Tutorial How to Use New CBOX Version

Misaki PureBlood | August 12, 2017 |

Yuhuuuuuu... good morning??? my fellow bloggers XD Anything you do, anywhere you go, I hope you guys always stay healthy ^3^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! AHAHAHHAHA

Anyway, read my previous post: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017) Chinese Drama Review

Anyway, if you always leave your chat on my CBOX before, you will see that my CBOX does not reload properly. If you start to comment on my post and it automatically reloads my blog post right? and the chat suddenly was gone. Not only that, my Cbox name, place where you suppose to put your name usually doesn't need to delete that part =_= That thing really annoys me =_=

I don't know if this thing only happens only to me or you guys affected by it too. 

That is the reason why I decided to use Chatago. For a few minute, I change into CBOX again =_= After I change into new CBOX, error not appear anymore on my CBOX.

I think, a lot of bloggers still do not know how to get this CBOX version and how to use this CBOX correctly? I had the same problem before =_= I got confused and did the same thing. 

I don't know about other bloggers who already use this chat, but my account does not have the selection of new CBOX. I thought they upgrade their CBOX TT^TT I don't have money to upgrade each month =_=

So, I thought, maybe I should delete my old CBOX account and make a new account. I did that, and the new version of CBOX appeared and just change a little bit to be like my current CBOX.

To anyone who does not know how to use this CBOX and I saw that lot of bloggers leave their link on the chat and not in the URL box. 

Can you spot the difference? If you put the URL blog in the URL section, this icon will appear beside your name. You just need to click that icon and it will directly bring you to bloggers link. Soe blogger forgot and did not put their link. So, how can we blogwalking if there is no blog to trace? O.O

I will tell you how to put your URL blog so that you don't have to put URL blog in the chat anymore. If you prefer to put your URL blog in the chat, I don't really mind. XD

First, click that black human icon and something like this will appear:

If you never use the profile chat section, there will be no image appear. You need to upload any picture you like whether it's your own picture or idol or anything if you want it to appear as your chat profile image. Next, you must put your URL blog in the profile URL. 


You can put your own blog name or your nickname/pen name for your blog so other bloggers will recognize that was you.


If you click on the name, you can reply to it. I don't know how this function. I mean, does that mean the owner will now that some tag the name? Or maybe the tag is for owner replied the chat? What is the function, really? I don't know well :P Sorry... Never use it yet XD

That's it. I hope this tutorial helps you guys out there =_= If you make this mistake, don't worry. I am the same =_= So many time =_= Until my brains function and figure it out O.O Ahahahahaha




  1. Happy birthday! :)

    Thank you for the tutorial. Really need this cause I am not used to this new CBOX

    1. Wehehehe XD Sankyuu XD

      you are most welcome XD I know right.. I know that feeling XD ahahhaa

  2. how to update the old to the new cbox anyway? XDDD

    still using the old one btw :p

    1. sorry late XD well, I guess you need to make new CBOX account... :3

      since I cannot find the new CBOX on my old account... :)

  3. Happy birthdayy!! Wish you all the best! :) have an awesome day forever!

    I have a new chatbox account too because the old one is not appeared sometimes. And when I sign up, I choose the old style :p thanks for your tutorial. I'll try it in your chatbox lololol

    1. omg, i can have a photo profile on new cbox:( this is so coollll ;;

    2. sankyyyuuuu ^^ aamiin XD ahahahaha

      Ikr.. my old CBOX when refreshed it does not appear.. had to do it 2 3 times O.O so weird...

      ahahahaahha yups XD

  4. hahahaha samalah~ mula2 guna CBOX new version nie sy pun confused.. alhamdulillah skrg dah okay

  5. Hey aku baru saja membuat blog dan ingin memasang cbox, terimakasih atas tutorialnya.