Tutorial Youtube Autoplay & Loop on Blog

Misaki PureBlood | August 14, 2017 |

I was on Youtube, watching and listening to SNSD ballad version just now. Since I hate waiting for Knowing Bro episode 88 still not being subs. Well, I know they did it for free and never ask anything. But, seriously? SNSD kowt TT^TT Running Man latest episode dah tengok XD Now, I just need to wait for SNSD in Knowing Bro this week and next week :'(

Anyway, Farihah asking this on my CBOX:

So, today I will make a tutorial on how to make Youtube autoplay and loop in your blog. I kinda stress when all mp3 tutorial from other blogger does not work with blog like before. It doesn't autoplay like it used to be. 

=_= Every blog I visit, the only mp3 works are SCM Music Player but, this player just a problem to my blog. I don't like it. While some blogger uses Youtube as mp3 player for blog background music. It's work well with autoplay and loop but I seem cannot find how to reduce the volume =_= I bet my blog must sound so noisy TT^TT 

So, here is it:
<center><iframe width="238" height="134" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/F5v9SbP5Kjg?autoplay=1&loop=1&playlist=F5v9SbP5Kjg&showinfo=0&rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>iframe></iframe></center>
Go to any Youtube video that you would like to use. Click embed and you will see something like this:

Can you see the red line in the embed code? Copy that code and replace it with the first code given above. Both F5v9SbP5Kjg must be replaced. 
Width = Change according to your sidebar size or what size you prefer
Height = Change  according to your sidebar size or what size you prefer
Autoplay = 1 (make sure it is written as 1 to make it autoplay)
Loop = 1 (make sure it is written as 1 to make it loop and not stop the Youtube video)
Showinfo = 0 (as I don't like to show the info of the Youtube video)
Rel = 0 (stop showing related video)
Just copy the first code given and change everything I mention :P

Anyway. I learn this tutorial by Jim Dougherty, go to his website to look into another Youtube option you can find. So, good luck ^^


  1. Yayy menjadi!! Thanks for the tuto hehe xD

  2. teringat zaman awal blogging dulu habis sume lagu feveret nak letak kat blog hehe. sebelum ni Hana guna SCM. nice sharing :)

    1. samaaaaaa XD tapi skrg mp3 dkt blog tak function elok.. tak best.. nak kurang volume pun susah O.O aahhahaa

      no probs XD