @DF ha'ah mmg tak suka vegetables.. :'(
    ahahaha.. tak boleh nak telan... uwaaaaa....
    Yeah *high five* :D

    org try banyak kali dah sayur tapi semua rasa nak terkeluar balik.. tapi lately, org try tomatoes :3 sekarang dah jadi fans tomatoes hehe XD