Attention I'm Searchin For Someone~

Misaki PureBlood | February 20, 2014 | | | | | | | | | |

Hye chingu.. friend.. tomodachi.. my vampire clan XDD

Can you guys help me?

I really need help you guys find who's this Kawaii | Cute | Ke'ai | Gwiyeowoo girl~
One of ma friend in facebook use her picture as profile pict a.k.a DP (default pict)
and she want to know who is this girl...

Its not that my friend and I in "pedo mode" Its just we want to know her.. since she's not use her own picture XDD hehe..

My friend currently on searching mode with me: Tabitha (pinoy) + Zayn He (malaysian)

I got shock a bit when Tabitha use this girl pict as DP:

She's wearing pinafore.. the same pinafore Malaysian high school wear XDD

That was not Tabitha.. and we don't know her.. just wanna know who is she.. If you guys know her tell me A.S.A.P okie? XDD

I thought it was her, then I click large image its not her... and I try to google pinoy pinafore but nothing came out like this one... so I'm confident this pinafore and this girl was Malaysian XDD ahaha~

If you know what school badges she's wearing and if you can see the whole name tell me too XDD

Thanks guys~ hehe ^__^

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