My First Liebster Award

Misaki PureBlood | May 02, 2014 | | |

First of all, I'm gonna say assalamu'alaikum, hello, konnichiwa.. annyonghaseyo..  and gomenasai.. I'm not online for several day.. maybe its a week? I'm not quite remember XDD I had some work which my dad ask from me to mark his students exercise book.. So, here I am now ^__^

Owh ya, talk about Liebster Award, this is my first time getting Award.. since before this I don;t understand what is this award means.. (scratch head) :P So, this is chain award.. Ahh... I see :3 ahaha...

Thanks to Lia a.k.a Boo for tagging me ^__^

And the rules are:

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog;
  • Answer the 11 questions asked;
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with lots of potential;
  • Create 11 of your own questions set for them to answer;
  • Notify your nominees.
I'm gonna answer question from Boo ^__^

1. What kind of blogger do you hate the most?

Actually I'm not a person to hate other people, just dislike some of them.. haha but if its a blogger, I really don't like some blogger who always write about politic but always mention other party as bad as possible.. they try to sabotage other party with nefarious way.. Also, I don't like some of blogger who love to mock other people religion or belief.. Since that will offend many people.. We should respect each other right? ^__^

2. Ever you received some amount of money from blogging?

Not yet since I didn't intend to make profit from blog.. Hurm should I try ChurpChurp, Nuffnang or anything to receive some money by blogging? :D ahaha XD

3. What is your biggest regret?

Seriously, the biggest regret in my life is being a bad daughter, friend and most important  regret is when I always remember how bad I am in front of  my God (Allah).. I hope He forgive me.. aamiin.. 

4. What do you think about people in eccentric wardrobes style?

I'm fine with it since some of them try to find their taste in fashion and some of them try to find the best suit for their personality.. To show how are they inside and outside XD and I cannot make excuse that some of people in eccentric wardrobe style want to grab attention from others because lack of confidence but it just fine with me ^__^ I find its unique :) 

Except that I'm not interest in show off eccentric style where they too much display their bare skin to other people.. XDD ahaha I find its a bit disturbing rather that pleasing my eyes :3

5. What will you say to your reflection in front of the mirror?

You know what I always talk to my other self (in mirror) XD ahaha
anyway I'm gonna smile and say that I've beautiful smile (in front of the nirror)bwahahahaha...

6. The most embarrassing thing ever happened in your school life?

When one teacher yell at me in front of other student (age 15 at that time) and when I exchange to boarding school, the most embarrassing thing in my life is when my pride was mock by some of teacher and some student saying that I'm weirdo and I'm a devil worshiper (they say I take care of some devil you know ghost) what?? Hurm maybe its too weird to write as devil worshiper but for me as long as people say I do have that kind of ghost (devil/jiin) it same as people saying me worship it.. lol XD

Anyway its my fault since I always talk to myself and force them to make that bad impression of myself... XDD  I can't help it.. I find its relax myself lol XDD ahahaha... (until now, I still did it) :P

Am I really weird like that? maybe.. maybe not because some normal people (I means not insane) also talk to themselves XDD

7. Is there something you like the most but you are afraid people will call you weird if they know about that?

Of course... I do have.. :) :) :) its Anime, Manga and I live to see other people do cosplay, cross dressing.. XDD

I always remember my favie anime character voice inside of my head XDD.. such as the moment where Luffy saving his brother, Ace from being execute.. That was the saddest moment in my life and if I remember it while I'm doing my job (cleaning, and so on..) I'll cry myself... uwaaaaaa... Ace died... and murmur to myself again..

8. Mention 3 wild animals to pet if you are allowed and why?

# Panda (because they are so so so fluffy, kawaii, cute) 
# Dragon (because I find they are attractive XDD)
# Red Fox and Wolf (red fox was so sexy and cute, their eyes seem like can tame me bwahaha, while wolf I find they are so fluffy and some of them can be tame and I really love when I listen to wolf whine ^__^)

9. What kind of magic do you wish to master?

I want to master magic: reading other people mind and ability to transform into animal ^___^

but if its a power without magic, I wish I had haki :3 bwahahahaha (stop your imagination) lol XD

10. Ever you seen hatred to be love in real life?

Hurmmm... I think not yet.. but if its not in real life yeah.. so many time ahahaha :D

11. Korea or Japan? Why?

I want to go both since my wish is to travel all over the world.. ^__^ but if I need to choose between Korea and Japan I would prefer Japan.. I love overall about Japan except that overdose 18+ rate lol XDD ahahaha..

And here my own set of 11 questions:

1.   What is your blog about?
2.   What is your favourite drama/movie genre?
3.   Which country drama/movie you like or love to watch?
4.   Do you love anime? If you love anime state what anime you like to watch...
5.   Do you love Kpop or Korean Drama? If you love state any band/idol or drama that you love...
6.   Did you achieve what you want start from your kid age until today?
7.   What age you want to get married? State the reason why...
8.   What is your favourite place you want to visit someday?
9.   Did you believe in magic? and if magic is real and allow to perform, state type of magic you really want...
10. If you had a chance to go back to your past, will you change the history of your life?
11. Between love and money, which one you prefer most? State the reason why...

So, here my blogger friend I would like to ask question:
Pst: I wish you can write this in English :) since this is Global Tagging XD ahaha


  1. Hey, Babe

    Thanks for replying my tag. Hehe.

    And about the number one's answer, are the kind of bloggers like that really exist? Like really?

    I think your teacher shouldn't say that you are a devil worshiper. It's so impolite and exaggerated. Ugh -,-"

    1. Hey ^__^

      my pleasure to reply it :D hehe

      Yups.. its exist :D my dad are one of the victim since he's a teacher and teacher are job provide by government (except for private sector) Some blogger.. His identity I don't know, but he know my dad IC, where my dad work and he say that my dad is one of Pro-Pas (opposition party in Malaysia).. that blogger try to tell big lie.. slander.. seriously TT^TT I know who is my dad.. He's really fierce but not that extreme Pro-Pas that will make other student follow his word.. I know lah since there were some people try break my dad car window before.. haiyaaa..

      wanna read what he say.. If you can understand it :) but there was some Kedah, Malaysia slang use in that blog

      Here it is: Cikgu Sekolah Kebangsaan Kg Kubur Panjang Kepala Pemuda Pas Dikategorikan Ganas???

      ahaha XD maybe its too extreme when I say its devil worshiper, owh ya you know our descent generation (grandma and so on) they use to have that kind of thing to help them.. until now they are still some people using it.. in my old school, I heard there is 2-3 person have that kind of thing.. they transfer that thing from generation to other generation.. hurmmm... so for me its same as devil worshiper.. but maybe devil worshiper more extreme.. since they need to sacrifice so many thing, blood, other people and so on.. aww.. scary right?

      but in Malay that Ustazah said: awak ada bela jin ka?

      haahaha XD

    2. I just understand about the line saying "affecting his students... about Pas.." but not that understand because he didn't use the common Malay language. I use to understand some bloggers' post written in Malay.

      But I can feel he's kinda rude. Impolite!! But, I hope you and your family can solve this problem in a peace way, yeayy,

      about the our descent generation, does that thing to help them in exam? lol.

    3. ahaha its ok since they use Kedah slang so that's why :D ahaha
      that just one of blogger I don't like since they talk slander.. and I really don't like when some of "hard die fans" pro government and pro opposition who use each other picture and edit it for negative impression and post its on public.. and really dislike it when some of them using Ulama' pict and saying nasty just because he's on opposition party.. TT^TT that such a rude people.. :'(

      Ikr.. hurmm.. I don't know who is he.. but I know and I guess he might know all of my family members.. hurm.. pretty scare.. haiyaaa... Idk what to say.. I just wish that he realize what he said, he take the risk in this world and hereafter.. especially when we 'fitnah' other people and we talk bad about him/her.. we should know that we can't ask forgiveness to God because of our mistake make fitnah on him/her.. but we must directly beg forgiveness from the person itself or yeah of course.. hereafter you will regret and can't say anything more.. TT^TT huhuhu...

      ahaha that thing help them in term of medical, traditional medical, especially lah :D Idk if they use it for exam purpose or not ahaha XD

      anyway, they can say no from "pet" that "thing" even if their descent/ grandma or anyone else begging that they keep that thing.. TT^TT

      Did people in Indonesia use that kind of thing too? XD

  2. Thank you for tagging me! Insya Allah, I'll update later but I'm not really sure whether I can tag other 11 bloggers to answer this tag as I'm not really close to other bloggers. Will try my best :)

    Oh, I love panda too! They are so cute :D

    1. welcome ^__^ hehe
      nah its okie :D fighting!! ^_^

      hehe yeahh.. Ikr :D I wish we can pet panda :D hehe
      they are so fluffy XD kawaii <3

  3. wow ! thanks dear for tagging me.... but I'm not sure if I have the time to update my blog with this award... now i'm getting more busier than before... but...if I have the time... Insya Allah... i'll try my best to join ok??

    1. ^__^ welcome dear :)
      aww.. okie same here I'm getting busier too ahaha XD
      owh yeah ^_^ If you have time try this k ^^

  4. I always wanted to pet a panda. They are so cute and hug-able. hehehe

    1. uwaaaaaa.... same here TT^TT
      but my dad word make me feel hurt about this.. XD ahaha
      he said that "kenapalah nak merepek2 bela panda" "bukan boleh bela pun...." ahahaha

      haiya.... XD
      Ikr if only we can pet them :) Did Zoo Negara alreay have Panda? :D

  5. Terima kasih yong sebab tag saya hihi :)
    Devil worshipor???!!!Whooaa saya tak tahu macam mana yong boleh kuat hadap mereka yang cakap yong camtu :( Macam melampau sangat :((
    Tapi yong ni kuat & sabar ngeee :D

    1. hehe sama2 sokmo XD
      yups.. ahaha mcm tak betul ja kan bunyi dya XD wuish duk kat situ hurmmmm tatau nak cakaplah.. budak kat situ kebanyakannya dah le start masuk dari form 1.. Yong masuk time Form 4.. mmg mcm terbior sikit time tuh XD nak menangis pun tak leh buat apa ahaha :) dah berlalu dah XD
      insyaAllah tapi kalau Yong meletuppp fuhh bahaya.. :D ahahaha

  6. hohoho~ tq for tagged me,but what can i put at my post tittle?my first liebster?
    sorry i cant understand it.hope you transelate it,so i can understand.hehe^^

    1. :D ngee XD welcome always.. owh if there is one person such as me tag you in this award just post it as My First Liebster Award but if you have 2 person tag you can say My Second Liebster Award and so on if its happen to be 4 people tag its gonna be My Fourth Liebster Award XD
      hehe :D

  7. Replies
    1. Hehe.. panjang sangat jawapan :D
      anyway trima kaseh :D ahahaha..

  8. thanks for tagging sis.

    btw, you really got a point about the blogger thing. beside that, i don't like bloggers who show their hatred like I hate kpop, i hate this and that. Ergghh. they has should considered about others feeling that love the thing they hate. I think bloggers like that are childish. too childish.

    aww.. i really always wanted to pet a panda too. they are too cute to be true :3

    btw, thanks for tagging me, I'll answer it as soon as possible :DDD

    1. you're most welcome Yus ^^

      Ikr... I had the same feeling to handle that kind of blogger and people XD
      when some commentors in their blog including the blogger itself saying such: what is annyonghaseyo? is it vegetable and (they laughing hard while say it) I feel like this guys have a guts.. smack down! ahaha

      uwaaaa... same here.. panda was so cute (even tough it can be harm to human when hungry) ahaha XD why cute animal why???? :D

      welcome anyways:D hehe

  9. thanks for tagging me. i shall answer all the qs asap. hehehe =D