Date Combine With Post Title

Misaki PureBlood | February 02, 2014 | | | | |
O.k.. actually this is not tutorial on how to combine post date with post title..
It's actually my problem on how to use this coding!

Anyone can help me?
I'm using Simple Template.. and I want to make my post title and date be like this:

This is not my template.. Its Hanan-chaan template~

Can you see it? Can you help me? TT^TT
Coding so tiring~

I have tried many coding from other blogger but nothing like this happen.. aiyaaa... First try fail, so do the 2nd try, and then later I can make that post date exactly same like that but my post title not center anymore and even I try hundred time, I cannot put any background at post title.. I'm getting blur and almost dying now (X_X) ahahaha...


Please help me chingu.. tomodachi.. friend.. kawan.. teman~ ahaha

I'm being desperate here LOL XDDD

Wanna help try lookin at Hanan-chaan tutorial~ XD



  1. Oh coding languages.. I wish I could help but I can't, so I shan't xD

  2. @Razi ten XDD ahaha~

    LOL XDD I hate coding... TT^TT
    I wish you understand coding so I can ask your help Razi ahaha XDD