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First of all thanks to 4 beautiful person in this Earth because tagging me in this Versatile Blogger Award :) and so sorry that I take time to reply this XDD

Lately I start gaming back~ That's why.. hehe~ (I used to have the same blue dolphin like Rei have, but one of it my mom ask me give to my cousin daughter? She said I'm already an adult? So, I buy new one at Terengganu when I go on trip with Arabic club, but one day..  I throw it out with big bear I buy for myself.. I feel regret I did that TT^TT Now, they have new owner.. I hope.. :'(

Thanks too Cik N.A, Cik AwatifYus and Ana

I need to tag other blogger for this award but I think I might not~ If you still didn't make this award Don't forget to receive this award with honour :) and gomenasai because I didn't tag anyone TT^TT

7 facts about myself that you might know by stalker my blog or maybe we've met before. So here, Introducing myself: Fact that everyone know.. I'm a Malay Muslim Girl :)

S - I'm an Otaku. Otaku meaning as obsessed

     I'm obsessed with anime, manga and game

     I love anime. Anime is Japanese cartoon, so sometime I overreact when I heard someone said, "You watch cartoon?" "Cartoon is just for kid!" Awww... Come on guys.. you think anime is the same as cartoon? I like both anime and cartoon. But both of it are differ.You should watch anime first if you wanna know about it.
     Did you think anime actually is good for kid to watch? :3 Some of it yeah, ok.. But most of stuff have hidden message.. Kids nowadays too brilliant in that sort of stuff. Huhhhhhh... (Ok, I start complaining, sorry~)
     Anyway, I watch all type of anime except R-rate anime and harem anime with too many girl or loli girl in it. So, most of ecchi anime I didn't watch since it kind of disturbing me.. That kind of anime did you think it safe for your brain and heart? Ahahaha... 
     Owh ya, I love action, ghost, detective, magic, devil, love, sport anime.

     I read all manga.. Manga is Japanese comic :3 As long as the rate is high and the story doesn't annoy me to read. Some of manga that i didn't read same as anime list I didn't watch.

     I play game. I play MMORPG and Otome Game.

     MMORPG game!!! My favie all the time! BUT!!! My laptop always die whenever I play all this kind of game... Grrr.. Last year I install Alfheim game and another game I don't remember. My laptop got turn off by itself lol XDD

     Otome game (story based video game, simulation game, usually target for girl, woman.. with many boy/guy/man character introduced, and we play that game until we get type of guy we want) Since I doesn't have PS and I used to play using laptop. Recently, I stop playing it because my laptop keep hang. I used to play mobile boyfriend game.. I removed it because my sis always download something in my phone and cause my Samsung gone crazy~ I need new phone!!! (Tell me which phone is better, nice and cheap?)

     I try to find flip phone like Japanese own.. It kind of difficult though.. Should I look at e-buy or some online shop? (Oh come on, save money first XDD)

     This is Docomo phone :3 That white and pink is N-01F and P-01F model for winter and spring. Cute right?

     Wait, until I get my dream Laptop~ ALIENWARE~ (Please, don't tell me why I should not buy this game because I already know TT^TT) <--- Anyway this note doesn't means that Alienware laptop is bad.. No way!! Its never bad!! Its the best gaming laptop eva~

Both are Alienware (Dell)

That blue one (Alienware 14) , in Malaysia cost about RM 4000 plus while that red (Alienware 17) cost RM 6000 plus XDD

Y - I just turning 22 this August, 12... Yeahhhh... Wish me Happy Birthday~ Ahahahaha :3 Owh no... Next year I'm 23 and 24 is coming!!! What I'm gonna do, I still unemployed and still waiting my application for degree got accepted :'( Awww... I hope they accept it.. aamiin..

U - I'm 100% KPoperz. Whatever people bad mouthing about them, I will always into K-Pop because I love their song and the way they dance in MV :3 I know K-Pop when I saw TVXQ performance when I still kid. At that time, I only Korean Drama lover~ I start to know G-Dragon and then Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD and so on... I always be Super Junior fans... Yeaaah!!! EverlastingFriend forever!!! 

     Yesterday Super Junior-Mamacita comeback!!! I love this song!! especially chorus part~ "Hey, Mamacita.. Ai iya iya iya.." Mamacita is latin word. Standing for hot mama/sexy girl and so on.. Ahaha~ 

Official MV

Thanks to Lovekpopsubs because she sub this MV :3 You Jjang!!!

H - I'm a sensitive person, easy to cry when provoke by someone but sometime I fight back even with my tears drops.. I always cry whenever I watch drama.. TT^TT For a small matter like that such as: When heroin can do something that other can't do.. or when a chef (tv show) cooking something delicious and got compliment from the judge or when I watching investigation drama and they solved the cased, I will cry because I'm happy (Is it weird to cry for something like that) but in real world? A'ah never~ :3 

     In real world I cry when someone yell at me or curse me by saying You're stupid! Bodoh! Lembab! (I'm fine if you jokingly say that, but only without that exclamation mark) ahahaha XDD If I'm not crying when someone say that (in my heart I already cry.. and I hope nobody gonna point and say, stop it.. she gonna cry) because I really gonna cry after that... Ahahahaha.. (I wonder what gonna happen to my future when I had a job...) :3

     I also easy to get angry when they disturbing my sleep or when I use computer and when I study~ (The fact is I'm really like that, but at the same time I feel I wanna cry if they didn't disturb me... Since everyday, I'll make sure I disturbing someone because I feel so bored.

     I'm so sensitive that sometime I feel insecure. So many thing happen, make me thing deep and deep until I feel like everything gonna go away from me~ Save mehhhhh~ Don't wanna be alone!!! (Pray honey.. pray...)

A - I love cute animal so so so much!!! Especially big + fur + chubby + cute!!! I really love cat, dog & wolf, dolphin, dragon, bunny, panda bear, tiger, owl, alpaca, red fox, artic fox, tiny monkey, koala bear and wombat... My favorite cute animal!!!

From left: Tiger, Holland Lop Bunny, Wombat

From left: Alpaca, Norwegian Forest Cat, Panda

From left: Pygmy Marmos (tiny monkey), Dragon, Scottish Fold Cat

From left: Shiba Inu, Siberian Husky, Dolphin

From left: Snowy Owl, Akita, Koala Bear

From left: Artic Fox, Red Fox, Wolf
My Favie Cat!!! MAINE COON~ (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

/(=✪ x ✪=)\ I love all of them especially Maine Coon, Snowy Owl, and Holland Lop /(=✪ x ✪=)\

 D - I love to learn other language... I still learning my own language: Malay and secondary language English (my grammar and everything totally wrong), and learn other language such as Filipino, Thai, Hangul (Korean), Nihongo (Japanese), Mandarin (Hanyu Pinyin), Indonesian and sometime my friend from Philippine teach me Filipino and Dutch (of course, Dutch I still can't catch up with it.. but i really love Dutch and German.. 
     I will make sure I take German class later) :3 
     I really wanna learn Cantonese (since I enjoy watch Hong Kong drama) :3 
     Owh.. also Hokkien, because sometime I watch Hokkien drama.. ahahaha... XDD (my sis said the way they speak kind of annoying-no offense, but I love it.. they sound like kiya..kiya.. and one word that I always remember Hola hola.. (if I'm not wrong, its means enough enough.. like that lah)
     I still confused between Mainland Mandarin Vs Taiwanese Mandarin but what I'm sure they way they pronounce the words are differ.. if you watch Taiwanese drama, their accent a bit soft and I like it. But I enjoy watch all Chinese drama ahaha :3 
     My own language... I really wanna learn Sarawakian and Sabahan, and my mother's dialect from Pahang.. I really love to listen Pahangnis speak their dialect.. I only have a chance listen to this dialect only when my whole big family from Pahang together with my family. Its so hard to detect my friend whether he/she is Pahangnis :3 I don't know why...
     If its English... A'ah, you're right! I love British accent even if the way they pronounce is bit deep compare to American English. If you ask me which accent I use, I'm gonna say.. I use both American and British accent.. but in Malaysia, we're taught to speak in British accent :) but what I do? I'm using Manglish ahahaha~ 
     More importantly, I mix all language whenever I wanna speak :3 

A - This is important!!! I wanna say to the world that I'm a WEIRDO!!! Seriously, I'm not joking~ Most of my Facebook friend also admit that they are Weirdo as me too lah.. I think mine is really weird XDD

     When there is no one at home or I'm alone somewhere, I don't have any friend to talk.. So I talk to myself. Its not split of personality, it just I talk to myself and I reply by myself~ Is not its weird? Right? 


Finally it take almost 12 hours to finish this award.. With my 7 alphabet from my name I use to state the fact of me~ can I add another one facts???

I don't like to eat vegetables.. The taste yucckkk.. (sorry) its too bitter... Bye bye~

Pst:/ My internet connection still in DANGER


  1. dah tengok music video suju tu alaaaaa comel ahahaha..
    sungmin and kangin hairstyle tho O.O

    all the animal making me so geram geram geram haa ><
    rasa nak gigit je.

    manglish will never die -.-
    sekarang ni nak start belajar hangul and still learning arabic.

    1. kan kan kan :D comel sume sangat comel :D
      ahahaha XD lawak lah :3

      sama3.. sangat comel, rasa macam nak gomol ja.. ahaha.. pelik dah bunyi dia.. ahaha..

      yeaaa... XDD
      good :3 keep it up..
      nanti pandai ajar k :3 hehe..

  2. Well,,senpai..actually otaku meant hardcore fan and an insult in japan..i would recomended weeaboo as it meant a big fan of japan culture like anime and etc

    1. ahaha well Hnayn chan ^__^ I know.. but I'm an Asian so weeboo not suit me :3

      anyway I'm more into otaku than wee boo, but yeah I do love Japanese culture, but not like I forget my own culture and wanna live and act like Japan.. so I'm not a weeboo :3


      owh ya, I'm otaku but not so hardcore and I'm social but shy person in real life :3
      I can still mixed real and non real in my life ahaha..
      so I guess otaku suits me even though its an insult in Japan XDD

  3. oh my!! kita sebaya rupanya.. zizie mati2 ingat misaki ni muda dari saya.. hahahaha...

    1. ahaha.. yups kita sama umur :D sebab tuh Misaki panggil Zizie as Zizie :D