Weird Things That I Collect!!!

Misaki PureBlood | September 11, 2017 |

Last 2 day, I saw one big box (I think it's an old box-Epson box from my parent bedroom) but they put this box in my bro bedroom. So, I thought no one gonna uses that box, so I bring the whole box full with another quality box into my room. 

And yesterday, I make a decision to ask my mom and dad if they still want that box. They said, what box? So I just tell them where and what box I mean. They just "jangan ambil, kotak tu ibu nak bubuh (letak) barang-barang abah" Hurmmmppphh and I said "kenapa letak dalam  bilik Ngah kalau ibu abah still nak guna" with my sad expression and my mom still with the asnwer and then said "it just happen, so don't take it" and when I said I put the boxes in my room. My mom said "O.k that's nice, put in your room first, but don't use the big box" =_= Really...

So, that's how I come out with the topic for today.


If someone else likes to collect digital camera, handphone, sticker, and other things. Things that I will mention below are my collections. 

Yeah, I know it's messy (but it's not messy in my room so don't worry) just for a picture I need to bring a certain thing out from where I hide it. Here is the list:


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P/s: Not my books of course (my collection, my sister take a lot of its and put in her collection especially my manga (Japanese comic) but this is an example how I would like to organize my shelf~ if without any decoration like what I have now...

This are currently my only books collection TT^TT I know... It's sad right :'(

While my sis own lots of books that she never yet open =_= She did not even want me to borrow her books :P Fine, I will buy mine =_= 


Yeah... it's messy right =_= I want to collect more =_= I don't know why I collect boxes. I wanna have my own store for my collection one day~ Owh ya, there is another box which I make it flat already and hide it beside another boxes full of old books (my university books)


I wish I had more. I need to stop collecting this for a while. There a lot in my mom kitchen cabinet/cupboard. Arghhhhh.... I stop my hand from collecting it, or my room gonna be flooded with a lot of random and no use stuff.


If you guys have a lot of business card, you know. You can give it to me. I like to collect it. O.o Ahahahahahahhahaha XD 


Just small collection of mine that I really love. I wish I have more poster. Maybe when I have jobs :3 ahahahahhaa XD


I don't know if I could consider this as a collection, but I always want to collect Dr. Chopper as my collection. There is 2 now and I bought another one last 3 month? or 2 month? for giveaway that I never yet make as I only have 2 things for giveaway. Gahhhhh TT^TT Sponsored sensei, help me~ 

So, anyway... This is all my collection ^^ for now XD I actually want to collect another thing when I have jobs. I think some of you might have it already as a collection:



Some people might want to collect katana/sword or maybe guns. Who doesn't want that. It just not my favourite list of collection tho XD

So, what did you collect as your hobbies? Did you love your collection or you regret collecting it all of this time? XD Comment what you love to collect, or you can make a post about it XD Aahahahhaa :3

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  1. I also collect bookss. But for now I stop buying books because of some money issue. Haha sad truth. :P

  2. Hallo Hikari :) Lama tidak menyapa :) Koleksimu keren abis :) Aku juga punya banyak koleksi Novel dan komik jepang :) Semua kusimpan di lemari buku :) Mungkin suatu saat aku bisa memamerkannya di blog seperti artikelmu diatas :) Doakan saja :D