Chinese Drama List [1]

Misaki PureBlood | August 03, 2017 |
I don't know if I should post this one or not, but as I was watching the drama, I stop for a while giving another thought and here I am.

I am going to watch several lists of Chinese drama which already complete. I want to watch the dramas so much but I always delay it.

What drama? Let it be secret for now... I am in the middle of watching this drama actually :P

I just want to inform that it will be 5 Chinese drama that I will watch this month~ and 2 of the dramas are from 2015 while the other 3 dramas are from this year, 2017.

=_= I don't wanna tell yet because I'm afraid someone might spoil it for me... GRRRRRRRRRR TT^TT

Ok bye~ Ahahahaha :P


  1. Do share if you find it interesting eh. I want to watch dramas other than K-drama for now.

    1. Ahahahaha XD try watch other drama, its good but a bit long episode.. want short episode, I suggest Japanese drama..w ell that one later XD ahahhaa