Draw Doodle Use Microsoft Power Point???

Misaki PureBlood | January 31, 2014 |
Haaa... did you ever try this? because of one of my Vampire member: Cik Ulat I know that we can draw  at Microsoft Power Point.. :P

At first I thought she's using Paint Tool Sai  XDDD because that doodle was so kawaii...

Please go here to look at her doodle: Cik Ulat Doodle

Ok, here I want to post one of her doodle that I like:

What did you see in this doodle?

Its look like who?

For me..

They look like Mikasa and Eren from Shingenki No Kyojin a.k.a Attack on Titan anime~

but Cik Ulat say it is not :P


So, why not you guys.. try draw using Microsoft Powerpoint too~ :D

this one is my doodle XDDD


  1. Wow! Hikari-chan.
    It's Pretty and Yet so cute.(^-^)HI3
    Normally,It takes 1 day to look like your Doodles.hehe But You did!
    Keep It work!

  2. Ehhhh??? How can people draw with Microsoft this good?!
    They looks like Haru and Shizuku except their hair colour xD

  3. @Cik Ulat yeah.. thanks sifu ^__^
    I need to learn more.. hehe..
    that face looks bit weird ahaha XDD
    okie I'll try again Cik Ulat ^_^ hehe

  4. @Razi tenIKR but Cik Ulat did it~
    amazing :)
    you should Razi XD
    Haru <3 <3 <3