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Guys... Hontoni gomenasai... I'm so so so sorry long time not update TT^TT I'll reply as soon as possible.. For today, enough for blog face change XDD...

Too tired to stalker everyone :3 hehe...

Btw.. I hope you guys keep in good shape.. be healthy... :D especially Malaysian people.. since our country temperature increase in degree... TT^TT My bedroom always hot :'( I feel its kind of suffocating...

Owh yah... Huntt.. Did you read my blog today? Before this you wanna see some picture from Malaysia right.. I'm gonna show this one...

This photo taken at Raub, Pahang (Malaysia) by iqbal/mzki
This one taken by my teacher from my old school (SAINA a.k.a Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena) If you realize, I put Sains there.. in English it's Science.. I take Science course before.. ahaha.. XDD
Both picture that I post above, you can say its looks like Sakura bloom~ :3 In Malaysia, there is no spring season like I mention before, but because of suddenly rise of temperature at Malaysia about 1 month above (I don't remember specific date) without raining cause the flower too bloom so beautifully :D and now its start to rain but only 1 to 2 time and its back to 'normal'... Hot and Hot XDDD

Even my skins start to dry and turn dark TT^TT.. (actually I go to swimming pool 3 weeks ago that's why) but... the truth its the sun ray is differ not like before... It give a pain feeling.. not warm anymore :'(
I pray and hope that our country weather condition back to normal.... aamiinn...

To my Blogger friend Cik Ulat, Shiro Usagi, La Senorita and all of you... Hye, Hello, Annyonghaseyo, Konnichiwa.. Ni Hao... Gonna stalk you guys day and night ahahahahahaha (Evil laugh)

(Stalker Like Crazy People) XDDD

Talk about my recent activities, I always sleep, sleep, sleep (hibernate mode) ahaha XDD and just now I upload Kpop MV with English and Romanization subtitle... You can like my video (pleaseeeee... begging for like... XD) and subscribe my channel if you want to... (I wish you want so...)

So here the vid:

Idol Group: 7th Grade Class 1 (such a weird name, but I like their music) 
Title MV: Oppa Virus
This MV pretty cute!! Actually too much cute.. since Kpop is not into cuteness so much in their video compare too Jpop.. If you realize.. this vid.. The sound kind of Jpop, that kawaiiness too much, and the first guys in this MV.. did you see his hand gesture? I means that kind of hand gesture I only realize its on Jpop concept.. ahaha XDD BTW I like to listen and watch this MV since its so so so cute and their song was good...  Owh ya.. the word Oppa, if you guys still doesn't know...
Oppa: Older male (to female) while Hyung: Older male (to male)
Noona: Older female (to male) while Unnie: Older female (to female)
In Korea, age is important.. :D so whoever older than ourselves we should call them by oppa, hyung, noona or unnie... If you're younger was called as dongsaeng.. and for the same age they consider as friend a.k.a chingu... :D

Also... for uncle: Ajusshi and for auntie: Ahjumma (Please correct me if I'm wrong) We call them ahjusshi or ahjumma if they are at the age with our parent (middle-age) XDD

Most of Asian people will refer someone middle age as uncle/untie whether its their relative, their parent friend or non-relative at all.. Its sign of polite and its natural if  you see it XDD

Some foreign ask: Why do you call he uncle? Is he your uncle?

Actually all of them not uncle by relative...

Let's list the country that call other middle-age person as uncle/auntie and call someone older as sister, brother:
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Thailand (I don't know if they refer non-relative as Uncle/Auntie)
List above what I remember XDD Please tell me if they have more XDD Owh ya.. what about Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei? I really want to know that.. XD For Indonesia.. did you call uncle who's non-relative as om? :D

Wow, I write too long.. Should stop now.. ciao~ See ya next time.. Good Night, Oyasumi, Selamat Malam, Wan An... :D


  1. Those trees look very nice when the flowers have bloomed. You seem to be more knowledgeable in Asian cultures than I am. Then again, you do live in Asia so it's probably easier for you haha.

    1. Huntt.... did you play Habbo game? long time no chat... XD hehe..
      Ikr... I love to see when its blooms like that :3
      Not too knowledgeable... :'( I just know that... ahaha...
      In Asia but not travel all Asian yet.. fufufuf.. let's go to Japan XDD

  2. Wow, it's been a while eh! Love the new look of your blog! :)

    1. weee.. thanks ^__^ I love this theme hehe.. this month gonna use Hirro No Kakera (Anime) theme.. :D even the song also anime song :D
      except for Who I Am section.. that was Hyouka anime :D
      both are too good too watch :D must watch :D

  3. I thought the Asian's countries call their relatives as similar as us, Shu. Hahaha :D

    1. ahaha not all ahaha.. (maybe) we need to learn more fufufu..
      btw what's your blonk link Iqa? since you ask me to follow before..
      I think I did follow you :D

  4. lol XDD
    stalker eh? :p

    yeah we call it as om X3
    but different city different language :3

  5. ahaha XD I've a habit to stalker... but I think its not creepy like some kpop fans which call as sasaengs...
    that type seriously dangerous.. crazy type lol XDD

    Ah.. I see.. thanks for that information.. :D how about auntie?
    owh ya.. you did mention that its differ according to differ city right?
    I've watch some sinetron (I don't remember the title) but Rionaldo Stockhorst as hero I think XDD

    He called some non-relative sis as teh teh.. emang kira-kira ada berapa panggilan kakak di indonesia?
    because kakak is for sister.. but also use for brother right? :D

    1. yeah :3
      at java island they used teteh for aunt :3
      Rionaldo? lol XDD

      wow u learnt a lot with the indo language XDD
      banyak sih tergantung daerahnya :3
      kakak is sister at my place and abang for brother :3
      but in java island they use kakak for both :3

    2. owh java island.. so tehteh for aunt XDD ahaha.. okie.. thanks :)
      Yup Rio XD I luv him so much.... He's smile... ouch....

      ahaha.. It can't be help since sometime I watch Sinetron :D
      but I can't watch certain sinetron because they start to make me curse on the hero or heroin ahaha XDD
      I see... :3
      same here that word abang for a brother :D
      that's it...
      most sinetron I watch always use kakak for brother ahaha..XD

    3. yeahh XDD
      bcus the sinetron was shoot on java island XDD

    4. Ahh... I see.. XDD
      btw I love if the sinetron not so conflict :D
      btw hearing teh teh for the first time remind me of teh a.k.a tea :3

  6. Replies
    1. ikr... but I didn't have a chance to take a pict with that blossom flower TT^TT
      did you take picture of it? :D

    2. Mwaaaa. Sorry bcs ive just noticed this. Haha no i didnt. I just walk along n stared. But now theres no 'sakura' after all. Hm how sad T___T i doesnt got even a chance to take a pic of it. T___T

    3. itsok.. I just notice this as well.. gomesai.. sorry~ TT^TT
      same here lol XD uwaaaaaaa...
      we doesn't have any luck to take pict this time.. maybe next time we gonna take pict with real Sakura hehe.. XD

  7. Uitt..uitt.. where have you been all these days hah.. *tarik telinga*
    Omooo.. the flowers are too beautiful. Just love them.
    The only kpop girl groups that always have cute mv I know are Apink & hello venus.
    have no idea who 7th grade class 1 is. new kpop group?

    1. ommo... I just realize this comment.. XDD
      ahaha awwww.... my ear.... *gosok-gosok telinga* ahaha XDD
      I watching anime, read manga, watch drama and so on.. XDD that's why fufufu... mianheiyo... :D
      yups.. too beautiful.. some even call this flower as Fake Sakura lol XDD ahaha.. (and some people arguing about this) ahahaha... Let's go to Japan someday.. we will watch Sakura blossom scenery ^__^ ahaha..
      Yups.. Ommo I luv Hello Venus... their MV so happy go lucky XD btw I'm glad A-Pink concept is innocent cute like that :D
      yups.. they are new group.. :D and their group name so weird right?
      and their concept in this MV seriously looks like J-pop :D
      did you watch the video yet? XDD

    2. hahaha.. i would'nt hurt an eonnie la. behehe..
      jom pergi japannnn..

      yeah the group name sound like a class name.
      yes, i've watch the mv. hmm.. quite cute lahhh..

    3. ommo :D I just see this.. gomen gomen.. :D
      yeahhh.. you'll not hurt meh hehe ^__^
      Jom!!! tapi tunggu jap, nak simpan duit ahaha :D

      yups.. I'm afraid they gonna make this group use graduate concept.. I really don't like graduate concept TT^TT
      yups.. Ikr.. ahaha oppa oppa.. lol :D ahaha

      I sing this alone bwahahha~

  8. Photo from Raub its taken by me.


  9. wow... I just realize there is new comment TT^TT

    :D thanks for that picture :D hehe