Love O2O (2016) Chinese Drama Review

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Kyaaaaaaa!!! Just writing about this drama make me scream so bad!!! Ignore my fangirl part. Currently and officially I have been Yang Yang fans <3 If you are curious who is Yang Yang. He is the guy in the picture above.

I watch one of this drama recently and it was so good!!!! Like I said, it was so good!!! It makes your days feel so fluffy, sweet, romance, all of your day dreaming something which is not possible. The content, the sugar of love, cheesy romance provide make it feels like the whole of your body is wrapping by sweet cotton candy <3 Kyaaaaaa!!! 

GENRE: Romance, Youth, School Life, Fantasy (in game)

EPISODE: 30 episodes

STATUS: Finish

RATED BY ME: 5/5 (because it make my heart fluttering all the time)

So, the drama is basically like the title of my post: Love O2O is the drama version are based on the novel written by Gu Man. I did read the manhua version: Just One Smile is Very Alluring which is from the same author. Since the manhua is still updating (English) so I have to wait for it and I really cannot wait, so I watch the drama which from the comment of viewers, this drama follow the plot written in the novels. Yeah, there is no regret watching this drama even though the heroin a little bit stiff (for me and some of the viewers) instead I feel regret not watching this when they broadcast it =.= 

Owh, before I forgot. There is also a movie version of this one called: One Smile is Very Alluring (which I didn't watch). I prefer the drama over the movie (say someone who didn't even watch the movie) :P


Bei Wei Wei, the heroin act by Zheng Shuang is the Computer Science Goddess (which means, she is so freaking beautiful) and she is also doing great and excel in her studies. She also a gamer using IGN (in game name), Luwei Weiwei in the online role-playing game (MMORPG) called a Chinese Ghost Story. When she was dumped and divorced by her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approved by the number one ranking player Yixiao Naihe who suggested that they get married so they both can participate in a couple competition within the game. After they get married, a lot of obstacles that both of them gone through in game and in a real life. They go through the adventure together in the game.

However, Wei Wei never expected the real identity of her online husband to be her college senior-same course with her, Xiao Nai act by Yang Yang. He is the most popular guy in the college which is good in academy and sports (basketball). Not only that, he is handsome of course. That is the reason why he got so many fans. Before Wei Wei discovers the truth, she already develops a feeling towards Xiao Nai and after they declared couple in real life, together they overcome obstacles which try to ruin their career and relationship.


From left to right: Scene in the game & scene in real life

The exact scene!!!! Make me kyaaaaaa!!! all the time!!!! Feels like it was a destined pair staring at each others, smile, so innocent and pure <3

I recommend you guys to try and watch this drama!!! It was so good and relieve your stress and you might be one of Yang Yang fans just like me XD (eyyyyy... Yang Yang is my love.. I mean fans love) XD

Both of them are so innocent, so cute, so perfect, so cute, so nice!!! and he is so overprotective!!! so romantic!!! stalker!! arghh I cannot describe it, but you cannot find this kind of girls and boys like this right now.. I mean innocent like this <3 I love it... (especially when my heart are not that good) awwwwwwww~ I wish I can fall in ove innocently and fated like this.. Ouchie that's hurt~ Ahahahaahahahaha.. (laugh laugh laugh to pretend you are not hurt by your own hurt, idiot) XD

If you are curious whether the game they play in the drama is real or not. I would like to say that IT WAS REAL!!! I have never try to play it and I don't know whether this game available or not in Malaysia. It was in Chinese version though. 

Game: A Chinese Ghost Story | 新倩女幽魂

I'm going to show you the trailer for Love O2O Chinese drama that might pique your interest.

Next, the ost!!! Yang Yang sings it!!! Prepare your heart ladies!!! KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! MY CRUSH!!!!!! 
So, what did you think?????? Curious??? Come on.... if you are that curious, I suggest for you: go grab a popcorn and watch this drama!!! Go now~ go go... ^^ 



  1. Macam best tapi emm banyaknya episod hahaha

    1. memang best TT^TT sayanglah tak tengok sebab banyak episode TT^TT
      cerita ni menarik... :)

  2. cantik giler artis perempuan tu :D

    1. Yups, artis perempuan tu memang cantik XD ahahahaha

  3. omg I've finally found someone who watched the drama. yay!

    the female lead is extremely pretty tapi kurus sangat

    1. Yeayyyy... XD some didn't watch this drama because they heard that she is a lil bit stiff.. O.O Well, but its suit the drama XD ahahahahhaaha

      betul.. kurus gila.. dia makan banyak tapi kurus O.O her hand...I'm worried.. sayang, sebab dia cantik XD