Job Interview (SPP) Lab Assistant Gred C17 (Pembantu Makmal Gred C17)

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Picture not mine and ermmmm.. I mosaic that 2 letters because its kind of disturbing even though its really cool as~ Ahahahaha XDD 

Last week (Monday) 18 August 2014, I had job interview at Room 3, Kolej Kejururawatan Alor Setar. Around Jalan Langgar in Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital.

Just wanna share my first experience being interview for job.

I'm glad my dad didn't stop for a while finding something to eat, because the fact that he doesn't know that place really make me nervous. I really doesn't like to be late for something like this. :P

I'm glad I make it at time. My interview start at 10:00 am. So, I hurried up and run toward Kolej Kejururawatan with direction from Miss Guard.

I try to look for some clues where is Room 3? There was one small board written: Interview while pointing toward stair. Fuhhh.. finally, I just need to register my name first and wait. 

I met my same course friend from UiTM Kedah. She's called Jiha :) It was such a lucky day since I'll be going to interview with the same group as her, hehehe XD 

5 people for one group, since it was group interview. (Its been said that, this interview will be hold for 3 days)-I don't know if I had a chance get this job or not, since the qualification they need only for SPM holder not for Diploma holder like me TT^TT 

I will be going with other 4 interviewee. Including me its 3 girl 2 boy. With me and Jiha age 22, another girl (I don't remember her name, sorry) age 19 and still a student. She's form 6 and will be taking STPM this year. She's so matured and look taller somehow :D I can't keep my conversation with her so much but we still talk, ahahaha XDD

For the other 2 guys. I can't remember their name but both are abang a.k.a brother. (In Malaysia, if a man/boy is young but older than you we will call him abang as a respect even though he is not your relative nor your sibling. You can call him sir/encik too, but most people here prefer call abang especially if its not for formal conversation)

Owh ya, same for the woman/girl. if you are younger than her. You should call her akak/kak a.k.a sis/sister.

Back to interview. Both abang age 25 and other one 28 (I'll correct their age later) Abang with age, he's Degree Holder and he's taking PJJ in UUM. If I'm not wrong he's taking business course same like me but for education course. If 'm not wrong lah.. Ahahaha.. Abang with 28, I'm not remember what qualification he get but he had a permanent job already and a newlywed :) So, congratulation.. congratulation.. congratulation for your wedding. Don't make a single person like me jealous over this small matter. XDD

Anyway, I've never talk with this two guys except for Jiha and another girl (I'm really sorry, I didn't remember your name) TT^TT

Almost 1 hour we wait outside Room 3. (Jiha and me only wait for 20 minute like that since we came late) XDD

The registrant (Encik Firdaus) I remember his name since his name like one of my friend name and its easy to remember. More importantly, he's really comfortable to talk with :D

He said that when the bell ring, knock the door and enter the room. Don't sit before interviewer give permission. He tell us that there are only 2 panel and both are guy. One is Dato' and he's Chinese. Another one just Encik/Sir and he'e Malay. I thought that both interviewer was scary because another interview group but different room (they interview for dorm supervisor), they said that it was hard TT^TT

Anyway both Dato' and Sir, I didn't remember their full name TT^TT Sorry >_______<

When I got in Room 3. The situation quite weird. It must be the same.. Must be the same.. Pray you'll not die.. Lahhhhh... Dato' and that Sir was not scary at all.. Indeed Dato' always smile :D Fuhhh.. I feel relieved somehow. At first I thought, that Sir is strict but naahhh... He's not :P

Dato' ask all about world while Sir ask about the job :D

Question they asked: (I need to install new ram in my brain... I can't remember the specific question..)

Question by Dato':

1. Tell about Wawasan 2020 

(I only say that it was introduced by former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir and for Malaysia establish in every concept purpose since I just remember about that) TT^TT but that abang age 25 really fast and knowledgeable about it :'( I feel defeated, huhuhuhu... 

2. Where did Glasgow held?

I think abang age 25 said it first. He said it held in Scotland and Dato' ask Scotland where? and other interviewee said at Britain or something like that but I answer it United Kingdom. Since I still remember that I search for Glasgow during the game because I still confused about England, Britain, United Kingdom. Know what.. Hit the nail!! Dato' ask what the differ between Great Britain and United Kingdom. (I can't remember) I only remember that London is capital city. I need to read about it again I guess... TT^TT Awwww...

Did Great Britain and United Kingdom is same?

3. Ebola issue worldwide. Have you heard about it? What was that about? Where did it start? Which country had it?

LOL XDD I though so. This question might come out. Ebola is human virus.. It was spread diseases. No medicine yet... but there were some people save from it TT^TT but if I'm not wrong it about 50/50 only TT^TT I only know that Ebola is dangerous!!!

4. Why you need this job? Why government job? Why did yous said that, working with government make your future bright and why you claim it guaranteed?

I need it for experience since I've never work before and I need money for my degree TT^TT while other answer that they need permanent job, they love the job, work with government have guaranteed. 

You know, actually I didn't believe that work with government guaranteed you.. But, of course.. you had pension when you retired someday, and if you still work.. you'll not need to afraid that tomorrow you might be fired. Government job not like private company/job. When they had a problem with economy, they will kick their own employees. It didn't means that working with government you will not have that problem. 

(Better self-employed) You'll enjoy your life more... ahahahahahaha XDD I'm gonna self-employed.. Don't worry, I'm waiting for 1 thousand cash in hand... but money doesn't come when you wish for it.. You need to search for it TT^TT I need a job!!! but I want to study!!! #COMPLICATED#

Question from Sir:

1. Why you like this job? (I don't remember if he ask or my mind make this question... ahahahaha)

But, I like this job because the job surrounding. You might work at school or college. No stress :D and I really like white coat XDD fufufufufu~ Especially when a guy wearing lab coat.. Wow... (but it depend to that person lah...) for eye candy ngehngegngeh~

2. Tell only 1 rule in lab

I think I say that, you can't start experiment without teacher permission. 

Someone else take my point.. I wanna say can't eat or run in lab TT^TT 

3. Tell how to conduct experiment

In Malay, the question he ask a bit weird. Since he use Malay in Science word.. Errrhh.. I'm confused.. So glad that someone answer that question first and I know what does it means..

I say that first material for experiment.. state variable.. hypothesis.. inference.. conclusion.. :D

All 5 of us are correct (he said that..) but the arrangement is wrong XDD ahahaha...

4. State one of lab assistant work.

I said that lab assistant job is to make sure lab operation clear :D just that... Its the answer and I never explain it. but.. but.. but.. Sir look at me curious for it.. I need to give an explanation.. ahahaha..

5. During weekend, you'll not need to come work. So, what can you do as a lab assistant during school holiday?

I answer, make sure table and chair are in order and lab clean. I also said that I can order some lab stuff for next class. If there is something not enough and need to buy new material, chemical and so on. Also, keep all dangerous chemical in safety place :D


I only remember that question.. but seriously, it take almost 30 minute to 1 hour :D

So, if you got letter from SPA or SPP that you need to attend an interview, you better go. Since, they will blacklist your name and you can't apply for SPA or SPP again if you neglect this :3

I used other reference before went to the interview:


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