I Really Do Love You Even Though Sometimes It May Not Seem So ! !

Misaki PureBlood | January 28, 2014 | | | |
Today, I found one poem that a bit same like me..and its the poem about love..You love him, He love you..

you seem like you does not like him actually!
but the truth is all of your feeling bursting out!! because you like him so so so much...

It just that you can't express it 

POEM: I Love You

Sometimes it may not seem
that I love you
Sometimes it may not seem
that I even like you
It is at these times
that you really need to
understand me more than ever
because it is at these times
that I love you more than ever
but my feelings have been hurt
Even though I try not to
I know that I am acting cold
and indifferent
It is at these times that I find it so hard
to express my feelings
Often what you have done to
hurt my feelings is so small
but when you love someone
like I love you
small things become big things
and the first thing I think about
is that you do not love me
Please be patient with me
I am trying to be more honest
with my feelings
and I am trying not to be so sensitive
but in the meantime
I think you should be very confident that
at all times
in every way possible
I love you

written by: Susan Polis Schutz


  1. Hahaha ni aku ramdzan

  2. Aiyaa... Ramdzan.. bakpe.. anonymous je ^__^
    btw thanks ^^ hehe