Officially Graduate Student~ :3

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Assalamu'alaikum yoa XD Olla.. Konnichiwa.. Annyonghaseyo.. :3

I... finally.. I... I am officially a graduate student~ Woaaaaaaa~ XD

Owh ya, congratulation lah to all UiTM student that graduate and have their convocation day this month ^__^ I bet you guys must happy :3 So do I, since from now on, we're officially graduate >___< I can show off my graduation pict later with my younger bro and sis so that they will have motivation to study.. (even though, my Diploma scroll have no high CGPA like others) bwahaha.. 

I'm sitting there in the hall (Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor) sweating my hands.. (actually I always sweating even if there was nothing to be nervous or afraid.. XD one of my friend, one year older than me tell me, I'm sweating like a frog.. ahahaha XD) What can I do? I'm like this since I'm a kid.. TT^TT Awww.. did my soulmate gonna hold my hand when the time come? Ermmmmmmm.. ahahahaha XD (Just ignore what I already said)

and you know what? I don't remember who's part taking the Diploma scroll from pro Canselor, but during that time, the girl graduation hat fall off.. and everyone who doesn't take their scroll yet looks so worried and start too make sure their hat gonna be o.k and not fall.. ahahaha XD So do I.. I did the same thing.. Awwww... 

Anyway, I wish UiTM Shah Alam make booth for foods, convocation flower, books, and any booth that will attract parents, graduate student and of course for their student who still survive :D It feel so lonely without booth.. XD

Anyway, gonna sharee my moment with my okasan and otosan.. and my friends XDD

My okasan and me :3

My otosan and me :D

|Abah (dad) smile, smile...|

As you can see, I feel wanna burst into laugh each time pict was taken XDD

Meet my clasmate, Fadhliah :3 She's the only one that have time take pict with me since the other 4 boys already part with their own family.. TT^TT Sob sob sob.. I wanna take pict with Zul Aqeel ahahaha XD lol (if there is my friend who know Aqeel here, just ignore my statement) I like Aqeel fierce face and sweet smile just that XD.. Of course, I wanna take pict with all of us.. but since we're running of time so.. :) Nah, its fine XD

How brave I am.. See? I sit on UiTM Pro Canselor seat :3

Like a boss! Owh no, not like a boss.. but I'm a BOSS!! XDD kuikuikui.. :3 Actually, my dad ask me to sit at there and he'll take pict of me, but I'm too afraid since that sit was belong to Pro Canselor.. and then one guy with guitar on his hand sit on it.. I was like.. Woa.. "I wanna try that" ahaha XD So, here I am XDD Gomenasai Pro Canselor~ 

Owh ya, on my right, was my bestie :D Her name was Zuulaika and I call her Ika and sometime Ika Manap.. She's graduate last year and I'm this year since I repeat my exam paper.. How unfortunate right? XD But, its no matter since all happen in past right? Now, just survive the world in future ^__^

So, please smile even if this post doesn't means anything XD hehehe :3 (Pst:/ my skin so dark!!!) XD

As a speech for my graduation, I wanna say to all student that just start their first semester, please do your best in CGPA :) and try to get Dean each semester so you will get the title Dean List ^__^ and you'll make you parent proud of you.. XD and more importantly, when the time come to take the scroll, you'll receive applause from all graduate student and their parent and of course from your parent :) Feeling of love from other XD

I didn't get any Dean and not in Dean List but I feel so proud and clap for other students who are Dean's List ^__^

Actually, it feel so sad right, when Dean List get the applause, but student like me doesn't get applause XD ahaha.. That's why, I'm telling you.. If you wanna feel alive on the stage during convocation, make sure CGPA 3.00 and above and get Dean every semester :3

Study and play at the same time XD ^___^ Study hard but not to hard XDD (Ok, I can't give people anymore advise since I'm afraid I'm gonna advise something bad) ahahahaha XD 

Just do your best you can do it man!! If you're lazy like me, nah.. its going no where.. So, study SMART ^__^


Lot of love from OTAKU~ ^__^

and here is poll that I did last 2 weeks if I'm not wrong and it shows that, Naruto beats One Piece TT^TT (why I say its beat One Piece because I vote for One Piece 3 times XD not fair right?) so, anyone who still didn't watch One Piece, please do so.. You'll not regret it.. You'll love it.. ^__^


  1. Congratulations! First time tengok muka :D

    1. Thanks Farah :)
      ahaha XD pelik kan? :3

  2. A happy happy congratulations *lempar bunga* :D :D

    1. wohoa.. Thanks Yus.. *sambut bunga sampai terguling-guling badan* ahaha

  3. Wah, dah graduate eh. Tahniah3. Saya nye nanti bulan 11 pulak.

    1. woa lambat lagi bulan 11 tu :D
      convo dekat mana nanti? :3

      btw thanks XD hehe

  4. Replies
    1. Hehe thanks Neul Ah ^__^
      :D not so best.. nervous XDD ahahhaa

  5. So so proud of you dear.. congratulations!!! xD

    1. uwaaaaa... tharu nih.. sankyuu Cherrie chan :)