My 4th and 5th Liebster Award~

Misaki PureBlood | September 16, 2014 | |

Yuhuuuu... I' back... XDD With Liebster Award~ Thanks again to kawaii ladies who give me this award.

Thanks to blogger:

Previously, I received 3 Liebster Award.. You can read it here, if you wanna know:

First Liebster Award

Second Liebster Award

Third Liebster Award

Lisbster Award Rule:

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential (I nominate new follower) Ahahaha..
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
  • Notify your nominate

*rolling* *rolling *rolling* 


1. Minat kpop tak ? Yes Or No . Reason please ?

Yups.. (answer yes) XDD No specific reason but I do love their music, their dance, their song and the idol / singer themselves XDD

2.  Got someone Special ? Who ?

If its about heart to heart.. Girls to boy relationship.. I don't have anyone special to be mention or proud of it XDD but I do have admire someone but he's not in this world TT^TT

# I love Aomine kun~ Please find someone like him?? Ahahahahahaha~ He's hawwttt~ 
# Teppei senpai~ Hug him~ I really love him in bottom of my heart.. He's like a brother to me~
# Imayoshi senpai~ I like him.. I like him.. I like him.. Everything about him!!!
# Ren Tsuruga~ I respect him!!! XDD
# Naru and Eugene~ Both twin that I admire~ Naru the Narcissist and Gene the kindness :)
# Don't forget Luffy san and Zoro san special in my heart~ Respect them!!! XDD

3. Hate people like ?

What hate? @___@ I don't like to hate people. I only dislike people. Only one type of person in this world I hate so much. Someone who doesn't have humanity~ Shine! Shine! Shine!

4. Tua or Muda . Kenal and minat RUNNING MAN tak ?

22 years old~ XDD Awww I feel old somehow :'( Yups.. Running Man fans.. I wanna watch Chaebol episode, but yeah, just wait next week TT^TT

5. Selama korang berblogger nii , apa benefits yang korang dapat ?

Benefit from blogging? new knowledge, new tutorial, new friend, place to say everything... urm yeah I just removed my ads recently so, no benefits/income/revenue from blog :P ahahaha..

6.  Jawab liebster awards nii rasa mengganggu ke ?

Nope.. Not at all... XDD I'm waiting for more and new question from blogger XD ahahaha..


1. Why do you blog? 

Blogging is fun, I can share what I want, I can have new friend, I can find new stuff, I can show off (mwahahahahahahahaha) that's why I blogging XDD

2. What do you think some one should blog about? and why?

Review: Movie, Drama, Music, Book.. Cute Stuff.. Otaku's stuff.. <--- Because, I always searching from Google this thing... XDD Ahahaha.. sorry being ignorant here.. ahaha XD

As a blogger, you should blog anything you want as long as its your own blog :D

3. If you are a designer, you would design ?

I'm not a designer... but if I've talent to design something.. I wanna design my house.. (Japanese + Western concept) I wanna design Victoria dress (from 1300 until 1890) Indeed so beautiful...  I wanna design beautiful 50's and 60's coat. Same like Nancy Drew wear :3 classy vintage style XDD Owh, and I wanna make plushie XDD and I wanna design cosplay costume :D like this one:

Cute Toothless Plushie!!!! 

Toothless Cosplay!!!

4. If you have a dream job that would be? and why?

When I'm age 7 I wanna be a detective :) but my parent said no XDD and since now, I wear glass.. I don't think that job suits me anymore TT^TT

At the same time I wanna be a teacher. (Idk if I'm capable enough to teach someone.. ahahahahaha..) I don't like kid though~ :P

So, right now I wanna have my own cafe and my own fashion boutique and my own flower shop XDD

5. Your fav colour? 

Soft Blue. Black. Grey. 

What best describe you if some one wants to know you as a friend?

WEIRDO!!! XDD ahahaha believe me.. You will be scared when you know the real me.. maybe you laugh too.. since I make something stupid, something weird.. Ahahaha... 

6. What is your life motto?

#  Do your best!!! 

# Fight BACK!!!! (someone pick on me or someone dearest me or someone in trouble)

7. If you had to pick between sky, beaches or forest which one would you pick? and why ?

Owh come on... don't make me choose between those 3 TT^TT 

I love the sky.. especially during day.. I feel so relax when I see the blue sky with dancing cloud~
When sunset.. the sky colour.. make me feel so warm.. like someone protect me.. and sometime I feel that the sky so shy being around me~ ommo sounds weird though~ LOL
At night, the moon and the star so beautiful shining together make me feel like I'm not alone~

If its beach, I love the sea sound.. and the beautiful sand. So relax... So comfortable..

I love forest the most because I don't feel hot there... Alone... Peaceful... Nothing, no one can disturb my peace~ (except all type of insect and snake)

So, the conclusion is.. I'm gonna choose the sky.. Because the sky itself and sky always be with me since I'm a baby... :D 



  1. What should I call you? Are you younger than me or not? (I'm 22)
  2. Do you mind if all of my post full with anime, manga, game, kpop, jpop, tpop? Why?
  3. If you could choose between this animal (bunny, dog, cat, owl, panda, tiger, dragon, fox, snake, spider, pygmy marmoset, turtle, tortoise, llama, koala, dolphin, dinosaur, pygmy goat) as your pet. Which pet you gonna choose? (Pick 2 and state the reason)
  4. If you see someone being bullied/harassed by someone big and scary, will you help? If not, state the reason why?
  5. What did you think about current temperature in Malaysia right now? If its hot, can you tell me what you always do to reduce the heat?
  6. What kind of laptop/pc you use right now? Can you tell me, what kind of laptop you want to use someday?
  7. If you could choose between summer, autumn, winter, spring. Which season you love and state the reason.
  8. Situation: One day, you find someone who is so bright that make your heart pounding so hard. What will you do?
    a) Just ignore the feeling, you don't want to cheat behind your lover
    b) Follow him/her like a stalker
    c) Find his/her identity
    d) Bump with him/her and ask for his/her name and phone so you can treat drink as an apology
    e) Go straight to him/her and say: "I like you!"
    f) Continuously your eyes follow him/her until he/she is gone
    g) Slap him and say: "I hate you! You make me fall in love with you" and then RUN!!!
    h) If he/she is your friend acquaintance, you ask your friend to introduce "yourself" to him/her
    i) Keep hiding your feeling and still fall in love with him/her without he/she knowing that fact
    j) You make his girlfriend / her boyfriend breakup with him/her so you can get a chance
  9. What if you find a cute baby in front of your house. Considering that you're single and still stay with your own family what will you do?
  10. What is your favourite song when you're sad and when you're happy?
  11. Did you think my question is so unreasonable and crazy and make you nervous like in exam? Tell me why?

I hope you not nervous answering this question XDD Sorry, looks like my question a bit psycho~ Ahahaha XDD Don't forget to tell me if you finish answering my question :D


  1. samalah! minat running man jugak xD

  2. Assalammualaikum ..selamat pagi ..hahaha..kak Lin pun ad dpt award ni..lum jwb lg..igtkan xde lg da nk kena jwb..huhu ... kak lin pun suka tgk running man, flower shope..suke suke kalau buka nti pasti kak lin terjah flower shope misaki ..hihi~ ..

    wierdo? selalu sgt ke buat kerja gila ... hehe..nk juga kak lin tahu yg mcm mne??

    *** templat blog ubah lg >_< ,,sgt lah rajin misaki ni ...jeles2 ..huuu

  3. dah jawab yongg !

  4. tq for tagging me my dear.. will do when i got sometime kayh.. do keep in touch :)

  5. @mazni XDD hehe tak sabor runningman next week :D hehe

    @sis alynn wa'alaikumussalam, pagi, :D ahaha insyaAllah, kalau ada peluang bukak flower shop :D ada satu flower tuh yg mmg akan jadi theme shop tu XDD hehe
    ha'ah selalu sangat sis XD sepanjang masa weirdo lah kiranya XDD cam cakap sorang2.. Misaki cakap dgn diri sendiri and at the same time Misaki akan reply balik apa yg Misaki cakap :3 ahahaha..
    ahaha.. sbb Misaki jenis tak tetap pendirian :3 fufufufu XDD

    @ana dah tgok XD hehe thanks ana :D

    @fifie most welcome XD no prob XDD
    yups keep in touch too XDD

  6. But I thought you hate monami? xD

  7. done. hahha. thanks for the tag.

  8. @TKK lol XDD am I? seriously? I said I hate her? hurmmmm :'( It can't be help.. I can't like her.. even if she's cute.. ahaha.. (but really? I say hate? or dislike?)

    @Izzati your most welcome XDD

  9. hahaha. tak tercapai cita cita nak jadi detective hehehee.
    terpengaruh ye dgn cite conan hahaha :P
    kakak rupanyaa :D

  10. bapakkkkkkkkkkkkk hebattttt..minat japan.....sedih kan bt peminat japan especially anime...kita suka org yg tak wujud di dunia..hanya mencintai kartun semata-mata...saya ada kawan minat animei..hahahaa...mcm tu sy kata kat dia..lpastuh dia plak tempelak saya "kau tuh minat kpop bedah plastik"..hahahahahaha....
    saya ingtkan teppei tuh pelakon..rupa2nya kartun..koike teppei comel kot..yamada ryosuke too...........^^
    saya jugak pminat drama japan tp bukan anime..salam kenal!

  11. akk dah jawab... check it out here my dear... happy weekend :)

  12. @Fiqa ha'ah tak tercapai hasrat.. dulu suka baca novel penyiasatan :3 tengok2 tak dapat nak jadi detektif.. aish... salah satu gak tu :D conan XDD
    yups.. aip.. jgn lew panggil teman kakak.. ahaha.. panggil Yong pun takpe.. ahaha..

    @aiman tudiaaaaaaaaa.. panjangnya ahaha... yups minat sangat2 XDD ha'ash sedih gila!!~ TT^TT sebab diaorang tak boleh nak wujud as real human arghhh stress lak bila pikir balik.. ahaha.. tapi since my imagination tinggi so tak risau sangat.. leh anggap cam diaorang tuh wujud :) hehehe.. bahaya kan?? XDD kpop pun minat gak.. tak kisahlah bedah ke tak.. diorang kurang rasa yakin dgn kecantikan diaorang that's why.. but tu hak diaorang kan? :D dah jadi trend dah pun kat sana.. ahaha..
    teppei pelakon tuh pun minat gak maa.. comel gilee.. >3< yamada ryousuke pun comel <3 <3 <3
    owh I'm both fans ahahaha.. salam kenal! XDD

    @sis fifie yups.. alright thanks akk.. jap nak gi baca XD Happy Weekend ^__^

  13. I love blue colour too! In fact, I'm obsessed with blue colour

  14. Yeahhh ^__^kan3 biru warna dia sangatlah menenangkan ^__^

    tapi baru2 nih terbaca fakta yg pelik lagi menarik lagi sexy pasal warna faveret hahaha..

  15. dah jawab semua. sorry lambat buat post sbb lama tak tengok blog. Sumimasen!! :)

  16. @Syahril Thanks jawab hehe XD Its ok :D ahahaha