My Favourite Kpop MV JULY | AUGUST 2017 [PART 1]

Misaki PureBlood | August 16, 2017 | |

I don't have anything to update =_= and so I decided to share some of Kpop MV that being released in August and catch my attention. I keep coming to Youtube and listen to music that I will list on below. You might already be heard of it, or maybe not. Maybe you will love it or maybe it was not your taste of music, so never mind :) Lets' proceed...

Jessica - Summer Storm

This one is so good XD I don't know some part just like a message :P

Wanna One - Energetic

I am so sorry, but I don't really like Wanna One for now =_= I did watch their show, but... its take time... The only song I can repeat watch only this one. I know some of the members but owh well... why August? why???

SNSD - All Night

I love SNSD, even though this is not the best of them (my opinion) I love their old music XD but this one also loves it. I thought at first I don't like it, but well I keep listening to this. Holiday MV I don't really like it, can listen but just sometime~

Winner - Island

Seriously, Winner is my favourite from the time they debut their song Empty. That one, till today I still listen to it. My favourite. Love Me MV not my favourite one tho :P 

The Rose - Sorry

They debut this month, year and I really love this MV!!!

AKMU (Akdong Musician) - Short Hair

I really love AKMU!!! All of their song I can listen to it everyday!!! 

N.Flying - The Real

ANOTHER FAVOURITE THIS MONTH!!! I keep singing this one in shower XD ahahahaha :3

GFriend - Love Whisper

I really love GFriend, this might not my favourite compared to their other MV but I keep listen to this one :D

JJ Project - Tomorrow, Today

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh tomorrow, today <3

Buzz - Just One

I love this one more compare The Love XD and this one sound like Jrock? or it just me XD ahahahhaha I had never listened to Buzz before even after watching Knowing Bro-Min Kyung Hoon XD

Dreamcatcher - Fly High

KYAAAA!!!! MY FAVOURITE Korean girl group after SNSD, TWICE, APINK, GFRIEND Listen to Chase Me and Good Night!!! That one is so great!!! have Jrock vibe!! I really hope they maintain with this concept!

Loopy & Nafla - Internet War

This one is so dope and creepy!!!

Turbo - Hot Sugar

If you don't like this one, I don't know lah... but I really like it XD ahahahaha feeling so summer XD (Malaysia had no Summer tho) and look at Seo Jang Hoon face lol XD ahahahahahaha :3

Kard - Hola Hola

I just really love this song XD

EXO - Ko Ko Bop

Please, Exo fans, please explain what is Ko Ko Bop... This thing bothering me O.O ahahahahaha XD

We Are The Night - Hello & Goodbye

I fall asleep while listen to this XD ahahahhahahaa (I mean, the melody is so good that it calm my heart)

AKMU (Akdong Musician) - Dinosaur

Day and night, every where I go, I keep singing DINOSAUR part and Oooo oooo XD ahahahaha :3

I guess that's it XD


See ya...


  1. Replies
    1. I listen to varies music XD
      yups :)
      Jrock, Vocaloid, Spanish, Netherland, German, Mando pop, Canto pop well a lot from different countries.. listen to 80's song <3 and 50's too XD ahahahahhaha

  2. samalah buat masa sekarang belum 'jatuh cinta' lagi dgn group wanna one hahaha tapi lagu energetic tu best lah jugak. haritu ada search pasal maksud kokobop tapi lupa lah pulak T_T and yeah winner! and semalam lagu taeyang wake me up pun best :)

    1. kannnnnnnnn... susah betul nak minat.. ermmm... aah Energetic tu best XD smlm tanya adik.. adik cakap maksud dia lucah.. entah le.. ahahahaha :3 alah yg Taeyang tu tak masuk lagi ke hati,, japg nak dgar lain XD

  3. I dont know much about kpop songs and also dramas. But some of them are really good.

    1. Yeaahhh XD Ee setuju :3 even if only some of them, you said are really good :) hehehe ^^

  4. dah lama tak layan K-pop songs, K-drama aje sekarang ni. kadang kadang sebab cepat aje semua lagu keluar haha nanti I'll try listening to the new songs :)

    1. Mwahahahaa :3 sebenarnya jarang layan lagu Kpop, kadang2 ja :3 lagu yg selalu dengan pun lagu tahun 80 an, 90 an.. banyak tgok anime, drama jgak XD

      betul3... banyak sangat lagu baru T^T tak sempat nak ikut.. XD alrght :) hehehe

  5. akak kpopers juga ke? :o XDD

    shi tak tau laaa :p

    1. MWahahaha yeah XD Kpopers jugak. lama dah dari tahun 2008 XD

      :3 Shi tak minat? XD

  6. Misaki-nee, bolehlah kapan-kapan minta list lagu-lagu internasional fav Misaki-nee juga >< saya dulu suka dengar lagu-lagu yang menang di acara Eurovision, tapi dah lama tak dengar lagi.

    Dari list akak, only listen KoKoBop, it's so catchy and the MV too 0.o pingin tau juga artinya apa hehehe

    1. wehehehe XD insyaAllah, nantikan saja nanti, kalau berkesempatan, I will share :) hehe XD ya ka? tak pernah pun tengok dekat Eurovision sebelum ni.. semua lagu international, cari sendiri XD hahahaha (search satu-satu di Youtube)

      Awww... only KoKoBop XD pun boleh ahahahaha :3 sama.. TT^TT

  7. Lepas wanna one debut tetiba i rasa terminat dekat minhyun lol

    1. mwahahaaha.. tak boleh nak minat Wanna One lagi TT^TT Minhyun minat dia lama dah masa dia muncul dalam Orange Caramel yg video Shanghai Love XD

  8. My sis likes k-pop so I get to hear some songs and end up getting attracted. So I actually know two of the song - energetic and ko ko bop. my sis says that ko ko bop was them (as aliens) getting familiar with earth. i'm so amazed at these stories haha. and kpop videos is just so so good. it hypnotizes me okayy.

    1. Woaaaa XD Ko ko bob was an aliens? O.O Shocked.... XD aahahhahaha yeah, their video is so good :3 unfortunately not all people like Kpop as their favorite music to listen to~ ahahhaha

  9. Dah laam tak dengar lagu lagu baru k-pop ni.

    1. Mwahahahaha :3 samalah.. yg latest tak dengar2 lagi.. tak sempat XD