Brazil 3-1 Crotia!!! Yeahhh~

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Owhhok.. know what, this week I went to Penang with ma family (before the day start become hotttttttt) Anyway I lost contact with my family at Batu Feringgi, Penang that night.. Just my brother and me and then I suddenly alone.. what? Ok.. relax... So, I just walk straight follow the bazaar path along with other tourist and suddenly one white man poke my shoulder. I look at him and he asked me: Where is your shoes? 

@___@' My shoes?? Me: Here, my shoes (ok I feel awkward at that time, I feel stuck, I doesn't know what should I responnd XDD ) and then I just smile at him.. I'm glad finally I found my family fuhhhh~

Anyway, I know why that man asked me like that. I wear black sandal and black stocking/sock LOL XDD 

I wear it like this girl XD

(Source: Kweenkrule)

I hope someday, I will not startled when answer question suddenly like that XD (I feel regret I didn't use that chance to speak English with lol XDD) 

Back to topic Transformer! I really love Transformer but never had chance watch at cinema :3 Always streaming online fufufu XD (Gonna watch online Transformer Age of Extinction later) 

Anyway, I watch one of this advertisement: Buy darlie and get Transformer mug and I ask my mum by it for me when she go shopping with ma family while my 2 brothers and me stay at home :D ahaha XD

I call her around 4 PM like that asking her if she buy Darlie with Transformer mug and she told me that she didn't... Uwaaaaaaa... She said that only mug with Mickey Mouse on it.. I don't want that.. :'( I cry and rolling over and over on the floor because of that.. TT^TT

The fact that, she just prank me... uwaaaa... Finally I got my first transformer collection even if it just a mug XD

Gonna save this mug and use it if my application for degree get accepted XDD fufufufu :3

I love Optimus Prime!!! He's so sexy!!!!

Trailer Transformer Age of Extinction:

OPTIMUS PRIME so COOL!!! Right??? :3 :3 :3

Anyway back to topic, I shout and jump when Brazil 3-1 with Crotia Yohooooo XDD
At the first 10 minute, I feel frustrated that Marcelo give free goal to Crotia.. LOL XDD He score his own goal... ahahahaha XDD I feel like Come on Brazil!!! He's defender.. What????? XDD and most important thing, that was the first match and the first score on own goal... what the fish! lol XDD


and then Neymar score the first goal, and the second goal :D and lastly.. the best moment when Oscar give final shot!! Banggg~ Brazil 3-1 and preeetttt.. Times up Ho Yeah~ Brazil hohoho XDD

Neymar and Oscar!! :D ahahaha (I'm not football/soccer fanatic)  just love watch football XDD So I don't know how to response if you talk about Brazil penalty kick.. ahaha XDD

I just love to watch footballer dribble ball, shoot the ball and etc, the rule.. I don't know XDD

Please don't argue with me about Nishimura (referee) k :D

Enjoy Neymar and Oscar happy face XDD

Can't wait for another game Spain vs Netherlands XDD Wohhoaaa XD (I'm with Spain!!!!)
For this FIFA I support GERMAN!!! Go German! Go!!! :D


  1. Dah lama dah tak nampak promosi beli ubat gigi dapat benda free. Dekat sini, takde benda tu.

    1. sori2 baru smpat nak reply XD
      asyik edit blog ja pastu dgn fb TT^TT
      ehhh.. ya ka??? kat tempat Farah skrg ni mmg tade ke?
      kat sini banyak bnda2 free :) hehe free gift sapa taknak ngehngehngeh XDD

  2. Replies
    1. yups.. even though there was I know there was something sad happen behind Brazil FIFA TT^TT
      but just this once I'm gonna post about FIFA XDD gonna wait for final :)

  3. klose for germany team dah takde =.= sedihh dia dah habis contract btw kite geng sokong germany.

    1. ehhhh.... seriously? ingatkan contract still ada.. tapi tak silap dia akan turun FIFA nih :D
      yeah.. sokong German ^__^

  4. Tak sabar nak tengok transformer , tapi lebih minat pada aksi dari jalan cerita .

    1. samalah, tak sabar sesangat dah nih nak tgok transformer XD
      owhhok Hikari suka action dgn jalan cerita :)
      anyway suka dekat Optimus Prime yg mnyebabkan tgok Transfromer fufufu :)

  5. wah dapat transformer mug.jealous kite.hahaXD enjoy holiday yea misaki-chan~
    kite pon sokong germany :)

    1. XDD rasanya ada lagi dekat promosi :D gilah beli hehe (banyak sgt dapat cawan mickey mouse aritu, x suka) hehe
      dah abis dah holiday budak2 sekolah skrg nih utk budak yg tak sekolah je.. sedihh duk kat rumah TT^TT ahaha
      Yeahhh!!! kita geng!! <3 hehe

    2. ha'ah tulah bnyk sgt mickey mouse smpai transformer pun abis.keke~
      geng!! jyeah~

  6. Eh dah tukar nama blog laa.. hehee

  7. aishhh sis yus banyak taktahu pasal bola2 ni. haihh.. kalau suka pun park jisung tu je haha..
    oemgeee the new transformer movie gila nak tengokkk! :OOO

    1. Yong pun tatau pasal bola sgt especially bila baru2 nih baru perkenal whipped cream pakai time game XDD rasanya sebelum nih tak pnah nampak.. masa Euro pnya game pun tak nampak.. hurmm (sis tak tgok kelab bola pnya game sbb tadak astro) TT^TT tapi sokong Liverpool dari dulu sampai sekarang.. and sokong Real Madrid ahahaha (yg nih kes ada pemain yg minat dari dulu, Kaka...) :3
      tgok RunningMan epi Jisung kan3? mmg hebat gila dia XD tabik ah.. patutlah dulu MU beli hehe..
      yups.. new transformer nih tringin nak gi tgok kat pawagam tapi tadak geng ahaha XD
      Yus cepat2 get ready tgok XD