RunningMan 183~

Misaki PureBlood | February 04, 2014 | | |

Runningman 183: Find The Destiny Partner
Guest: Jo Min Su, Moon So Ri, Uhm Jung Hwa

This episode seriously piss me off!!! No offense~ I means, this episode was too short and not just that... why in this episode they still cut Ji Hyo unni part... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

I want to see Ji Hyo appears more in RunningMan TT^TT... Why you guys did that... TT^TT
I watch every RunningMan episode and I know that Ji Hyo shooting part always been cute!!! Wei shenme? Waeyo? Nande!!!
#Monday Couple Jjang#
#Ji Hyo unni Jjang#
#Gary oppa Jjang#
#Haha oppa Jjang#

hehe, Ji hyo unni, Gary oppa, Haha oppa are my bias but I like all RunningMan members... :D
I wish production team will not cute Ji Hyo part next week and so on...
I love her (not that kind of love) but.. its just a feeling that I really like her...
From her first appearance until today and so on~
I always hope she will win all RunningMan task ngehehehe~
but I know this is a game and also part of show XDD

Ji Hyo kawaii, neomo yeppo~ ^___^

#Woosh next RunningMan episode (184) I can't wait for my bias in B1A4!!! Baro oppa!!!! Saranghae#


  1. Haven't watched this episode yet. Going to watch it now.

    I think they cut Ji Hyo's screen time because she might look tired as she's filming a drama right now.

    1. btw Faran san.. did you watch her new drama XDDD I love that drama so much.. XD

  2. @Farah
    watch it XDD but this epi about fortune teller aiyaaa... XDD ahaha..
    I'm glad my younger bro and sis doesn't watch this epi XDD hehe

    owh my.. finally....
    you also think like that right.. XD
    TT^TT ikr I think maybe because she's tired too but I missed her screen time so much TT^TT