Please Working Brain!!!

Misaki PureBlood | May 05, 2014 | | | | | | | |
Hurm... I'm getting anxious waiting the UPU result TT^TT~ I feel like I've been cheated.. lol XDD

Errkk.. today is May 5? Seriously? Time past so fast... Oh My.. I'm not ready for convocation yet... Doushiyou... I'm not pay the convo bill yet.. haiyaaa.. and about transport.. Ottoke.. щ(ºДºщ) Will mom and dad tag along? Hurmmm...

Mehh.. .╮(^▽^)╭ Just forget it.. You still have time right.. Just enjoy yourself until you worn out.. bwahahahaha (What am I saying?)

Anyway I'm working on one project.. XD I need to finish my one shot manga/comic.. I'll post it here after I finish draw it.. Hehe.. The theme was horror :) I got that idea fresh from my dreams.. You've no idea that dream really wake me up from nightmare.. and I decided to make it my story.. 

☆⌒(>。≪) Its scary as **** but I know when I put my nightmare dreams in comic.. I guess, the drawing will make it worse and you guys will not have feeling to read it.. (I'm bad at draw/skecth) huhuhu..

Someone teach me how to draw properly... Onegaishimasu~ m(_ _)m

I need to think what name suitable for the horror comic... hurmmm... Should I use Japanese name? It just feel weird if I'm using Malay or Arab name.. since in my dream its appear that I'm on some sort of place that was not in Malaysia.. Seems like its in center city..

Ok, let set the name for Main Hero and Main Heroin ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ

Main Hero: Haru / Naru / Andrew / Ryan / Dylan / Luke / Seth / Arata / Kei / Hiro / Naoki (Somehow the Japanese name seems like name for urmmmm, if you know what I means.. we're in the same ship.. ahaha)

Main Heroin: Aoi / Mai / Chiharu / Ayumi / Rika / Risa / Rin / Scarlett / Anne / Emma / Violet / Autumn

For the main hero, its appear that he is gentle but somehow have a dark side.. while for main heroin, she is like a beautiful girl come out nowhere with pure and gentle smile.. 

So what did you think? Which name suits for both of them?

| After finish this work, I'm gonna learn some Tagalog, Nihongo, Thai language.. Even if its just 1 to 2 words for each language.. ahaha XD I've been neglected my Tagalog and Thai language books such a long time.. |

~Wait for my finish art (Don't laugh at my drawing later on okie) ahahaha XDD~

(Scary isn't it.. I feel scare stare at this pict..)

Pst:/ Did you guys know why Bloglist can't be update.. Haiyaaa... Problem.. Problem..


  1. good luck for the convocation and your manga project..i cant wait to read it,its okay i can feel your drawing was good.*honestly from the bottom of my heart.heheXD

    can i choose name character for you? how about main hero name was keito or daniel and main heroin was hanna or yuki? just express my an opinion.hoho~ btw do the best nae! fighting!

    1. Thanks yoa wish me :)
      Awww.. but seriously this is my first time draw manga.. huhuhu.. and I really bad at drawing.. ahaha.. (but I still can draw so maybe it can consider good) hurm I'll take this manga project as learning to become better :3 hehe
      Thanks for compliment chibi :D ahaha

      sure.. ^^
      hurm I like Hanna and Yuki name.. I might use between Yuki or Hanna :) arigato XDD
      wo hooaa.. hwaiting!! :D okie :3

  2. All the best ya! :)

    And happy graduation!

    1. hehe ^__^ I'll try my best..

      Thanks farah :)

  3. bloglist cant updated?
    maybe u messed the code again XDD

    1. Idk what happen, later I'm gonna update again XD ahaha

      I don't think I mess with code fufufu, since I didn't update template this weeks :D

  4. OMG ! i can't wait for your manga too !! >_<

    1. ^__^ Yeahhhh
      I'll try finish this a.s.ap

      I just finish draw the concept draft :P
      hehe Always get distract while drawing.. aiyaaaa XD

  5. Harini kan? Goodluck Goodluck Goodluck! Ehhee