Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017) Chinese Drama Review

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8 August 2017, I was resting for a while after watching The Journey of Flower. The next day, I decided to continue watching another Chinese drama which I really want to watch as the rating is so popular among Chinese drama fans. Not only that, this drama is highly ranked this year. Last 2 month I think, I watch the trailer for live action/movie of this drama and that also one of the reasons why I bookmarked this drama. I watch this drama non-stop making my body not feeling well. The drama is not the one at fault :P

I had a fever and whole of my body is aching just because I watch drama non-stop =_=. Not only that, I cannot stand taking the shower on the evening. It was so cold for me, and both of my palms became blue and feels so hurt when the water came from the shower hitting my hand. Since I am not feeling well, I decided to sleep the whole day and rest before continue watching another 8 episode after I got better. Now, I am a little bit fine compared to yesterday whereas I cannot even move properly. Hoping to finish the drama today, and I finally glad I make it till the end of the episode. I finished all of the episodes but whyyyyyyy I still need this drama to continue. The episodes provide is not enough!!!

GENRE: Romance and Fantasy

EPISODE: 58 episodes

STATUS: Completed


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or also known as Eternal Love is a drama broadcast on this year, 2017. It was adapted from a novel called Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or known as To the Sky Kingdom in English version. According to fans, the drama is completed yet there is the second novel called Pillow Talk which tells about some pair of relationship in the drama that never had a chance to became together. Well, I am waiting for someone to send it the second novels as I really want to know what happened to my favorite side character. I hope he/she will send it to my email as soon as possible. I cannot wait for that. Gahhhh, I forgot... Let's continue with a little bit of synopsis of this drama.

Bai Qian is a youngest child of a fox king and since she is quite a bit naughty, her parents send her to the Kun Lun Mountains to become Mo Yuan disciples. Kun Lun Mountains never accepted a female as a disciples, so Zhe Yan who is immortal Pheonix and a good friend of Bai Family change Bai Qian appearance as a male so that she can be accepted as Mo Yuan discilple. During her day as Mo Yuan disciple, she use Si Yin name as her alias. She is treated as the most doted principle by Mo Yuan. During a war with Ghost tribe who rebels and tried to take control the world, to seal ghost lord Qin Cang a heavy price must be paid. 70 000 years later, Bai Qian alone reseal the ghost lord but all of her memories were sealed by the ghost lord and she was sent to mortal world to undergo a trial in becoming a High Goddess. During her trial in mortal world, she met Ye Hua and they fall in love. Ye Hua give her a name, Su Su. They got married in mortal world and by time, Su Su learn that Ye Hua is a Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens. A lot of things happen in order for them to be together. 
Fewwww... I guess it's too long for a synopsis but it's okay as I did not reveal any other spoiler. If it is too short, I am afraid you guys will not have any interest to watch this drama.

This is a great drama that I would guarantee 5/5 rating!!! 

Why I give 5/5? Hehhhhh :P Now you asked me why???? Because it was so good!!!

First, it has 58 episode. Even though I feel it's not enough but at the same time, I feel satisfied so that's why. Even if they have such a long episode, the drama is not being dragged too long as I keep anticipated what happens next. Not only that, I wish they add maybe like another 1 or 2 episode for the ending as I feel like it is not enough!!!

Second, this drama had a lots of casts that I fall in love with. Seriously!!! Especially main cast Bai Qian and Ye Hua. Next, will be Mo Yuan, Bai Fengjiu, Bai Zhen,  Dong Hua, Zhe Yan, Si Ming, Lian Song, Li Jing, Yan Zhe, Cheng Yu and Ah Li. I cannot share all what are they and so on as I will tell a spoiler =_= I believe. So, I just name all of my favourite characters. Only 4 out of them all are girls character that I really fall in love with. Some are cute, some are fierce with her believe, some are playful, and some are destined to not fall in love TT^TT.

Third, related to the cast I like and I dislike. They really choose a good actor and actress to potray the character! They all play the character and I would say they give their best!!! 

Fourth, the OST of the drama!!! I really love the OST!!! Opening OST and Ending OST!!! It was so sad :'( and of course beautiful at the same time :)

BEWARE!!! WARNING!!! This MV made by fans fulls of spoiler from the start until the ends of the episode show the relationship between supporting character Bai Fengjiu X Lord Dong Hua (look at how cute she is!!! A cute foxie!!! She is the most beautiful and cute in the drama and second is the main character) This is the opening of the drama: Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) - Jason Zhang

This one is so heartbreaking!!! I don't really mind this as a spoiler. WARNING!!! though~ This is so sad, both of main heroin and main hero TT^TT

Okay, like I mentioned before, there will be a live action/movie version of this drama. In Malaysia, it will be released on 17 August 2017 with the title as Once Upon a Time. Just a few more days!!! and I have no money =_= no transport so... I guess I am sorry, I cannot support the movie, I will streaming only TT^TT 

I wish my parent treat me for my birthday gift, the gift can postpone till this 17 TT^TT but I guess I would never have a chance to watch this movie TT^TT as both of them does not like watching movie in cinema TT^TT

From the trailer, and synopsis I read before, it was so different from the from the drama which means totally far from the novel itself. But..... as you know my Yang Yang is the main hero in this movie TT^TT. You know I fall in love wih him when he act as a main hero in Love O2O. I really love Liu Yifei/Crystal Liu because she is so pretty!!! and I know her from The Return of Condor Hero TT^TT My heart is so complicataed. If you want to watch this movie version, I suggest you guys watch the drama first!!! or else some of you might be confused about what happened next.

Overall, the drama is good and I don't know about this upcoming movie version!!! I wish you guys can start with the drama <3 It was so good, the character is so good, the music is so nice and yeah, overall is sssooooo good!!!

P/S: Any drama or series you want to recommend. Please suggest in the comment section below. I will watch the drama XD (I have another 3 Chinese drama I need to watch) Maybe one of your recommendation is on my list XD


  1. OMG! This one has too many episodes. Not really sure if I can invest my time watching this. My limit for C-drama is always 30 episodes.

    1. mwahahhaha yeah too many right? but if its only 30.. its not enough!!! seriously! XD since I did not apply any job yet so I have free time too watch XD

      but seriously, Farah.. this drama is so good! <3

  2. you make me wanna watch them TT_TT

    1. Mwahahahaha but this one is so good XD you should watch it! XD

  3. OMG, 5 out of 5! It's must be so perfeeect!!!
    But, 58 episode 0_o it's take forever for me to watch lolol when I have time, maybe I should give a try on this one. 5/5!!

    ...and maybe you can recommend me a chinese movie before the dramas? /don'tmindthis

    1. it was indeed a good show to watch XD

      yeahhhh TT^TT Chinese historica/fantasy/sword drama always have a long episode O.O YUPS!!!! give it a try!! I recommend it :)

      ...erm... Chinese movie, what genre? is it supposed to be a fantasy, sword genre? if not.. I suggest you try watch this one movie: Our Times movie.. I think you might already watch that one :3 (now that I mention it =_=, I didn't make a review about that one) later lah.. ahahha

  4. wahhhhh is this coincidence?
    i saw someone raved about this drama n movie on fb and now you recommend to watch it. hahhahaa

    will watchhh soooonnnn. thankssss <3

    1. this is magicccccc!!! XD
      its actually a good drama XD a lot of my sister friends watch this drama XD it was so good XD

      you are most welcome <3 ahahha good XD