Japanese Gameshow/Television Show That I Love To Watch!!!

Hye guys... XDD I'm so sleepy today.. haiyaaa.. so I thought wanna take a nap but then in front of laptop, I'm searching for Japanese Gameshow too watch... XDD lol... and now I'm hiding myself in my own room, shut off the lamp, cover the door hole.. know why? because there were so many termite swamer in my house... I don't like them since sometime they will bite my hand or feet ( should I use feet or foot?) TT^TT

Owh ya, back to topic:

Takeshi Castle

I start to watch Takeshi Castle when I still a kid. Takeshi Castle was aired at Japan in 1986 while in Malaysia, NTV7 (TV channel in Malaysia) aired Takeshi Castle in early 2000 (At that time, I'm age 8 years old.. This gameshow popular across other country.. What I want to say this gameshow was the best at that time XDD I will sit in front of TV just to watch Takeshi Castle.. Its so werid, unique, differ and funny.. at the top of that I really like Takeshi Castle :D

Full Episode English Dubbing: Takeshi Castle Full Episode (be careful some Rate 18 ads sometime pop out =_=) 

I don't know where to find Takashi's Castle Full Episode with English Sub TT^TT Gomesai... I wish someone will re-upload English Sub version... I don't like watching dub movie/drama/show... :'(

Watch this video: Top 40 Takeshi Castle Challenges 


This one super duper my favourite show!!! In Malaysia its aired on Disney XY and TV9 (TV Channel in Malaysia) and they change Sasuke name as Ninja Warrior. I watch both Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior game.. One of Malaysia contestant and the only one from Malaysia  that join Sasuke, name Farid Isham (nickname: cat) on Sasuke 27, 28...

Watch this video: Farid Isham in Sasuke 28

Full Episode English Sub: Ninja Warrior Sasuke (Japan)


Source Info: Tofugu

(Crazy!! but Cool!!)

(O.k save me like that too... XDD)

(Oh...oh... watch out!!!)

I love Tore! and Dero! so much since this game requires us to think and solve puzzle so they can escape deadly traps.. Tore or known as “Puzzle Battle Treasure Hunting Adventure.” It used to be known as Dero! or “Secret Room Puzzle Escape Game,” but was retooled. 

Most important fact I wanna say this Tore! or Dero! are not common English sub show TT^TT So, that's why if you search its online, it quite hard.. hurmmm... Btw try watch this one.. Guarantee you gonna love this one, such a crazy game! I love it!!! XDD

Want to know how Dero work, go here: http://www.bothersbar.co.uk/?page_id=3936

(only 1 episode with English Sub)

go here: Reddit (try asking someone at there if he/she have more Tore! episode)

If you scroll down the comment, you will see one person name Ahanaf share another Tore part 1 and part 2 (Kara k-pop join) and since the link Ahanaf share was unlisted video in Youtube... I'm afraid that I doen't have permission to directly share the link.. so just click link that given in Reddit :D

Dero! Dero! Dero! video, please go here: 

(only 1 episode English Sub)

Why only 1 episode English sub? Dakara (that's why), I mention before that Dero! or Tore! no one sub it TT^TT

I need to find Dero! Tore! full episode a.s.a.p even without sub.. I'm fine with it.. If you guys know, don't forget to tell me k ^__^ arigato~

Before I forgot, American version Dero! known as Exit!~

Gaki No Tsukai! (This is No Task for Kids)

Seriously.. and always make my day.. for bwahahaha.. just now.. I watch episode in Edo Period... poor Endo... he's pervert... LOL XDD anyways I find its funny when he said everything they tell about him being pervert is true... awwww....

Owh ya, in this Gaki No Tsukai have many game segment... and the most favourite segment that I like is No laughing segment XDD and if they laugh they gonna get punishment.. owh yeahhhhh... cool right.. XDD

(No Laughing.. or you're dead!! XDD)

Here are the link where you can watch Full Episode Gaki No Tsukai English Sub:

If you want  to join Gaki No Tsukai Fanpage.. just click here: DownTown Fanpage

Kinniku Banzuke (Unbeatable Bazuke)

If you watch this, it will make you remember of Sasuke.. After all Kinniku Banzuke also sport show like Sasuke XDD.. I watch this at TV3 (Malaysia Channel TV).. I try to find Banzuke full episode but =_=' where was it? Did you know?

Anyway try watch this vid: 

Read the description and click Direct Link to watch it ^___^

Run For Money

I watch this on  8TV (Malaysia Channel TV).. This show so funny and it make me remember of Running Man (Korean gameshow) because in Running Man there is mission need to do like Run For Money, but both of this gameshow are differ and have their own attraction XDD

I love this show when player start panic when Hunter see them and want to catch them.. ahahaha XDD.. If they survive this game during the time given, they will get cash.. That's why this show was call Run For Money ^___^

Anyway I try hard to find Run For Money full episode... but... nothing was found TT^TT

Btw watch this episode: Run For Money (English Rule Explanation only)

If you want to watch Run For Money without English Sub.. Go here: Freeze0218

Sokkuri Sweet (Candy or Not candy)

Source Info: Parade.Condenast

I found this gameshow recently.. and I find its interesting.. ahaha XDD.. Btw, sokkuri means look alike.. XD Can you tell which one is choco which one was not XDD This show, they need to taste/eat  the object show by MC was choco or not XDD.. 

(Sniff.. sniff and then eat it.....)

(Its a choco!!!! That face though... ahahaha)

(Chewy Choco!!! but its a shoe! XDD)

(Unfortunately.. this one is real shoe... bwahahahha)

(Its a choco... LOL XDD)

(Eat it.. taste the glass... know what? Its made by candy :3)

Uwatsu! Damasareta Taishou
Doki Doki Dokkiri

The reason I put Damasareta taisho and Doki Dokkiri together because I'm confuse what is the differ between this two show.. >_____<

The most stress thing is that when I searching episode both this show.. but hurmmm.. no subs.. no full epi.. only cut.. uwaaaaaa TT^TT
I wish I can speak well and understand Nihongo... :'( 

Btw both of this show always do a prank on their guest XDDD

I like Japanese prank even sometime its to extreme.. :3

Watch my favie Japanese Prank:

(Funassyi run from the bomb!!! XDD.. So kawaii potato)

(T-Rax Prank lol XDD If its me I'm gonna run too)

(I love first guy expression... bwahahahaha.. and the girl scream XDD)

(I really love this one.. the girl so kawai.. XD)

(Ok this one scary me.. XD and If its me I'm afraid I'm gonna pee if this prank happen to me.. TT^TT)

Just that, I wanna share with you guys.. Oyasumi minna.. Good night.. XDD see you guys tomorrow.. Here my present for you Thailand Extreme Prank for Last Summer (Thai Movie)  

I might get heart attack because of this~ Ciao~


  1. tak berani nak tengok ghost prank tu. lagi lagi yang thailand punya T.T but all the shows look so cool !

    1. awww... yg tuh mmg best tgok... bayangkan kalau kita ada kat tempat tuh.. owh no... lebur kat situ jugak.. ^///^ malu* ahahaha

  2. seriously daebakkk.. korea punya banyak reality tv show. so lebih macam family2 sikit.
    japan pulak banyak game show and its totally look challenging. first gif gila scary. :O
    oh..oh.. chocolate.... kreatifnya diaorang. nak rasa jugakkk.. XDDD

    dah tengok ghost prank yang thai punya tu. cerita hantu2 thai memang menakutkan >.<
    kalau yus kena prank gitu, mahu pengsan 2 hari 2 malam...

    1. Ikr... their gameshow sugoiiiii~ (but for your information they also make adult show program.. not suits for kid lol XDD (for Muslim of course not too) If you find in Google you will find about it.. there is 2 game that really ridiculous.. strip girl and orgasm climax (warning don't watch) especially that climax.. (just sharing) ahaha..

      yups.. tapi suka gameshow both Japan and Korea :D hehe kalau yg Korea, Yong paling suka Family Outing, Running Man, Gag Concert, Happy Together, Weekly Idol, Idol Army, and all show that introduce Idol member :D hehehe
      yups... yg tuh yg menarik sbb diaorang mmg Asia yg kretif :D kan kan kan.. tapi kalau ada kat Malaysia, Yus nak join dak? XD ahaha..
      sama... teringin nak rasa yg tombol pintu tuh :D hehe.. (kalau tgok video kat atas dia bagitau camana coklat tu diaorang buat) ahaha...

      betoi3 XD Yong takut nak tgok hantu Siam, Jepun, Korea, China sebab jnis merangkak2 dengan rambut panjang ahaha.. btw Siam punya dah tgok cita nih? Tajuk dia Coming Soon.. takut cerita tu... TT^T

  3. Tak pernah tahu pun pasal japanese game show ni. Biasanya, layan korean game show je :) Bosan2, boleh lah tengok Tapi xberani nak tengok yg ghost prank tu.. Menakutkan : S

    1. Japanese gameshow best XDD Korean gameshow pun best ^__^ ahaha

      nanti tengoklah.. :D tergelak2 tengok :D ahaha

  4. waa , jepun punya gameshow smua best2 , betullah cik eyqa , korea pya show pung habis2 rningman . hehe , tp jepun , byk sungguh show2 mnarik , exspecially Run for money , slalu follow show tu .

    1. mmg best tapi dyaorg ni banyak adult humor :D tapi kalau utk tontonan umum dia punya humor ok je.. :D hehe..
      Running Man feveret :D Family Outing and yg mcm state kat komen atas :D ahaha (banyak sgt yg Korea n gameshow dah tgok) XD
      yups.. menarik sbb dyaorg pnya byk mencabar minda :D
      samalah :D hehe

  5. Dulu selalu jugalah tengok game show dari Jepun. Banyak gak minat dulu tapi dah tak berapa ingat sekarang. Semuanya sebab dah alam gila tinggal. Semua show dekat atas tu macam menarik je. Teringin pula nak tengok rasanya.

    1. ahaha dah alam* kekeke XDD (takpe cek paham) :D
      ha'ah menarik gile gile gile (nih kalau ckp gila nih abah ibu slalu tgur) ahaha

      Tengoklah yg ada link tuh boleh tgok :D
      sbb byk tade subs.. tadak yg volunteer nak subkan gameshow Japan TT^TT

  6. yg saya pnah tgk run for money..kihkihkih

    1. Serius? yg pernah tayang kat Malaysia yg lain2 pun tak minat ke? :D ahaha

      btw Run For Money kalau ada kat Malaysia, nak join XD fufufu

  7. woo benteng takeshi X3

    i love it too :3

    1. owh ya.. in indonesia they call its Benteng Takashi :D
      I do remember it :D ahaha

      Ikr.. I miss that show :D

  8. omg u know what. hahahaha i love this kinda funny stupid gameshow hahahahhahaah
    thanks for sharing. didnt know that japanese gameshow terlampau banyak yg ada ekeke

    1. You should watch this gameshow ahaha XD but beware cos sometime they have adult humor ahaha :D

      sure.. no prob.. welcome anyway hehe :D

      yups banyak lagi sbnarnya.. cuma yg ni yg paling minat tgok :D hehe

  9. Wahh.. noted2x!!! Nak tgk nnt, saya mmg suka kalau Japan.. haha, yg Dero tuh dah pnh tgk tp no subs.arigatou! :D

    1. alahai ada copyright claim plak dkat video baru perasan haari ni.. aiyaaa XDD nasib Cherrie comment dkat sini :)

      really? tau tak kat ne nak carik link Dero? nak tgok even takde subs sbb still leh faham dyaorg cakap pe ahaha XD (walaupun sikit2)