My MESSY Room ---> CLEAN??? Room

Misaki PureBlood | February 13, 2014 | | | | | | | |
Wow... how many days I'm not update my blog XDD~ Like you guys said, even my blog have spider web here and there XDD.. woosh woosh.. UPDATE ENTRY!!!

Today, I feel like I want to clean my MESSY room!! Even my mom nagging at me, "you're a girl, take care of your room, open the window, let the air come inside"

Nahhhh... oh mom, I love to stay in the dark (in my bedroom)... I feel peace when its dark~ but then, I feel suffocating in my own room~ DECIDED to rearrange my bed, wardrobe, bookshelf and so on~

Actually I hide all my cloth, t-shirt blah blah blah that have not fold yet XDDD~ Hehehe... Mehhh, who gonna show that kind of stuff LOL XDDD~ ^///^

I'm a bit weird about this!!! I like to put another layer of toto at my bed!!! XDD ahahaha :D Another one, If your eyes can see at my shelf, I use Follow Me for Men and Dashing for Men XDDD.. Follow Me scent~ >____<

This is my unofficial table for study!!! My sis take mine and she give this to me as replace!!!! Aiyaaaaa~ So, I put this at the corner of ma bed XDD~

Finally!!! This is how my room look like after I rearranged and throw all UNWANTED stuff in my room XDD

If you can see beside ma bookshelf, the is a bottle of Marrie biscuits XDD~ I need something to eat whenever I watch drama, gameshow, anime, MV.. So, thats why.. TADAAAA~
|| I need to buy CANDY, CHEWING GUM, CHIPS, CHOCOLATE, ALL FAST FOOD as ma stock ||

Maybe tomorrow, I will shop some foods XDD hehehe~ Recommend me something to eat??? Yummy~

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