Beniiro Hero / Crimson Hero (Manga Review)

Misaki PureBlood | July 21, 2014 |

Nobara Sumiyoshi, a 15-year-old tomboy with a passion for volleyball. Her love of the sport is disapproved by her mother who wishes Nobara to become the next hostess for the ryotei (old-fashioned Japanese restaurant) run by the family. Nobara move out from her home beacause frustrated by her mother constant pressure. After seeking out her aunt for help, Nobara ends up living with four members of Crimson Field High School's boys' volleyball team as their dorm mother.
What follows is a drama of a girl's dream of making it into volleyball, and her difficult journey in fulfilling that dream.
Unfortunately, the Crimson Field girls' volleyball team has been disbanded from lack of interest and some meddling by her mother. Nobara successfully reinstates the team after challenging the boys' team in a three-on-three game, winning, and recruiting three more members to the team, including star setter Tomoyo Osaka.
Before her first official match, Nobara learns her sister Soka has been forced to go on a date with a politician's son. Soka calls her sister two hours before the girl's volleyball team's first game and Nobara runs to her sister's aid. Following Soka's rescue, she witnesses Nobara play volleyball and sees how truly happy Nobara is while playing. The sisters make a deal with her mother to allow Nobara to play volleyball until she graduates high school, when she will inherit the inn. Until then, her sister will assist their mother in running the inn.
So start the journey of their new friendship, hardship, love, betray, desire of volleyball an so on.


Sport, Shoujo, Romance, School Life, Drama


COMPLETED (Volume 20-Chapter 83)


This is the best volleyball for shoujo manga I've ever read :) I enjoy reading it and the fact that I start to admire Nobara Sumiyoshi hardwork in volleyball. Its make my love to volleyball more deep (even though I've never been in volleyball team before) but I always love volleyball since middle school. I always dream to see someone who can fly while play volleyball. Go for it! Volleyball never die!!! :) Hehehe

Even though this manga is quite long, I never once feel bored read this :D So, if you love to read manga, I recommend Beniiro Hero manga. This is shoujo manga so, girls might love this manga :)


He is Shima Ryou!!! (Not Main character, but you will know him if you read this manga)

Owh ya, its not like I don't like other main hero, it just that I like Shima Ryou beach skin XDD fufufufu~ I can imagine it.. Awwwwww~ So Haaaawwwttttt~

Read the manga here: Beniiro Hero Manga

Anyway, enjoy your reading ^___^

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