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Misaki PureBlood | July 13, 2017 | 9 Whisper so far

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My favourite Korean entertainment show that I fall in love currently... If I said, Knowing Bros win my heart more that Running Man, someone might get mad :P but nevermind... Running Man is a different concept than Knowing Bros. 

Knowing Bros more like school concept where the cast member will act as the student in the classroom and each week, a new transfer student will come to apply for their class. Some of the students are actors, actress, idols, gag member and etc.

Anyway, I would recommend you to watch this show if you haven't watch it yet :D It was so funny!!!

[Preview: Knowing Brothers Episode 68, guest: Girls Day - one of my favourite and Hyeri and Yura laugh is addictive like always :D]

Among the permanent cast, there is someone that I really anticipated when he talks, so that's why I make this ranking. This ranking only for my taste, my opinion... Someone else might have different opinion, ahahahahha XD

Situation (which will never happen): Who attract you, your heart when you saw him? and you would love to be his lover ^^ 

Lee Sang Min (1st)

I cannot help it... Even though he is older, he has so many debt need to pay, he once failed his marriage... I love him!!! He is just so manly in his own way!!! and he is cute!!! Feels like wanna help him!!! Ahahahahahaha (I don't have money though)
Lee Soo Geun (2nd)
Ahahahahaha, he is so funny. All his words usually make me laugh hard. Even though he is short~ Opps XD but he is cute and funny :D 
Min Kyung Hoon (3rd)

He is so cute!!!!!!!!! so pervert!!!!! short tempered in this show~ but his laugh is addicted!!!! 
Kim Hee Chul (4th)

Hee-nim is flirty like always <3 The beautiful man that I love who have sharp tongue XD well he is a weirdo, otaku!!! SUPER JUNIOR!!! EverlastingFriend~ and he always make me laugh but yeah.. Heechul oppa.. you at 4th place~ (well, its not like this ranking is important to him) ahahahahaha XD 
 Kang Ho Dong (5th)
I can relate Kang Ho Dong well to me. He already cute XD but trying to act cute also make his cute. but he also loud O.O (just like me and some people got annoyed) Ahahaahhahaha.. and he is one of MC that I like (well Yoo Jae Suk first) :P Sorry Hodong XD and he is looks caring to his wife though.. :D 
Kim Yeong Chul (6th)
They said Yeoung Chol comedy is no fun, but actually, it is funny XD especially when all of them stay quiet when he makes joke XD Ahahahahahaaa... He also a kind person XD He has his own charm though :D Ahahahhaha...
Se Jang Hoon (7th)

Why I put him, on the last rank? Just because... Mwahahahahaha no lah.. it's not like I hate or dislike him. My sister like him XD He is funny sometimes but ermmm I wonder why I put his, last and not Young Chul or Hodong O.O Don't get mad :P 
This show is fun but they bully my little girl and my boy TT^TT  I wish I could protect them from any harm... Mwahahahahaha

Eid Fitr 2017

Misaki PureBlood | July 08, 2017 | 6 Whisper so far
From left: Me, Wati, Sir Rasyid, Sir Radzi, Din, Mat Wan (after VIVA)

Finally, I am free from UiTM assignment. No more class, no more books to read (Academic book), no more exam, no more assignment, no more internship, no more thesis, no more VIVA. I will miss that of course.

Tomorrow, I need to send full thesis to my advisor-lecturer. Just a few correction need to be made: P I am so glad that VIVA is finished and I got 2 advisors that are cool and no rush their student :D Hope they give my other 3 friends and I a good mark for our VIVA presentation and the thesis itself 😊

Anyway, I hope it is still not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfiri Maaf Zahir Batin to you guys <3 Eid Fitr this year hopefully you can forgive me if I did do something that makes you feel hurt. Maybe I hurt your feeling without I realize it. Well, I wanna say please halalkan segala makan dan minum, but then we have never met yet on any occasion where we eat together and so on. Ahahahahahahaha

This year Eid, I wear baju kurung as always but in black colour. My sisters and some? Of my brothers wear black baju melayu. Well, we never had planned any theme for this Eid (like always) just random colour XD It just that this year, is a little bit different.

How about you guys? Did you wear the same theme as your other family members did? What colour was it? Blue? Green? Purple? Gaaaaaahhhh I wonder~

So, here is my family and me while celebrating Eid 2017~

From left (back): Ngah, Tam, Busu, Acik
Front: Ibu and Abah

  From left (back): Me, Auni, Teh and Uda
Front: Ibu and Abah

He wants to follow how his friend in Dengkil take a picture~


With my adik bongsu~ (Form 2) I think :P Ahahahahahaha

With my beloved ibu (always nagging at me, for my own safety and benefit) sorry ibu XD

With my ibu and abah yang garang :D AHAHAHAHHA :P

Both bro and sis (Tesol student) =_=


Selfie with Chopper XD

Just a normal picture :P


Then, I asked him to make a Dragon Ball Fusion with me, but he ignores me =_= 

Trying to hold his laugh as he feel embarrassed having a sister like me =_=

I got this bunga kantan when I visit my mak mengasuh (what did we call?) Ermm, my bro pick it :P

Well, I guess thats its for today :) See ya for tomorrow ^^

S H E L L . I S S U E

Misaki PureBlood | July 08, 2017 | BE THE FIRST TO WHISPER!
Recently, Malaysian have been shocked by an inappropriate behaviour of a certain Malaysian citizen who takes a picture with akak Shell (board stand image) while showing their vulgar personality.

I would say the ones who did it are Malay Muslim and a male on top of it, of course. I will not show any picture of the girl board because, my sis said it is still not appropriate for me to share that =_= even though for education. So, you can search it by yourself.
What I want to say here is that such a behaviour coming from male are unacceptable. How could they do that even if they thought it was for fun or for laugh?

How could a guy or male, take a picture with the human board (a model-girl) showing their hand touching the girl boobs and the girl crouch? Even though it was just a paperboard stand, I cannot accept such behaviour coming out from everyone. Especially, in this case, a male.

Think, guy! Do you think that was funny? Do you think that was cool? No!!! It was never cool!!! Instead, that show your personality, behaviour as a pervert, retard, dirty-minded person, and other term suits that. You tarnish the girls' image. The model already a married person and on top of it a Muslim. But, that doesn’t mean you can do it if it’s not a Muslim, and single. I am mentioning Muslim as I feel offended by such behaviour as I was Muslim myself =_= You also bring shame to yourself and your own family due to your behaviour.

I don’t know whether they apologize to the victim yet or not, but one of the kid already apologize and that akak already accepted. I hope that boy learn his mistake, and not only asking for forgiveness because of he afraid of citizen that keep torment on him. I hope he realize his mistake and learn upon it.

Not only that, some commenters are such an idiot when they said, “it just for fun”, “it just a board” Owh, really? Let’s see if that’s happen to your own family member. That was so fucking rude.

And here we are, Islam image becoming more ruined because of that~ people were talking about how the girl already cover the body but still someone touch her (even though it’s just a board). Ladies and gentlemen, when someone is a dirty minded, pervert and want to do something bad, he or she does not care whether the girl is cover her body or not. That what we call sicko person. They sick in mind because they can behave like that toward a fucking board!!!

Imagine guys, if they can do such inappropriate behavior toward a woman board stand, they could do the same for your own family member, your mom, sister, aunty, you, and others.

I will not blame the girl as a certain people blame it on the girl. I had a different view about this. I am so sorry.

For me, it is not a ticket for someone to touch someone private part, rape someone and said it is the victim fault because she does not cover up herself!!! (Yeah, a girl and a boy should protect her own body, but the attacker attacks a person without consent is the one should be blamed)

In this case, I blame the male who cannot lower his gaze!!! Who are dirty minded and because they cannot calm down their own lower part, they start to assault another people body!!! This kind of people should be lock away from world outside because they only think about themselves and harming other people~

P/s: Ladies, be careful If they can be aroused by a fucking paper, it’s mean you are not safe. Just be careful. I advise, do not befriend or let someone you love near a person who allows raping, touching to happen because the victim cannot defend and protect themselves. This advise apply to both male and female. 

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