Too Much Excited!!!!

Misaki PureBlood | March 03, 2014 | | | | | |

Too inform... my internet connection pretty darn slow nowadays.. all cause of my sis downloading Kpop MV aiyaaaa~ I want to watch anime but the video always laggggg~ Grrrrrrr...

     Owh ya.. and I feel bit frustrated because I still at home doing nothing while my best friend further their study in degree.. TT^TT... How sad :'( I wish this 13 March 2014, UiTM approve me to continue my study in degree... aamiin...

     Too Much Excited!!! <--- Entry title as you can see...

1. 13 March please be a good day for me!!!! (but 13 is scary number... LOL)

2. Reading Manga everyday make my heartbeat increase every second!!! Ouch~ Really you guys help me...

3. Watching One Piece!!! Sure you give me SPIRITs!!! Cannot WAIT for FAIRY TAIL!!!! Both Jjang!!!

4. Watching Kuroko No Basuke!!! Ommo Ommo Ommo!!! Tetsu.... <3 you... Taiga!!! Fighting!!! I will support you guys SEIRIN!!! I'm on your side!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH... Yosen basketball player sure darn taller!!! Musakibara you're irritated but still I like you fufufufu XDD... Yosen so scary with that body but remember Seirin always HIGH IN SPIRIT!!!!!!! Beat them guys!!! Defeat Yosen!!! 


     Because I want to know the ending of the game I read the manga.. Ouchhhh~ ahaha XDD I think spoiler is better XDD

5. I'm writing Fan-Fiction nowadays fufufu XDD (Story involve Bang Yong Guk, Nicholas Teo, Hyosung, Fei, Dasom, Henry) XDDD ahahahaha of course the main character is my bias Bang Yong Guk!!!

The sad moment when someone you love, fall in love with someone else!! ouch That's really hurt~ TT^TT

BTW I want to ask something, If I post picture extra large size in blog, does it effect my blog???? XDD


  1. Dah follow blog awk :)

    Mohon Follow Balik blog saya :)

  2. dont worry its fit ur blog so much :3

    1. too late to reply XDD
      btw arigato gozaimasu~ hehe.. I love too use extra large pict format :D

  3. Bila lah awak nak follow itewww xD Syuuuuuu XD

    1. I thought I follow Iqa dah hehe... cepat2 bagi link blog :D

  4. Seems like you are enjoying your stay huh??
    Me very busy lah lately.. had to even abandon my blog.
    The only anime that I could catch up every week is Diamond no Ace and D-Frag xD
    Both are awesome though! Which is why I can't missed it..
    oh and Kuroko of course.

    1. ahaha... ouch... that's so sarcasm ahahaha XDD
      I see you abandon your blog... I visit there :D but wow... impressive your blog new looks :D
      I did not watch that yet XDD too much focus on romance comedy and horror anime I guess
      I wish they make many mystery,horror anime :D
      Btw as you mention it I keep bookmark it.. if I've time I'll watch :D (manga is calling me...)
      ahaha XD Kuroko I'm waitin for next chapter >_____<

  5. Nak baca fan faction leh??! Hehe

    1. ahaha sure, I'll post it later k *carik2 dekat bawah timbunan kertas* ahaha