Emergency Couple Episode 10 TEASER!!!!

Misaki PureBlood | February 24, 2014 | | |

Oh my God!!!
I can't wait this week!!!
Emergency Couple episode 10!!!

DAEBAK~ fufufufu

          Oh Chang Min try to rebuild relationship between his ex-wifuu, Oh Jin Hee... XDDD.. 

ommo ommo ommo...

           I ship both Chief Gook and Oh Jin Hee together... but I think.. Chief Gook love someone else.. maybe he love Shim Ji Hye??? Ouch I make my own conclusion without knowing the whole story.. whatever.. ahaha..

          Shim Jin Hye talk about baby, right in the last episode? I think its her baby.. but with whom? maybe with Chief Gook without his knowledge.. but why she's hiding it? and what with new confession that Chief Gook like Oh Jin Hee too?

          Right now, I'm on Oh Chang Min side.. I wish he can recall back all of his memory with Oh Jin Hee and both of them try to understand each other in order to rebuild their love ^__^

|Preview episode 10|
> what with cute face Oh Chang Min did <

At that time...At the moment

Can we go back?

Can we start again?

| Cannot wait! Cannot Wait! Cannot Wait! Cannot Wait! | CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!! XDDD going crazy~ aiyaaaa.... ahahahaha XDD



  1. Oh my! Oh my!

    I want Oh Jin Hee to be with Oh Chang Min again :D

    1. ikr >______<
      I want both of them to be together too..
      but ER Couple have 20 episode... TT^TT
      what will happen during that time.. hukhuk :'(

  2. laaa.. ji hyo berlakon ke?!!! arghh... nak tengok!

    1. ha'ah ji hyo unni berlakon XDD hehe..

      tengok2 tgok kat gooddrama je XDD

  3. Replies
    1. betullll >___< suka Ji hyo suka suka suka ^__^

      sbb dya comel kekeke..