Slam Dunk VS Kuroko No Basuke (ANIME REVIEW)

Misaki PureBlood | May 28, 2014 | | | | |

As you can see, Dfiqa asking me, if Kuroko No Basuke a.k.a KNB (basketball anime) is best and better compare to Slam Dunk~

In Malaysia, around year 2000, NTV7 airing Slam Dunk episode, and I'm 8 years old at that time. Seriously said, the first basketball anime sport that I watch was Slam Dunk. It always be my favourite basketball anime. If you ask me to tell each part of Slam Dunk, I really can't remember since I didn't re-watch Slam Dunk or read all chapter of the manga. Since, there were many new anime and manga that I try to finish :)

While, Kuroko No Basuke I start to watch their first season in 2013 and follow up with second season that just finish airing on March, 2014. I still reading KNB manga since I really wanna know the result of the game. I can't say who vs who, since it might be a spoiler. 

Somehow, many Slam Dunk fans hates Kuroko No Basuke series, because they think KNB is unrealistic and why they keep hating KNB because they said that KNB was a copy from Slam Dunk~

The truth is both Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basuke genre: sport and comedy and the target audience are shōnen (male audience), and both anime are best to watch. Of course, Slum Dunk is MASTERPIECE :)

If you wanna see real basketball, Slam Dunk is the first recommendation.

While, Kuroko No Basuke great to watch because of its exciting and kind of epic since most of players in KNB have many special talent that doesn't have in real basketball. (If you so criticized in this anime, just watch the real game-NBA) XDD

 The best thing I like about Slam Dunk was the character development

As for my opinion: (since you ask me)

Slam Dunk

#Manga is better than the anime (but I love both of it)
#I love how they pour the emotion in it
#old anime (1993-1996)
#the animation colour bit dull BUT its serve the best :)
#the character was not cute/pretty/handsome/nice colour (but for me, I find they are cute and handsome XDD) just some part when they start to make the funny or weird face, its remind me of gorilla XDD funny though~ love all main character in Slam Dunk.. Beast and wild love it <3 <3 <3
#Episode = 101 (finish) and rumor said they gonna re-run Slam Dunk this year... (anyone know about it?) I wish they make it!! XDD

Kuroko No Basuke

#I love both manga and anime (but since they have epic skill, I love to watch their anime)
#new anime (2012-2014)
#I love the animation colour.. Its beautiful..
#All of the main character in each school was super darn hot! as for Kuroko Tetsuya, even though have girlish face, he'so darn hot!!! with his basuke skill ommo ommo kakkoi!!!
#Episode = Season 1 (25 epi) + Season 2 (25 epi)
#Also have Kuroko No Basuke NG-Shuu (scene that NG in anime) FUNNY as h***

This is why I don't want to make comparison, since I didn't remember the whole Slam Dunk episode and I feel its not fair (but I plan on watch it again this year) I love SLAM DUNK so much~ Slam Dunk was the reason I fall in love in basketball (even though I didn't know play basketball) and I feel so great when KUROKO NO BASUKE was make into anime :) I love all sports anime especially basketball and volleyball... 

ANYWAY, for someone that say Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basuke is the same, actually they were not. The character story different, but their goal winning basketball, hardship and friendship.. both anime have it.. (same genre, differ story, differ duo)

So, which one you gonna watch first? Slam Dunk? Kuroko No Basuke? 

If you want epic and excitement watch Kuroko No Basuke <3 <3 <3

If you want anime that same like real basketball and you did love basketball too watch Slam Dunk <3 <3 <3



owh ya, you can go to Ai-chan blog to see her review on Slam Dunk in Malay XDD~

So here, I'm gonna share the best Slam Dunk & Kuroko No Basuke AMV.. Hope you like it XDD


(if I'm not wrong, this is OVA version) XDD


(who watch real basketball especially NBA must know about space jump) This such a cool vid Slam Dunk <3 <3 <3


(This one is a battle between Rukawa-Shotoku Ace with Sendoh)


(The one who edit this video, seriously Cool!!)


(such intense fight between Aomine X Kise) Aomine with blue hair and dark skin-my type XDD while Kise with blond hair and white skin XDD


(Yesh, you can.... ^___^)


  1. I agree with your opinion. They're both great and I love how you describe them - it's nice :D

    1. Thanks :) hehe
      Yups for me both of them great :)
      I'm glad you like it Ray ^__^

  2. Aigoooo~~~ wan anime wah pernah tengok doraemon dan shinchan je..... hahahaha.... anime cam ni nak tengok kat ner yer?? youtube ada???

    1. ehhhh.. seriously takkan yg tu je Wan? ahaha XD
      baylade, grander mushashi, dragon ball, cardcaptor sakura, detective conan, sailor moon, naruto dll yg tyang kat tv tak pnah tgok ke? :D
      kalau nak tgok streaming lagi best :) sbb dia sub bukan dub XD (ada yg dub tapi kurang minat sbb nak dgar seiyuu diaoarang) XD
      youtube ada tapi sikit je.. ahahaha XD and quality tak best TT^TT
      alang-alang Wan tanya, japgi Misaki post dekat entry since banyak laman web best2 kalau nak tgok anime :)

  3. I like both too, but Slam Dunk are much more realistic and funnier though imo..

    1. yoa.. first.. I really wanna ask something about you.. are you Razi Ten? :D urmm maybe not since I did follow Razi's Google.. hurmm...
      Yeahh!!! both right XD
      yups.. their face especially, the expression that make people laugh ahaha XD

  4. okay now i know. hahaha :D
    thanks and domo arigatou :D

    1. ahaha :D
      I'm glad you know now :D
      hai.. do itashimashite :)

      my pleasure ^___^
      so have you decide whether you wanna watch it or not? :D
      I hope you watch it :) hehehe

    2. yeahh maybe im watch it but not know. hahaha 7.6 off to campus :)

    3. awwww.. campus? where? :D
      owh ya, KNB gonna make 3rd season XD its Weekly Shonen Magazine confirm it :D

  5. That's the reason why I haven't watched KNB XD yeaa Slam Dunk is a masterpiece <3 but KNB has hot boys ahh ottohke XD

    1. yups.. because of Slum Dunk, I'm basketball fan (don't forget, I'm also fans of basketball player XDD ahahahahaa)
      yups.. Ikr!! <3 Bishie everywhere in KNB, can't help from getting nosebleed* ahahaha
      awww you should watch its... seriously its epic!! XD

  6. i prefer kuroko no basuke.hohoho^^
    jgn mrh yea peminat slam dunk.

    1. ahaha Neul Ah, eh hurm...
      I love both <3 tapi kalau bab bishies nih of course KNB win my heart officially :D
      day and night selalu berangan pasal dyaorg ahahaha XDD

  7. I like both but if you asked me which one is better I will say slam dunk even though I love akashi :)

    1. ahahaha XDD
      I know that :) its ok hehehe
      Did you read KNB manga? new chapter?
      I wish both Tetsu X Kagami can beat Akashi even though I love Akashi :3

  8. Misaki, setuju sangat, Slam Dunk nih anime lama, firstnlast tgk kat channel 8TV around 2003-2004 klu tak silap la masa tuh scene dalam kapal(cruise).. lps tuh tak tgk, igtkan tak best, tp bila baca review nih rasa b,semangat pulak nk tengok. ^-^ arigatou!!

    1. yups anime lama sgtlah.. tu yg Misaki harap2 dyaorang akan re-run anime neh :)
      ye ke? tak ingat lak scene yg dalam kapal tuh XDD sori jnis lupa sikit ahaha

      owh owh good ^___^ Slam Dunk mmg best.. tapi kalau nak banding anime dgn manga dia most otaku would say manga was better :)

  9. never had a chance to watch slamdunk. i'm in boarding school that time when they aired it on NTV7... since it has very long serial episods (hundred over right? plus ova& movie). it takes full effort to finish it than start in midway.

    I had once copy the videos into my hardisk one time and decide to watch it when i'm free, but never did it as one day that hardisk corrupted and that's the end of my life. however i love that kurokos no baske so much! agree with you. when the first season aired in japan, i waited every week for the release online. then the second season start, i totally forgot about it. but i'd say the season 1 really is entertaining. i would say both are special in their own way... i should try to find and watch it again some other time. both, slamdunk& kurokos no baske s2.

    btw: the longest sports anime i've watch is only prince of tennis. (that is the influence from a friend). I've had the whole bunch of series, ova including the movies. even the new prince of tennis.

    1. ehhh really? boarding school? :D
      yups.. over 100.. :) yups so true.. I know that feeling.. :D

      wow, I wish my hardisk never gonna be like that.. :D
      yeahhh ^__^ I love KNB :3 :3 :3 so so much ^__^
      you should watch all episode Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basuke ^__^

      oh my... Prince of Tennis.. only half I watch since I had no time.. I'm gonna watch it again if I had time.. :)
      Cool!! awww.. I feel jealous somehow TT^TT anime with longest series like One Piece, Naruto, I don't want streaming online :'(
      I prefer get it from friend or someone else and download current episode ^__^ hehe..

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