Story last Nite and Today XDD

Misaki PureBlood | February 25, 2014 | | | | | |


          Story 1: Owkeyh.. its not that nice because I need to help my mom fill in her student mark TT^TT.. It take a long time.. uwaaaaa :'(

          Story 2: But the thing become nice when suddenly someone knock door.. and my lil brother try to see and say its a boy.. so he ask my mom to look what did that boy want.. hurm.. I'm curios who was it.. while ready with my hijab on.. I try to look with whom my mom talk..

          Ouch such a mabushi face he give XDD.. so bright.. white.. sweet.. bwahahaha XDD.. Correction.. I'm not fall in love with him.. it just that his smile fuhh... dangerous.. it bring me smile.. XDD

BTW the purpose he came to sell thing thing:

Potpourri I guess since we can put this inside wardrobe or in our bedroom.. Its produce sweet and nice smell..

          He said to mom that he's Sarawakian if I'm not wrong.. even his face looks Chinese ^___^ and and and that guy said he's from TU college if I'm not in mistake XDD (TU College maybe Taylor University College) XD

          He looks tired and he even ask my mom some water because he's thirsty XD LOL.. such a funny guy XD.. You must be tired walking around village try to sell product right.. Fighting boys!!! Keep your high spirit!! XDD

       And then my sis said she gonna keep this thing in her wardrobe.. XDD..I want that thing too but hurm...nevermind.. you can keep it sis XD...

          Story 3: Owh yeah.. last nite.. I help my bestfriend recover her blog account.. Her blog was not private and have inappropriate picture in there.. I'm glad that I can open it.. XDD ahaha( proud a bit) fufufufu XDD
after that I change her blog password and change her alternate email to mine for safety XD ahaha...
Now let me share my favorite music nowadays XDD:

Monchichi!!! SO CUTE LAH~ even I don't understand what this song means actually XDD I love you Joe and Lareine XDD


  1. bila yong describe lelaki tu, dapat bayang yang lelaki tu mesti handsome gila. kan kan? haha

    1. serius dia hensem, comel... Ya Allah.. ahahahaha..
      jaga mata.. jaga mata XDD

  2. TU college tu, Taylor's University College ke? Confused sebab saya budak Taylor's gak.Tapi Taylor's College. Taylor's ada university gak, Taylor's University. Tapi, macam takde je Taylor's University College.

    1. rasanya lah yg macam Farah mention XDD sbb kurang tau sikit pasal TU nih :D tapi yg pasti dan rasanya yg tuh lah :D ahaha..
      ooowhhh... budak Taylor jgak.. wow... cool.. jjang... daebak!!! I search for Taylor College and I just know that its was high reputable...

  3. mak awak , cikgu eh ? ehehe saje tanye...

    1. yups.. she's :D
      cikgu sekolah menengah XDD

  4. haha.. dangerous betul smile lelaki tu sampai boleh buat orang lain pun senyum jugak.
    potpourri tu bau oceanic ke? yus suka gila bau-bau nature. :DD

    1. betul nih Yus.. tak tipu... serius nih... :D
      bayangkanlah tuh lah first time masa dia kipas2 diri dia sendiri sbb panas ya amat...
      slow motion gila dari pandangan mata... rasa macam wowwww...
      yups oceanic XD owh owh tak beli lilin potpuri? or aromatherapy? macam2 bau ada hehe..