Feeling Stress So Much!!!

Misaki PureBlood | January 30, 2014 | | | |
Today is Thursday (30 Jan 2014) is my D-Day to know whether my applies for degree accepted or not... So, I sleep first today.. Relax my mind and keep praying before sleep: Please, give me any course.. Its fine.. I just want to continue my study.. I'll do my best...

However, I've bad luck today!!!

Talking to myself: Come on, all what happen must have hikmah behind it.. Chill babe~

Alright... fuuh... I take a depth breath this time... Slowly inhale.. exhale...

So, you guys know what happen right? Did I get chance to further study in degree UiTM or not right?
I'm not going to tell you whether I get it or not.. because I promise with someone not to tell the result and only tell to him.. ahahaha XDD

LOL ^__^

You can make assumption whether I'm fail or I pass it (but need to transfer to other UiTM that far from home) ahahahaha~

BTW who not check UiTM Degree Result 2014 please go here: UiTM Keputusan Panggilan Degree

You will see this: Choose according what you've fill before~

and here: Put your IC number

and you'll know your result and you need to ACCEPT it if you get and follow the order state there..

if you FAIL, you need to apply again... (Just follow what they state there) ^__^

Anyways Good Luck~


  1. Im not trying it cause I know I wouldn't get even if I tried it xD

    You got it right? Im sure you would ^^