Eid Fitr 2017

Misaki PureBlood | July 08, 2017 |
From left: Me, Wati, Sir Rasyid, Sir Radzi, Din, Mat Wan (after VIVA)

Finally, I am free from UiTM assignment. No more class, no more books to read (Academic book), no more exam, no more assignment, no more internship, no more thesis, no more VIVA. I will miss that of course.

Tomorrow, I need to send full thesis to my advisor-lecturer. Just a few correction need to be made: P I am so glad that VIVA is finished and I got 2 advisors that are cool and no rush their student :D Hope they give my other 3 friends and I a good mark for our VIVA presentation and the thesis itself 😊

Anyway, I hope it is still not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfiri Maaf Zahir Batin to you guys <3 Eid Fitr this year hopefully you can forgive me if I did do something that makes you feel hurt. Maybe I hurt your feeling without I realize it. Well, I wanna say please halalkan segala makan dan minum, but then we have never met yet on any occasion where we eat together and so on. Ahahahahahahaha

This year Eid, I wear baju kurung as always but in black colour. My sisters and some? Of my brothers wear black baju melayu. Well, we never had planned any theme for this Eid (like always) just random colour XD It just that this year, is a little bit different.

How about you guys? Did you wear the same theme as your other family members did? What colour was it? Blue? Green? Purple? Gaaaaaahhhh I wonder~

So, here is my family and me while celebrating Eid 2017~

From left (back): Ngah, Tam, Busu, Acik
Front: Ibu and Abah

  From left (back): Me, Auni, Teh and Uda
Front: Ibu and Abah

He wants to follow how his friend in Dengkil take a picture~


With my adik bongsu~ (Form 2) I think :P Ahahahahahaha

With my beloved ibu (always nagging at me, for my own safety and benefit) sorry ibu XD

With my ibu and abah yang garang :D AHAHAHAHHA :P

Both bro and sis (Tesol student) =_=


Selfie with Chopper XD

Just a normal picture :P


Then, I asked him to make a Dragon Ball Fusion with me, but he ignores me =_= 

Trying to hold his laugh as he feel embarrassed having a sister like me =_=

I got this bunga kantan when I visit my mak mengasuh (what did we call?) Ermm, my bro pick it :P

Well, I guess thats its for today :) See ya for tomorrow ^^


  1. Good memories to treasure along with your nice festivity...Nice photo shots!

  2. hahaha >.< fusssiiiiiooooonnnnnn... hehe

    1. Mwahahhaahhaa... my bro malu nak ambil gambar macam tu =_=

  3. Suka tengok gelagat misalignment n it brother.. show how close u are

    1. dengan adik laki yg baju hitam tu mmg rapat sikit.. ahahhaa.. yg perempuan pun cuma selalu gaduh O.O ada saja benda nak gaduh XD