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Misaki PureBlood | August 02, 2014 | | |

Just now, one of my Facebook friend update her status. You know.. she's so beautiful. Since I'm afraid that I might forgot her name, I might as well say her name here.. but I will just say her name: Lin. Not full name though. I think its o.k :)

She update with some quote pict saying: Just because I can't sing, doesn't mean I won't sing... Somehow, I didn't reply to her comment since I'm too concentrate liking something... and then I just log out from it... After 3 hours.. I found out that she unfriend me... Uwaaaaa... I cry you know...

Even though I doesn't know who she is in real life, but still for me.. Facebook friend is a real friend.. Don't care what race, religion, country they are.. They are still my friend once I approved Facebook friend :)

Yups, before this.. I'm also some sort of person who will removed friend who's not even chat with me, because.. there is no point to be friend if another party just silent doing own thing.. Sometime I even block some weird guy and girl who have negative past with me or some random person who's pestering on me and sometime throw his/her pervert though and asking for some weird stuff.

But, Its been a long time I didn't do thing like that. Thing like remove from friend list TT^TT

Block person in Facebook, yups.. I still do it.. only to end some relationship with guy who keep bothering my thought... Let me tell this guy story first...

He and I have love relationship like that, and we're unofficial engaged. Somehow, someday.. he tell me that he had two more girl waiting for him. I was like, what the fish??? He thought I'm so easy because I doesn't mind about polygamy issue. Are you fishing kidding me? Don't joke with me. I like bad boy type.. and I don't mind a person that have possessive impression towards me. I'm fine with someone that's not open minded cause I only want someone that will trap me inside his own cage and hide from someone else (pretty crazy huh?) but that ex person really should just die. How dare he make me as his harem collection. Just die!! Anyway, I didn't broke up with him just because of that yet because he begging not to.. I'm still patient with him until I surpass my limit.. Just stop~ This kind of relationship will not going anywhere.

Someone who cheated on you before you even got married. Just break up with him/her. (Anyway, its depend)

So, that's how I block a person. Easy. Cause he's ignorant of other girls feeling.

Back to Lin (not full name) <--- it should be not real name, but her name really have Lin.

What I think when she unfriend me:

#Maybe because I didn't reply her comment
#Is it because its been long time I ignore her?
#or maybe because I post some religion stuff on my wall (I can't help to think about this, since that was my last post) |So, I'm sorry if someone might angry with my statement| TT^TT I didn't mean too..
#I see, maybe she need to add new friend but have narrow space to count that girl/boy in friendship (Facebook)
#or maybe I'm ignorance, annoying, selfish (yups, I'm bit ignorance, annoying, selfish) I'm sorry for that, really sorry :'(

I really wanna ask her/inbox her: Why you unfriend me? but didn't brave enough to do that... I'm afraid she's like some other friend who's unfriend me before and she didn't reply my message. I cry because of it you know..

I don't want friendship to be broken but I'm the one who's the reason my friend end the relationship.

If only I pay attention to them.. If only..

So.. what i'm gonna say today is that, don't ignore your friend even if he/she you didn't know. If you love your friendship, please treat them like a friend :)

Don't be like me.. Only regret.. and full of fears...

Pst:/ Should I approve some random people who wanna be friend with me? Since I'm afraid they might removed me when I already made my mind that they are my friend..

You know, its hard to protect and take care of someone... TT^TT



Currently Facebook friend 1018|1019~ Please don't go down because I didn't talk with all of you

: : I bet you guys must really degree with my complicated story : :

Too all my blogger friend, sorry that I'm ignorance.. selfish and so on TT^TT


  1. saya pun jarang chat atau tegur dgn org kat fb, just like picture@status je tpi tak penah smpai kena unfriend.. mmng kalau org unfriend kita secara tiba2 rasa mcm sentap gak la lebih2 lagi org tu kita anggap sebagai kawan :/

    1. :D kan3 XD kadang tuh kalau post diaorang naik dekat wall barulah sembang TT^TT
      kan3 kan3 sentap sgt nih.. huhuhu...
      serius.. rasa sayang sgt :'(

  2. Akak xkan approve stranger sebab rasa insecure. Dulu pun rajin jugak unfriend yg xtegur langsung. Even though kawan-kawan sekolah. Skrg, xdah sebab mmg tapis bila nak approve. Rileks.. jgn nangis ye..

    1. Baru nih approve stranger lagi ahaha XD tapi tengok2 kena unfriend, adehhh.. tuh tak rasa apa pun, cuma geram ya amat sebabnya dia add kita, tapi dia lak removed kita (dulu pernah gak buat cemni..tapi tak buat dah) :3
      wow.. kawan sekolah pun? :D dasyat.. XD Hikari byk kawan sekolah tak sembang.. :3 except kwn2 time dekat U (bestfriend) dgn stranger..
      bagusnya leh tapis2.. TT^TT
      tak sedih2 dah insyaAllah :)

  3. tak like post kene remove??? erk.... wan tak penah like status kawan wan langsung.... huhuuhuh camner nihhhh????

    1. ahaha XD I don't know, I ask her why she removed me.. and the answer just simple and not as excited as before, she said that she need to clean some of friend.. hurmmmm...

  4. thinking 'bout this problem, I bet taking most of your time kan? don't worry...one day you'll feel all your facebook friends are ridiculous. you'll be looking for real friends outside who doesn't even have a facebook. -my advice, go talk with her, ask...i bet you doesn't make her feel the same way, then make her understand. if she really hates you, then just let it be. friendship is two way communication.we need to have courage keep friendship last longer...

    1. yups its taking time.. Ikr.. I know, but.. hurmm.. TT^TT
      I talk to her but she doesn't have respond as before and she said that she need to clean some friend TT^TT
      but I'm glad I'm friend back with another friend :) I really like her that I feel sad when I know that she unfriend me :D
      If Lin doesn't want to friend with me anymore, its fine :)
      Thanks for your advise :D really help me ^___^

  5. takmo sedih2 Hikari, sy fam perasaan tuh bila kawan unfriend kita d fb, lebih2 yg kita suka. tp skg x kisah dah. kan bunga bukan sekuntum. :) be happy

    1. :) dah tak sedih dah.. cuma rasa terkilan sikit je :D
      hehe.. bunga bukan sekuntum... kumbang pun bukan seekor.. ahahaha..
      tapi kumbang main kurang dah sekarang nih fufufu :3

  6. setuju. kawan facebook pun kawan kita jugak :D

  7. Assalammualaikum!lama xjenguk misaki.. >_< Olololo..pnjgnye story die. Sbr ea..namau sediy2 .anyway slmt ulang thn kelahiran ea misaki(nama glamour) hehe .. sis tau pun dr blog Nik ..huhu. semoga dgn peningkatan umur ini semakin diberkati Allah, bahagia dunia & akhirat.

    1. wa'alaikumussalam.. :) lama gak tak jenguk sis :D
      hehe.. baik sis ^__^
      Uwaaahhh... Thanks sis for the wish :D ehhh.. ye ke?? Nik ade cakap ke? tu lah gak gi visit blog org lain masalahnye TT^TT
      line tenet baru 2 hari lepas ada org datang baiki :3
      aamiin.. InsyaAllah.. harap2 macam tulah sis.. Sis pun.. semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah dan selalu sihat dan bahagia dunia akhirat... aamiin :)