The Genius: Rules of the Game (Korean Gameshow)

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To be truth, this week is the first time I watch The Genius: Rules of The Game or known as The Genius. I really love this kind of gameshow. Its a Korean gameshow produce by tvN and if you read Liar Game manga or maybe watch Liar Game J-Drama or their live-action you might see the similarities in this game. Someone mention that this show was like real life Kaiji. (Idk about kaiji, since I didn't watch it yet, but I will) Of course, both have their own game rules. So, I don't think this gameshow plagiat or somehow plagiarism. My opinion though~ 

Watch Kaiji (Live-action) here: Kaiji Movie

13 people get selected to be in this game by invitation. (Special Invitation to Special People)

Inside the invitation, they provide game's currency that called a garnet for each participant. Each garnet worth 1 000 000 Won in The Genius game. It can be redeem as a prize money if they win the game.

Participant will play 12 round of games. Each round 1 person will be eliminated. Person who is survived at the end of game is the winner. Having many garnets in the game will help player. Garnet can be earn trough this game. 


Each round have Main Match (each Main Match have differ game) & Death Match


Every Player participates in Main Match where Winner and Eliminated candidate is determined.

Game Winners will receive token of live which grant immunities from the death match.

If there is a sole winner, they will obtain 2 token of life and may grant immunity to another players except the elimination candidate.

The elimination candidate will pick other player to play in Death Match. Its 1 Vs 1 game to decide who's eliminated. 

The loser of Death match will be eliminated and loser garnet will be taken by the winner.

(Somehow, this game remind me of poker XDD)

Participant/Contestant (SEASON 1):

Kim hyun Dong a.k.a Kim Gura
MC, Comedian, Radio Host

Park Eunji
MC, Former Weather Caster, Model, Actress (Me, Too Flower!, Standby, Birth Secret, The Dramatic, Potato Star and flower Grandpa Investigate Team)

Lee Sang Min
Producer, Leader of Roo'ra 

Kim Sung Gyu a.k.a Sunggyu
Leader & Main Vocalist of Infinite, Solo Idol and also an Actor (The Thousandth Man and Pure Love)

 Jimmy Cha a.k.a Cha Min Su
Professional Go& Legendary Poker (First time I know about him, and wow...XDD)

Kim Kyung Ran 
Former News Anchor & Announcer (Idk about her too)

 Hong Jin Ho a.k.a Storm Zerg (NC/Yellow)
Former StarCraft Programmer & Professional StarCraft Player- (If only Faker also invited in this game XDD)

Lee Jun Seok
Entrepreneur, Founder of Edushhare, Politician and the youngest in Saenuri Party (Former)

Chi Chang Yeop
 Actor: A Tale of Two Sister, School 2013, Faith and Dear My Sister

Choi Jung Mun
Mensa Member with IQ 158 & Engineering Student (Someone said that she supposed to be debut in girl group) Anyway, I'm quite jealous with Mensa people since XDD ahahaha (TT^TT Just enjoy your life as normal people lol)

Cha Yu Ram
World Class Pool Player (I love Pool.. Ok, not that pool, but that Pool, I also like lahh-manglish)

Kim Min Seo
Auctioner (I don't know about her and don't confused her with Kim Min Seo who is an actress)

Kim Poong
Webtoon Writer (Just recently know about him)

Participant/Contestant (SEASON 2):

Noh Hong Chul
MC, Comedian, Entrepreneur (he's so funny, and if you don't know him? He was the one that dance in the elevator with PSY-Gangnam Style MV

Eun Ji Won
Former Leader Sechkies, Rapper, MC, Composer, Dancer Actor (most known in drama Reply 1997 & 1994)

Yoo Junghyun
Former SBS Announcer (I only know this XDD)

Kim Jae Kyung
Rainbow Leader, Dancer, MC, Promotional Model, Actress (most known for God's Quiz Season 4)

Lee Eungyul
Magician (Merlin Award Winner)

 Lim Yo Hwan / Im YoHwan a.k.a SlayeS_'Boxer' or Boxer
Former Professional Gamer, Most Successful Programmer, Currently a Professional Poker Player (Jinho weakness and rival)

 Hong Jin Ho a.k.a Storm Zerg (NC/Yellow)
Former Professional Gamer, Former StarCraft Programmer & Professional StarCraft Player (YoHwan Rival) - He appear again in Season 2 

Lee Dahye
Professional Go Player

Lim Yonsun / Im Yonsun
Lawyer, (Winner of ₩ 300 million from Korean Quiz Show), Hong Chul blind date-broadcast 

 Jo Yoo Young
XTM's Youngest Announcer

 Lee Doo Hee
Seoul University Engineer, Legendary Genius Hacker, Company Worker (Hacked Seoul University Central Computer Network and reveal Kim Tae Hee high school graduation photo)

Nam Hwi Jong
Math Lecturer, Private Lecturer, (KAIST graduate) and have IQ 173

Lee Sang Min
Producer, Leader of Roo'ra - He appear again in Season 2
If you wanna watch this Gameshow, please go to this link: The Genius Season 1 and 2

Gomawoyo.. kamsahamnida.. to Bumdidlyump~ I'm really thank you for this ^__^

Sources Image: OmonaTheyDidnt

If you ask for season 3, the production team had open the selection for Season 3 already open (Idk, if they closed it yet) So, I'm hoping and waiting for Season 3

Sources Season 3: Jennyteo

This is my FAVIE Gameshow because its Survival Game!!!

If you don't want to get EATEN so Please EAT!!!~ Ahahahahahahahahaha (Ebbbill Laugh)


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    1. yups.. pretty interesting XD must watch!! ^___^

  2. ini betul2 game kalah mati ni... kalau wan ahahahahaha tercalon pon mungkin tak..... wakakakakkaka

    1. ha'ah mmg pun wan.. ahahaha XDD run save your life... :3
      kalau Hikari mmg tak lpas utk pncalonan terus.. XDD ahaha

  3. wahhh.. ta penah dengar laa :D

    1. Yg nih mmg tak pernah dengar pun Ana, kebetulan sbb show nih takda org subkan.. nasib baik ada org subkan Season 1 and 2 kali ni :)
      ni pun baru tau mnggu nih XD
      Ana tgok lah :D

    2. ohh.. katna? utiub ?.. hehe

    3. dak Ana neyh.. ahahaha XD ada link kat atas tu kui3X

  4. Ehhhhh kenapa tak pernah tahu pun ! Terima kasih tau kasi tahu . Kena cepat - cepat tengok ni . Lagi lagi ada Leader Infinite . Ehh kenapa Yonghwa ada tue . Ohh dia kasi love kat Nik ye . Kbye . :p

    1. sebab kan show nih tak pnah nampak pun kat encik Google :D kebetulan terjumpak tu yg share XD
      nasib ada org sub gameshow nih :D
      tgok taw Nik ^__^ suka jgak dkat Sunggyu :3
      fufufu~ culik cepat yonghwa~ ahahahhaa

  5. Wowww..sounds interesting and challenging game.. dan participants dia pun bukan calang2 orang with different background. Sekarang asyik tayang game show sama je..ada kelainan sikit pasti menarik. Good info :-)

    1. Yups.. game nih mmg interesting :D nanti tgoklah ^_^
      stuju, game lain dari lain mmg menarik XD hehe..
      tgok taw jgn tak tgok XD

  6. Hmmm.. Maybe it's like The Hunger Games? You should eat if you don't wanna be eaten. Oh, dear. Where's your cbox? I can't find it.

    1. Hurm.. I still didn't watch the first and the second Hunger Game ahaha XD
      I will watch later hehe :3
      Aww.. The cbox at sidebar hehe.. :D

  7. wah! bestnye..heheXD bnyk kene tgk ni..choi jung mun tuu comel laa & pndai plak tu!
    kite nk tgk lepas abis style log season 2,running man,anime,my dear cat & other laa.
    hahaXD bnyk nk tgk!! kena one shot ni! ^^

    1. Ahaha comel2 XD (suma yg comel pandai sape tak suke...hehe)
      wow byk lagi tuh :D Fighting2!! XDD
      Marathon suma cepat hehe

  8. oemgeee dengar macam mencabar je gameshow ni.
    tak pernah dengar pulak pasal gameshow ni, artis yanng masuk pun yus kenal sungkyu, eun ji won, je..
    looking forward untuk tengok sapa yang terpilih untuk season 3 baru nak tengok ahaha..

    1. ahaha XD mmg mencabar :D
      tak sanggup den nak masuk kalau "dapatlah" ahahaha XD
      yg Idol kenal yg tu jgak :3 hehe
      owh samalah2 nak tgok Season 3 punya nih hehe..

  9. Ahahah I know this game masa Gyu active dulu. After the controversy, Gyu quit kot

    1. Ikr XDD
      just "tersalah cakap TT^TT" but he already apologized right :)

  10. mcm mcm dah korea buat program tb ni ehehe

    1. ahaha XD tuh yg menarik :) rasa seronok je nak tgok ^__^

  11. Hohoho currently watching Room mate.. nak tengok ni gak ^^

    1. Tengok taw ^__^ betray game XD owh no... XD

  12. wahhhh ni nampak lagi best daripada runningman,etc. semua tu.Yang main ni pun bukan calang calang orang ^^

    1. Running Man variety show yg slalu klakar2 :D yg nih version serius mode nye XD
      tu lah calang2 orang kowt so kena tgok XD

  13. First time tahu psl nih. Tp mcm c biasa la dgn pesertanya, xpnh knl .serius. huhu. Lain juga RunningMan. Haha..

    Ps: lama m,hlg? P mana ?? Miss u huhu♡

    1. Kan3.. samalah first time dgar pasal game nih gak XD kenal yg idol cuma 2 org je XD
      yg lain ada brapa org je kenal.. lain2 Hikari sik tau jugak XD

      ps: baru menjelma semula XD hehe miss u too ♥