Malaysia Finally Have Panda!!!

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First, I wanna ask you guys.. Did you love PANDA? Me? Of course I do love panda!!! Even its just a dream that will never can achieve, I always imagine Panda as my pet :3 I want them!!! They are so lovely~

Awww... Look at that so playful, lovely, fluffy, kawaii, ke'ai, gwiyeowo~

This cute fluffy panda, finally arrive Malaysia yesterday.. Here they are: Fuwa and Fengyi ^__^

Welsome to Malaysia babe~

Some fact about Giant Panda (Fuwa and Fengyi) that China send to Malaysia, we as citizen need to know :)
  • Fuwa (left), Fengyi (right)
  • Both are 8 years old
  • Born on the same day (23 August 2006)
  • Fengyi known as "Princess" because of her striking features and balance body
  • Fuwa was vote along with his twin sister Fu Ni by netizen as the winner of Best Partnership Award
  • Fengyi (female) has long nose, rounded face
  • Fuwa (male) has crooked with a broader nose bridge
  • on 16 April 2014, Fuwa and Fengyi was plan to be sent by China to Malaysia. It was postponed due to tragedy MH370 (Pray for MH370)
  • Fly via MASkargo Airbus 330-200 (MH6462)
  • Arrive on 21 May 2014 at 7:53 a.m
  • Placed at National Zoo of Malaysia (Zoo Negara)

(Panda Complex)

Panda Fuwa and Fengyi was sent to Malaysia as a Diplomatic gift but.. by 1984, panda was no longer used purely as agent of diplomacy. Instead, China start to offer panda to other country with 10 years loan.

As the fact for the loan cost.. Malaysia, the government has spent RM60 million, including constructing an enclosure for them costing RM25 million, RM20 million for four-year rental and RM15 million for maintenance costs.

You know what its means right? I feel like it kind of wasted, since Government should spent the money wisely.. TT^TT (even though, I do love panda arrive in Malaysia.. I still feel sad the facts that large amount of money was spend for panda and there were only 2 panda)

One more thing, I object to change their name!!! I want their name to be Fuwa and Fengyi as they so before~ Please don't change it... and for certain people in other parties, please don't make weird name that mocking them and please don't blame the Panda! Get the fact right, human are the one in conduct~ :)

Here, gonna share Panda advertisement video~ (I guess some of you've seen this before)

Never say NO to PANDA!!! They are Kawaii~ (and yet they are so fierce sometimes)

Pst:/ We can visit Fuwa and Fengyi one month later XDD

See this also: Curse Panda (as a Muslim, we should not believe the curse)

All information above are write based on other website:

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  1. Omoo comelnya panda! Nak bela boleh? Ehehe

    1. ahaha panda mmg comel :)
      tapi kalau nak bela.. alahai syg tak boleh fufufu XDD
      pst:/ nak bela jgak kalau boleh XDD

  2. So, this is why my timeline is full with panda and the money spent by the government.

    1. ahaha yups.. that's the main reason why XDD
      opposition or govt? :)

  3. Replies
    1. hehe :) love panda too <3 <3 <3
      In Indonesia doesn't have panda yet right? :)

  4. oemmgeee i love panda!!! ada sehari tu memanjang je tengok video panda..
    they're too cute to be true. dah tengok video tu.. kelakar gila panda tu :DD

    1. ahaha omG!! me too yus!!!
      selalu kalau bukak youtube msti carik video binatang cute2, video baby, video prank :D hehe
      yups so true :3
      ahahaha lawak kan panda tuh.. Never Say NO to Panda :D nice caption XD ahaha

  5. Cant differentiate them. Dua2 sama je muka. Sebelum ni malaysia memang takde panda la eh. Tapi kenapa mahal sangat. 2 jer pun.

    1. ahaha kalau tgok betul2 boleh nampak beza dia.. :3
      tambah2 tang hidung dia mmg lain XDD
      mana tak mahal.. panda tu kan haiwan terpelihara dan satu2nya datang dari negeri China XDD

  6. Replies
    1. Ikr :3
      cute and can be "too cute" sometime XD ahaha

  7. suka dekat panda..kungfu panda.. hihi.. tpi bila baca yg kos die sje dh berjuta2.. rse mcm gov membazir sgt2.. huhu

    1. suka dekat panda, suka dkat kungfu panda, suka dekat Tao-Exo, fufufu <3
      ha'ah yg tuh mmg ermmm...
      tatau nak kata apa dah lah..
      TT^TT sedih~

    2. tpi ape2 pun panda tetap x bersalah..hihi..

    3. betul3.. yg ni setuju :) hehe

  8. Replies
    1. ahaha dah tgok video tu? ahahaha video tuh kelakar lah :D
      gangster2 pun nampak comel.. ahahaXD

  9. Hello ~ :D

    Wow PANDA !! Actually, tetiba je nama saya dipanggil 'panda' ni. Same as the panda here in Malaysia. Tetiba datang. Hoho ~

    1. Hello :D
      hoho.. bestnya nama kna panggil panda..
      mcm Misaki, Misaki ada kwn dari Sabah tapi cuma kenal dari fb, cuma baru2 ni dia menghilang tak tahu di mana.. XD
      Misaki panggil dia Panda-chan XD
      sbb rasa dia cute :3
      Clara pun cute ^__^ sbb tu jadi Miss Panda~ :3 hehe

  10. Awwwwww. pandas are lovable and adorable creatures! <3 I would love to see one of them in person >.<

    Lysa of Hello Lysa

    1. They are too adorable that you feel like you wanna pet them all the day... awww~ <3
      I wanna hug them if I had a chance.. :) hehe
      Hopefully you can achieve your dreams too fufufu XD

  11. Replies
    1. I guess its because panda is endangered animal and panda can only be found in China XDD

  12. kawan saya dah mcm panda.. nak tengok dia pun free je.. hahaha..

    1. ahahahaha kwn dah macam panda?
      mcmmana tuh?
      panda mata ke?
      panda gebu?
      suka :)

  13. Berjuta juta utk 2 ekor panda.. well, whatever lah. Never say NO to panda :P

    1. ahahaha yups berjuta2 I've no comment mcmmana pengaliran kluar masuk duit negara.. ^__^
      but of coz you can't say No to panda right? overload cute!! ahahaha XD